How to Remove AAA Collections from Your Credit Report

Written by Justin EstesUpdated: 1st Apr 2022
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AAA Collections is a pain in the neck. Getting calls from different agencies can quickly get annoying.

Never forget to pay a bill on time, or else the original creditor will move your debt to a collections account or will sell it entirely to a debt collector. Your cell phone will start to ring nonstop from agencies such as AAA Collections. Phone call harassments are never any fun.

Once a collections account appears on your credit report it can remain on your report for up to 7 years. This will leave a devasting impact on your credit score.

This will significantly hurt your chances of being approved for a loan, mortgage, or even a new credit card.

Once you see AAA collections on your credit report, you need to act immediately.

Are you interested in removing AAA collections from your credit report?

I hope your answer was a big YES. Get the inside details below on who they are and how to remove AAA Collections from your credit report.

What is AAA Collections?

You may be wondering, “Who is AAA, and why are they showing up on my credit report?” AAA is a debt collections agency, also known as Advance Asset Alliance.

AAA was found in 1986, where they established a home base in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They are similar to other debt collections except for one thing. AAA specializes in collecting debt for the health care industry.

Did you miss a recent healthcare payment? Or are you currently experiencing an unexpected health emergency?

If so, then this may be why AAA Collections is appearing on your credit report.

Is AAA a legitimate Company?

You may be thinking, “Is AAA a legit company?” The answer is yes. AAA is a legit company. They reside in South Dakota. Their mailing address is 3500 S 1st Ave Cir #100, Sioux Falls, SD 57105.

Now there are many complaints from AAA, but this does not mean they are illegitimate. However, your next question maybe something along the lines of, “How can I remove AAA from my credit report?”

Come follow along to the next section, and I will explain that in detail.

How to Remove AAA Credit Collections from Your Credit Report (4 Simple Ways)

Now to start with the bad news. Even though you can pay down your debt, credit collections can remain on your credit report for up to 7-years, negatively impacting your credit score.

However, the upside to this conundrum is that you can remove Advance Asset Alliance (AAA) from your credit report.

Here are some ways to remove AAA from your credit report.

1. Hire a Credit Repair Professional

The most successful strategy when you run into this problem is to hire a credit repair professional. These professionals have the knowledge and experience to fix credit errors and potentially remove negative items.

The best credit repair companies are detail-oriented professionals that can spot inconsistencies and damaging entries on your credit report.

A credit repair company will help you deal with AAA Collections and will guide you in removing them from your credit report. They will help you file a dispute with all three credit bureaus, draft letters, and more.

They will also provide expert credit consultation so you can start building your credit back up, ultimately increasing your credit score.

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2. Debt Validation

The next strategy is to send a debt validation letter to AAA collections. Why send a debt validation letter? First, debt validation can potentially remove the debt altogether.

Secondly, debt collector may not have an accurate picture of the debt. They are more concerned with you paying the debt than having the full complete picture.

So, what is the twist? You must request a debt validation within 30 days of the first contact. If you do not request within the first 30 days, AAA does not have to provide supporting documentation.

This is outlined in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

A debt validation letter asks AAA to confirm specific details about the debt on file. You are placing them under the spotlight by having them identify if the debt actually belongs to you.

Always make sure you request a return receipt. Requesting a return receipt will allow verification that the agency has received the letter.

If AAA cannot confirm your debt, they must contact the credit bureaus and remove the debt immediately.

3. Goodwill Deletion

If all else fails, you can send a goodwill letter. What is a goodwill deletion? You admit a mistake to collections and plead with them to not penalize you.

A strong goodwill letter will allow the creditor to empathize with you. Be pleasant and courteous in the message. Taking full responsibility for any missed payments will demonstrate that you will fully commit to paying bills on time in the future.

Keep the letter short and concise. Also, make sure to send it to AAA directly using their mailing address. You may have to follow up with the creditor multiple times to help persuade them.

4. Negotiate a Pay for Delete

Negotiating a pay-for-delete is another strategy you can employ if you are trying to remove AAA Collections from your credit report.

With a pay-for delete, you agree to make a payment, but in exchange, AAA Collections will remove the collections account from your credit report.

Without mentioning this to you, AAA will almost always accept less than the full payment. Like most debt collections, AAA most likely purchased your debt for pennies on the dollar.

If they agree to a pay-for-delete, request AAA to send a written agreement. Do not make any payments until you accept this agreement, and you both sign a contract.

Understanding Your Consumer Rights

Before you do anything, you need to know your consumer rights. AAA cannot just call you and accuse you of a particular debt on your report.

Question and investigate the problem like a detective does during a criminal investigation. Ask them why? Also, explicitly tell AAA Collections that you know your consumer rights protected under the FDCPA and the Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA).

Can AAA Collections Sue Me?

It depends on the situation. But a debt collector can sue if their statute of limitationshasn’t expired. If AAA Collections sends you a letter station they are going to sue, this can be a scary event.

Immediately you must call a professional who will challenge their accusations to ensure accuracy. Double and even triple check with different professionals involved in these types of cases. Learn the ins and outs about the process, so you are well equipped even before AAA accuses you.

AAA Collection Complaints: What Are Consumers Saying?

According to the Better Business Bureau, the primary complaints deal with billing and collection issues.

For example, one complaint outlined a customer sending a payment to AAA, and the ACH was canceled. Getting in touch with AAA seems like a monstrous task as well.

A credit repair company will protect your consumer rights and will ensure AAA Collections behaves within their legal realms.

Can you Remove AAA Collections from Your Credit Report?

By working with specialized professionals such as Credit Saint, yes, you can remove AAA from your credit report.

With hard work and a mindset to remove AAA Collections from your credit report, professionals will equip you with the tools for a desired outcome.

Dealing with AAA Collections (the Right Way)

How can one deal with the headache of AAA? Ask outside professionals their opinion and tell your friends and family about the situation. Taking views from all angles will only benefit you in the end.

Devise a strategic plan to deal with AAA, so the process runs smoothly. Your first part of the investigation is already finished by reading this article! Luck you!

Bottom Line: How to Remove AAA Collections from Your Credit Report

In all, you made it to the end with a big sigh of relief. You want to investigate this issue from top to bottom and bottom to top. Interview AAA collections to get all the information about the recent debt reported on your credit report.

But remember, keep all communication between you and AAA Collections through the mail. This may not be a ‘speedy’ process but is certainly the best course of action if they are trying to collect debt from you.

As a consumer, you have options. You can try writing a debt validation letter, goodwill letter, negotiating a pay-for-delete, or hiring a credit repair company (best option).

AAA collections is not out to get you. They are just trying to do their job. In the end, you can successfully remove AAA Collections from your credit report if you act quickly and follow through with your game plan.

Justin Estes
Justin Estes

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