American Express® Green Card Review: Strong Rewards & Travel Benefits

American Express Green Card Review
The AMEX Green Card earns 3x points on Dining and Groceries, and serves as a great entry point into the renowned American Express Rewards Program.
  • Annual Fee:
  • Regular APR:
    Review Terms
  • Recommended Credit Score:
    670 - 850

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The American Express® Green Card is designed for adventurers and restaurant lovers who can make full use of its rich rewards program, generous credits, and transfer partner programs.

That said, it’s not the simplest – or cheapest – card out there to use. And if you’re not a frequent flier, other cards may provide similar (or better) bang for your buck.

Bonus for the eco-conscious among us: while most cards are made of plastic or metal, the American Express® Green Card is made from reclaimed plastic found littering beaches and islands.

American Express® Green Card Pros and Cons


  • Transferable points
  • High rewards
  • Bonus perks such as access to LoungeBuddy lounges
  • No foreign transaction fees


  • $150 annual membership fee
  • Low-value redemptions
  • Best suited for frequent travelers

What is the American Express® Green Card?

The American Express® Green Card is a high-reward card for frequent flyers and other travelers.

The card itself offers two different payment features, which sets it apart from some of its competitors.

With the “Plan It®” feature, you can set up payment plans for large, eligible purchases.

During this time, you pay a simple monthly fee instead of accruing interest – which, as the name suggests, lets you plan ahead on how much you’ll pay on that transaction.

On the other hand, you have the “Pay Over Time” setup, which lets you finance eligible purchases over a set term with interest.

However, the Pay Over Time plan comes with financing limitations, so you’ll want to check the terms and conditions before you splurge on your next Hawaiian vacation.

Either way, you can still earn Membership Rewards® points on these purchases, the same as any others.

And with the American Express® Green Card, rewards points are what it’s all about.

American Express® Green Card Review

  • Annual Fee: US$150 for the first card plus US$40 for each additional card
  • Rewards: 1x points on all eligible purchases and 3x Membership Rewards® on travel and restaurant transactions
  • Welcome Offer: 30,000 Membership Rewards® points when you spend $2,000 in the first 3 months
  • APR: Review Terms
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: None

American Express® Green Card Rewards

Earning Rewards

The American Express® Green Card generates AmEx’s Membership Rewards® points, which is a versatile currency that can transfer value to several loyalty programs.

Fortunately, earnings points is as easy as buy. (Get it? Buy rhymes with pie…ahem.)

The reward structure is fairly simple:

  • Earn 1x points on all eligible transactions
  • Earn 3x points on all eligible travel, including items like:
    • Subway swipes, parking passes, and toll fares
    • Hotel and campground stays
    • Upgrading to window seats
    • City tours
  • Earn 3x points at restaurants around the world

You can also take advantage of extra rewards, such as up to $100 in statement credits per year for using your American Express® Green Card to pay for CLEAR® memberships at select airports and stadiums.

Additionally, you can earn an extra $100 per year when using your card to purchase lounge access through the LoungeBuddy network.

No elite status, memberships, or first-class tickets required!

Redeeming Rewards

Due to AmEx’s flexibility in transferring your Membership Rewards® points, redeeming your rewards is a little more complex than simply applying a statement credit.

Of course, you can do that, too. Aside from the obvious, you can also use your points to:

  • Buy giftcards or purchase merchandise
  • Cover transactions at online retailers like Amazon and Grubhub
  • Book or upgrade your next travel experience
  • Transfer points to eligible AmEx partners

Typically, points vary in value between 0.5 cents and 1 cent per point.

Travel and gift card redemptions are usually the most valuable, though you may be able to do a little financial tap-dancing and upgrade your value by transferring your points to other loyalty programs.

Transfer partners include:

  • Airlines such as Air Canada, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Emirates, JetBlue Airways, and Hawaiian Airlines
  • Lodging like Choice Hotels, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, and Marriott Hotels & Resorts

Typically, your rewards transfer on a 1:1 ratio. So, if you wanted to cash in your AmEx points for airline miles, your 25,000 points would turn into 25,000 miles.

But some high-value redemptions may give you even more value, potentially doubling your rewards (or better).

American Express® Green Card Features and Benefits

Free Uber Eats Pass

For a time, AmEx Green cardholders can get up to 12 months free in Uber Eats Pass subscriptions with your card.

Upon enrollment, you can enjoy perks such as unlimited $0 delivery fees and 5% off restaurant orders of $15 or more to go with your 3x bonus points.

Solid Travel & Dining Rewards

As a travel card, naturally, the American Express® Green Card comes with robust travel and dining rewards.

Namely, 3x points on all eligible travel and dining purchases around the world – even for inanities like parking and toll fares.

Big Sign Up Bonus

The American Express® Green Card starts you out with 30,000 Membership Rewards® points when you spend $2,000 in your first three months.

And after that, you can earn bonus points on categories such as travel, CLEAR® memberships, and more.

No Foreign Transaction Fees

The American Express® Green Card comes with no foreign transaction fees – perfect for busy travelers seeking exotic adventures.

Annual Travel Credits

American Express® Green Card cardholders are also eligible for annual statement credits up to $200 per year. $100 of this comes as a reimbursement for CLEAR® screening services, with the other $100 paid out for using LoungeBuddy lounge services.

For frequent travelers, these credits alone can offset the $150 per year annual fee.

Travel Coverage

While not as robust as some competitors such as Chase, the American Express® Green Card comes with travel perks outside your rewards.

For instance, using your card confers insurance such as trip delay, baggage, and rental car coverage.

That said, it doesn’t cover most instances of trip cancellation or interruption.

Why You Might Not Want the American Express® Green Card

High Annual Fee

While the American Express® Green Card packs a rewards punch, it also comes with a high annual fee of $150.

While this isn’t the highest fee out there, it’s certainly not the lowest, either.

And if you don’t redeem enough points in a year to cover the fee, you’ll find that the cost far outweighs your potential benefits.

Better Rewards Elsewhere

The American Express® Green Card optimizes rewards for travel – including everyday transactions like subway swipes – and dining worldwide.

That said, the rate on all other purchases sits at one point per dollar.

And with redemption values ranging from 0.5 to 1 cent per point, there’s no guarantee you’ll earn even 1% “cashback” on average.

Limited Financing Capabilities

The American Express® Green Card is a hybrid card, which means you’ll have to pay off most charges by the due date in order to keep making purchases.

A portion of your spending is still eligible for carryover balances with interest charged on the remainder.

How Does the American Express® Green Card Compare?

#1. American Express® Green Card vs. Citi Premier®

The Citi Premier® card comes with a hefty introductory bonus of 60,000 points after you spend $4,000 within the first three months.

It also comes with a lower annual fee of $95, as well as 3x points per dollar on air travel, gas, restaurants, hotels, and even at the supermarket.

And with extended warranty and purchase protection, you can rest assured that you’re covered in case of accident or theft.

#2. American Express® Gold Card vs. American Express® Green Card

The American Express® Gold Card is another travel card that comes with robust rewards, including 4x points at restaurants and at U.S. supermarkets (up to $25,000 per year).

It also comes with 3x points on flights and 1x Membership Rewards® points on all other transactions.

#3. Chase Sapphire Preferred® vs. American Express® Green Card

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® cardcomes with a lower annual fee ($95), the same or better redemption options, and many of the same transfer partners as the American Express® Green Card.

Plus, Chase Sapphire Preferred® comes with 100,000 bonus points after you spend $4,000 in the first three months, 2 points per dollar on travel and dining, 1 point per dollar on all other purchases.

And if you book travel through Chase, you’ll earn 1.25 cents per point – a 25% value increase!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the American Express® Green Card a Good Credit Card?

The American Express® Green Card primarily rewards you for travel and dining transactions, with 3x points earned on both categories. That said, it comes with a relatively high annual fee for a non-premiere card, and you may find better redemption values on other offers.

How Do You Qualify for the American Express® Green Card?

The American Express® Green Card is marketed to consumers with Good to Excellent credit scores. As such, it’s advised to make sure your score is at least in the 690-700 range before applying.

Does the American Express® Green Card Have a Credit Limit?

The American Express® Green Card’s credit limit varies based on items such as cardholder spending habits, payment history, and general economic conditions.

How Does the American Express® Green Card Work?

With the American Express® Green Card, you earn rewards based on spending in categories such as travel and dining. Then, you can apply your rewards to your statements, make purchases, or transfer points to partners to redeem them on flights or hotel stays.

Bottom Line: American Express® Green Card Review

The American Express® Green Card isn’t the cheapest or simplest card out there – if you want to maximize your rewards, you’ll have to do the legwork.

But for travelers who don’t mind the challenge (especially if you spend hours and hours on planes, trains, or busses with nothing better to do), it offers value, versatility, and a chance to maximize your points across multiple redemption venues.

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