ABT Synchrony: What It Is, And Why It Is On Your Credit Report

Written by Kim PinnelliUpdated: 31st Mar 2022
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Does Abt Synchrony appear on your credit report? If so, you are not alone. It is most likely a hard inquiry; however, to investigate further, keep reading.

Today, we will discuss what this mark means, why it is making an unexpected appearance and will show you how to remove Abt Synchrony from your credit report.

What is Synchrony Bank?

With over 80+ years of industry experience, Synchrony is a consumer-centric financial company. They enable companies to harness their actionable data and provide tailored financial services to their customers.

Synchrony specializes in partnering with iconic brands across the retail, health, auto, travel, and home industries. In particular, Synchrony partners with these industries and offers co-branded credit cards for their customers.

Additionally, Synchrony offers robust banking and investment solutions to their own customers. This is a full-serving bank that serves over a million customers.

What is Abt Synchrony?

Abt Synchrony – also known as Abt Electronics – is a tailored financial solution Synchrony provides to the appliance and electronic retailers. With this solution, brands can offer 6, 12, and 24-month financing options to consumers.

So, if Abt Synchrony appears on your credit report, it is because you either applied for a co-branded credit card that partners with Synchrony Bank or enrolled in their tailored financing solution.

Abt Synchrony Hard Inquiry

Whenever you apply for a loan or credit card, it results in a hard inquiry, which is nothing to worry about. It will lower your credit score for a brief moment and will fall off your credit report after two years.

Hard inquiries happen every time you apply for a loan, mortgage, or credit card. Financial institutions do this to better understand your creditworthiness.

After all, they only want to lend money or offer debt products to consumers who can pay them off successfully without any hiccups.

Can You Remove Abt Synchrony From Your Credit Report? 

If you have too many hard inquiries, it can severely hurt your credit score. So, only apply for a loan or credit card if you are ready to take action. Here is how to remove Abt Synchrony from your credit report.

#1. Hire a Professional

Credit repair companies bring years of experience to the table. They know how to remove hard inquiries from your credit report. This is their bread and butter.

Leveraging your consumer rights and in-house credit expertise, they will remove Abt Synchrony from your credit report.

They can help you remove:

Additionally, they will sift through your credit report line-by-line and will remove all negative items that are lowering your credit score.

#2. File A Formal Dispute with the Credit Bureaus

If you did not apply for a loan or credit card recently, then you need to file a dispute with the credit bureaus. Abt Synchrony could have mistaken you for another one of their customers or mistyped a social security number. To help you out, check out our guide on how to dispute an error on your credit report.

Bottom Line: Abt Synchrony On Credit Report 

If Abt Synchrony appears on your credit report, you have nothing to worry about if you recently applied for a credit card or utilized one of their financing solutions.

However, if you did not apply for one of Synchrony’s financial products, then you should investigate further. Consider using a credit repair company and filing a dispute with all three credit bureaus.

Kim Pinnelli
Kim Pinnelli

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