Acorns Review 2022: Pros, Cons, & Fees

Updated: 3rd Jan 2022
Written by Kim Pinnelli
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Acorns empowers you to save money and invest your spare change. It is a beginner friendly investing platform that makes it easy to reap the benefits of long-term investing and saving for retirement. Mange your entire account from your mobile device so you never miss a beat.

Fees: $1 – $5 per month

Account Minimum: $0

Promotion: $5 Sign Up Bonus

In this Acorns Investing Review, we will cover the Acorns platform in its entirety. Find out why millions of hard-working American’s love this mobile friendly investing platform.

From its investing platform to its low fee checking account, and everything in between.

Backed by in-depth research, this is the only review you need to decide if Acorns is the right platform for you.

Acorns Quick Overview:

Acorns is a digital investing platform which provides you with an efficient and unique robo-advisor to help you jump start your financial well-being.

Whether you are looking to invest your spare change or save for retirement, Acorns has everything you need to be successful.

Acorns Account Types: 


  • Automatic Round Up – Acorns will round up your recent purchases to the nearest dollar amount and will invest that spare change.
  • Enjoy their lucrative Cash-Forward Program with partnered retail outlets (Chevron, Airbnb, Expedia…just to name a few)
  • Robust Educational Material to help you learn how to invest and save money like a pro
  • No Minimum Account Opening Balance – Start investing today with $0
  • Completely Free if you are a College Student


  • Limited Investment Options: Can only invest in the predetermined portfolios
  • Fees tend to be high if you have a minimal account balance
  • $1 – $3 Monthly Fee for Investors

Acorns Investing Review: How Does Acorns Work? 

Serving as a digital first micro-investing smartphone app, Acorns allows you to automatically invest your spare change.

First, link up a checking account or credit card, and Acorns will ’round-up’ each purchase to the nearest dollar and will strategically invest the difference.

For example, let’s say you go to the gas station and you paid $26.65 to fill up your tank of gas.

Acorns will round up this bill to $27.00 and will invest the 0.35 cent difference on your behalf.

Designed to streamline your investing experience, Acorns makes it easy for you to get started with little to no account balance.

Touted as one of the best investment apps, Acorns is best for beginners or investors who want to remain hands-off and are fine with a top-notch robo-advisor to handle the stock picking, research, and investing.


Acorns has done the research for you and already created diversified portfolios for you to invest in.

These portfolios were created by a team of seasoned investors and financial experts, who know how to maximize your return on investment and simultaneously mitigate your risk.

Acorns invests in a wide range of assets, such as Stocks, Bonds, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Acorns Portfolios (Asset Breakdown):

Conservative – This portfolio is the least risky, but also yields the lowest rate of return.

  • 40% – Short Term Government Bonds
  • 40% – Ultra Short-Term Corporate Bonds
  • 20% – Ultra Short-Term Government Bonds

Moderately Conservative – Weighted towards Government & Corporate Bonds, but also provides you exposure to international markets.

  • 20% – Large Company Stocks
  • 4%   – Small Company Stocks
  • 4%   – Real Estate Stocks
  • 30% – Government Bonds
  • 30% – Corporate Bonds
  • 8%   – International Large Company Stocks

Moderate – Portfolio owns more stocks than bonds.

  • 29% – Large Company Stocks
  • 10% – Small Company Stocks
  • 3%   – Emerging Market Stocks
  • 6%   – Real Estate Stocks
  • 20% – Government Bonds
  • 20% – Corporate Bonds
  • 12% – International Large Company Stocks

Moderately Aggressive 

  • 38% – Large Company Stocks
  • 14% – Small Company Stocks
  • 4%   – Emerging Market Stocks
  • 8%   – Real Estate Stocks
  • 10% – Government Bonds
  • 10% – Corporate Bonds
  • 16% – International Large Company Stocks

Aggressive – Portfolio is entirely made up of stocks

  • 40% – Large Company Stocks
  • 20% – Small Company Stocks
  • 10% – Emerging Market Stocks
  • 10% – Real Estate Stocks
  • 20% – International Large Company Stocks


Are you struggling trying to figure out how to save for retirement? Acorns makes it incredibly easy to start saving and investing for this important milestone in your life.

Remember, the earlier you start saving for retirement the better.

With Acorns you have the option to start investing with a Roth IRA or a Traditional IRA. Again, within your IRA you will be invested in one of the portfolios we outlined above.

An easy solution to all of your retirement fears. Invest with Acorns Today.

With Acorns Later, you can easily set up automatic recurring contributions, which is a great addition to the automatic round ups.

The best part about Acorns Later is that you can control everything from your smartphone allowing you to invest from anywhere at any time.

Acorns allows you to easily change investment strategies, increase your contributions, or even change accounts if you wish.


As one of their newer products, Acorns checking account is nothing but remarkable.

Pairing well with their ’round up’ feature, this checking account allows you to spend, invest your spare change, and earn lucrative cash back rewards.

An quick and easy checking account and debit card.

For just $3 a month, this checking account comes with free bank – to – bank transfers, unlimited Nationwide ATM fees reimbursed, and a no surprise overdraft fees.

Fret not, if you are employed, this checking account allows you to digitally direct deposit your hard-earned check to your account.

To hold you accountable, Acorns also provides you with unique saving strategies, so you do not overspend.


Of course Acorns redefined the way you earn rewards with their revolutionary cash forward program.

Instead of earning cash-back rewards, Acorns has formed strategic partnerships (350 + and counting) with select retailers who will automatically invest in your Acorns account.

Yes – that’s right – these household brands will contribute to your investing account!

A Complete Acorns Review: Acorns found Money

A quick overview of Acorns selected partnerships (How Awesome):

To qualify for this sweet program, all you need to do is make sure you have a linked credit card or debit card with your Acorns account.

In this Acorns review, we uncover a few of the partnerships in there Found Money Program.

Here is how it works:

First, create an Acorns Invest Account either on their website or smartphone application.

Next, sign up for an Account and immediately link a credit card or debit card. Finally, navigate to the ‘Found Money” section on your App and enroll in the lucrative program.

Again, Acorns whole philosophy and motivation revolves around user-experience, so you can expect this process to take you no time.


Whether you are looking for new strategies on how to save money, dive deeper into the art of investing, or want to read some fresh news articles, Acorns Grow has it all.

Their editorial team continues to focus emphasizes educational content, so you can make the most of your money.

An enriching learning experience with Acorns Learn.

Forgot to mention, this section is also completely free. Aside from in-depth articles, Acorns also produces educational videos, so you can deeper dive into the importance of financial management, investing, and saving money.



  • Beginner Investors
  • Passive Investors
  • College Students


Yes – absolutely! If you are looking for an introduction into the world of investing and saving money, then Acorns cannot be beat.

With their round up investing strategy, automatic contributions, robust educational resources, and a sweet cash forward rewards program, Acorns is well positioned to serve as your broker.


Fees are low, real low. Acorns will only charge you $1 a month for there traditional investing account, $2 a month to take advantage of both the investing and retirement account option, and $3 to use there investing, retirement, and checking account.

Like we said – minimum fees.


Yes – Acorns is worth the fee if you are learning how to start investing and not confident with your ability to pick the right stock, index fund, ETF, mutual fund, or other asset.

However, Acorns can seem a bit pricey if you have a low account balance. For example, if your account balance is only $10, then each month you are paying anywhere from 10% – 30% to use this online broker.

Like all financial decisions, deciding if Acorns is right for you depends on what your financial goals are in the near future.

If you are saving for a home, then Acorns can easily help you reach that goal. Or if you are saving for retirement, then of course, Acorns is a great option.


Like most FinTech companies, Acorns employs 256-bit encryption to protect your personal information and data.

This level of encryption is frequently employed by America’s largest banks and tech companies, so it is safe to say your information is safe and secure with Acorns.


Acorns is a registered broker and insured under the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) for up to $500,000.

There spending (checking) account is insured under the FDIC for up to $250,000. Rest assured, with Acorns your money is safe and secure.


Acorns is a great platform for first-time investors. If the automated features they provide and robust educational material, there is a lot to like here. Acorns Investing is a great way to start investing and see if it is for you.

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