11 Charter Communications: What It Is, And Why It’s On Your Credit Report

Written by Kim PinnelliUpdated: 4th Apr 2022
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Has 11 Charter Communications appeared on your credit report? If so, you are not alone. Across the United States, this debt collection agency is appearing on thousands of consumer credit reports.

In fact, it probably appears on your credit report as a “collection account.” Unfortunately, this is not good and is damaging your credit score as you read this.

A collection account can stay on your credit report for up to 7 years, leaving borderline permanent damage to your credit score unless it is removed immediately.

Keep reading to find out how to remove 11 Charter Communications from your credit report.

What is 11 Charter Communications?

11 Charter Communications is more commonly known as Charter Communications, Inc. Yes, that is the large telecommunications and internet provider we are all familiar with.

You may know it as “Spectrum.” That is the brand name they primarily operate under.

However, the name “11 Charter Communications” refers to their debt collecting efforts.

So, to tie it all together, this is a debt collection agency that collects debt for a wide range of clients.

Why is 11 Charter Communications on My Credit Report?

11 Charter Communications appears on your credit report as a collections account. This means you owe Charter Communications, Inc (Spectrum) money. Or in other worse, they ‘own’ your debt.

I know, this is not the best news. Fortunately, you can remove a collections account from your credit report.

Is 11 Charter Communications a Real Company? Or a Flat-Out Scam?

11 Charter Communications is a real company headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. This is the debt collection arm of their parent company Charter Communications, Inc.

Charter Communications, Inc employs over 98,000 employees they are a publicly-traded company (NASDAQ: CHTR).

So yes, 11 Charter Communications is a legit company that is not to be taken lightly with.

How to Remove 11 Charter Communications from Your Credit Report

If this company has appeared on your credit report, you have 4 ways to remove this negative item: Hire a Credit Professional, Request Debt Validation, negotiate a Settlement, or Ask for a Goodwill Deletion.

Keep reading to find out what each strategy entails.

1. Hire a Professional

The #1 way to remove 11 Charter Communications from your credit report is by hiring a credit repair company.

The best credit repair companies know how to professionally remove collection accounts from your credit report. To date, these firms have removed thousands of negative items from credit reports, ultimately raising the credit score of their customers.

Additionally, they know the nitty-gritty details of the Fair Credit Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). These two laws were enacted to protect consumers from debt collectors.

So, the safest and quickest way to get 11 Charter Communications off your back and your credit report are by hiring a credit repair firm, like Credit Saint.

Credit Saint brings forth years of experience, is affordable, and knows how to get the job done.

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2. Request Debt Validation

Maybe hiring an external resource to remove 11 Charter Communications from your credit report is not for you. If that is the case, then your next option is to request debt validation.

To do this, send 11 Charter Communications a debt validation letter via certified mail. However, requesting debt validation is time-sensitive.

As a consumer, you only have 30-days after a debt collection agency contacts you to request debt validation.

If 11 Charter Communications can prove that you do owe them money, then you need to pay off your debt and hire a professional to remove the negative item.

But, if they cannot prove that the debt is yours, then by law they must remove the negative item and cease all debt collecting efforts (no more annoying phone calls).

3. Negotiate a Settlement

Unfortunately, most consumers are outside the 30-day window, which means your next option to remove 11 Charter Communications from your credit report is to negotiate a settlement.

This is also known as “pay-for-delete.” Here is how it works.

You – the consumer – will pay 11 Charter Communications the agreed-upon debt (or the amount you negotiate), if and only if, they remove the collection account from your credit report.

Like the debt validation method, make sure all negotiations are done via certified mail. Once both parties agree on a settlement, draft up a contract and sign it.

Make sure they SIGN IT. This leaves a “paper trail,” which is vital if you need to escalate it further to the legal system or to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

4. Ask for Goodwill Deletion

The last strategy you can employ to remove 11 Charter Communications from your credit report is by requesting a goodwill deletion.

The chances of them accepting a goodwill deletion are low. However, it is still worth trying if you already paid 11 Charter Communications.

Submitting a goodwill deletion is easy. To do so, write 11 Charter Communications a brief letter that outlines why you failed to pay off the debt, paid late, or have not paid it off yet.

The more honest, transparent, and concise you are the better.

Did you face a hardship, such as an unexpected family emergency or job layoff? Make sure to include that in your goodwill deletion letter if you encountered some hardship that contributed to you not paying off the debt on time.

But remember, it is entirely up to 11 Charter Communications whether they remove the negative item from your credit report or not. They are doing you a favor.

11 Charter Communications Consumer Complaints

To date, 11 Charter Communications has over 11,000 complaints filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), and another 1,300+ with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Most consumers complain about inaccurate reporting, failure to honor debt validation, and excessive harassment. Additionally, they hold an “F” rating with the BBB.

If you are dealing with harassment or inaccurate reporting, file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Click Here to file a formal complaint.

This is proof positive that you need to communicate via certified mail. The last thing you want to deal with is a collection account on your credit report for 7 years.

How to Deal with 11 Charter Communications Debt Collections

As we alluded to earlier, the best way to deal with 11 Charter Communications is by mail. Leaving a “paper trail” bolsters your case if you must escalate it to the CFPB.

With the number of complaints filed with the CFPB, certified mail is the only form of communication I would trust.

Furthermore, debt collection agencies are notorious for agreeing to one thing over the phone but backing down on their agreement last minute.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Remove a 11 Charter Communication Collection Account from Your Credit Report?

Yes! You can remove a 11 Charter Communication collection account from your credit report if you implement one of the strategies we outlined above.

It is up to you whether you hire a credit repair company, request debt validation, negotiate a settlement, or submit a goodwill deletion letter.

From our professional experience, the best strategy is to simply hire a credit repair company.

But again, you know your financial situation better than anyone else. So, choose a strategy that aligns with your goals and has a high chance of success.

Should I Negotiate a Settlement or Pay 11 Charter Communications?

Only pay 11 Charter Communications if you negotiate a settlement that guarantees them to remove the collection account from your credit report.

Remember, a collection account can stay on your credit report for up to 7 years. This will significantly lower your credit score, which will hurt your chances of getting a bad credit checking account, a new credit card, or refinancing your loan for a better rate.

Your #1 priority is removing 11 Charter Communications from your credit report.

Will 11 Charter Communications File a Lawsuit or Sue Me? What about Garnish My Wages?

The answer to this question depends on how much debt you owe. If you owe a lot of money to 11 Charter Communications, then they can and probably will proceed with legal action. However, if you owe a small amount, then this will not happen.

Filing a lawsuit is expensive. Unless the amount of debt you owe covers the legal expenses as well, then, this outcome is rare.

But, whether 11 Charter Communications proceeds with legal action is their decision. It is within their right to do so since they “own” your debt.

While they may not file a lawsuit or sue you, they will continue to call you and send you letters if you owe them money.

How Does 11 Charter Communications Work?

11 Charter Communications parent company, Charter Communications, Inc is one of the largest teleservice providers in the United States.

They offer cable, internet, and phone plans to millions of Americans.

As we all know, it is easy to miss a payment. 11 Charter Communications reports these miss payments to all three credit bureaus, which is why you see their name appear on your credit report.

To put simply, they are the debt collection portion of Charter Communications, Inc and they operate just like a standard debt collection agency.

They will call your phone and send you letters until they get their payment.

Bottom Line: How to Remove 11 Charter Communications from Your Credit Report

Removing 11 Charter Communications from your credit report is not difficult if you follow one of our strategies. The best thing you can do is trust a credit repair company and let them successfully repair your credit and remove 11 Charter communications. 

Which strategy you decide to use is up to you, but again, the best bet is to just hire a professional and let them do the grunt work.

Kim Pinnelli
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