Auto Credit Express® Review: Rates, Fees, & Terms

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If you have bad credit, you may think it’s impossible to get a car loan, but it’s not. It just takes a little creativity and the help of a marketplace like Auto Credit Express®.

At Auto Credit Express®, they take the stress of shopping around for a car loan off your shoulders by helping you shop around while you sit back and wait for the results.

Is Auto Credit Express worth it? Find out in my review below.

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What Is Auto Credit Express®?

Auto Credit Express® helps consumers buy cars even if they have bad credit. They connect buyers with dealerships willing to provide a second chance.

Whether you have bad credit, no down payment, or both, Auto Credit Express® may help.

Auto Credit Express isn’t a lender but rather a service that connects you with dealers or lenders so you can buy the car you want. You can use it to buy a car, lease a car, or refinance a current car loan.

How Does Auto Credit Express® Work?

Auto Credit Express® is a marketplace that connects consumers, dealers, and/or lenders to make your dream of owning a car come true.

You complete one application on the Auto Credit Express® website, and they handle the rest – matching you with the best possible dealers or lenders for your situation.

Auto Credit Express works with over 1,000 lenders and dealers to give you many options. Once you complete an application, you’ll work with an Auto Credit Express representative to find the option most suitable for you.

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Auto Credit Express® Options

Auto Loans & Leasing

Whether you’re looking to buy or lease a car, Auto Credit Express® has options for you. Because you’re completing one application but shopping with multiple lenders, you can find the best deal possible given your situation rather than completing multiple applications with multiple lenders.

Bad Credit Auto Loans

If you have bad credit and traditional dealers or lenders turn you down, Auto Credit Express® has your back. They work closely with hundreds of dealers that offer sub-prime auto financing.

They work with shoppers with all credit score ranges, matching you directly with dealers that offer the financing options needed to buy your car.

Bankruptcy Auto Loan

Securing a car loan after bankruptcy is one of the best ways to build up your credit, but what lender will offer you financing?

Auto Credit Express® works with many lenders who help people in this exact situation. They’ll help you find the most affordable financing given your situation while helping you rebuild your credit.

Special Financing

If you need something unique, such as a rent-to-own loan, Auto Credit Express® works with several vendors offering this option.

It’s not your typical way to buy a car, but for many, it works. Instead of making monthly payments, you’ll make weekly or bi-weekly payments that the lender puts toward car ownership.

Auto Credit Express® Application Process

Like we said earlier, you only complete one application with Auto Credit Express®, but you have access to hundreds of lenders depending on your situation.

The application process is completed in 4 steps, all of which you complete online. Once done, Auto Credit Express® assigns you a case manager who helps you through the process.

The application process itself is straightforward and just like any other loan process. You’ll provide the following information:

  • Name and address
  • Do you rent or own a home?
  • Date of birth and Social Security number
  • Employment and income information

If you’d prefer to complete the application over the phone, you can call a representative at 1-855-439-0814.

In either case, you’ll find out within 24 hours if you’re approved for a loan.

Is Auto Credit Express® Free? Fees Explained.

Auto Credit Express® charges nothing for its services. They help you shop for the best loan without charging you a dime.

However, once you’re matched with a dealership or lender, they may (and likely will) charge fees, so always read the fine print.

As for Auto Credit Express®, they get paid from the dealer or lender you use if you go through with a sale.

How Much Can You Borrow from Auto Credit Express®?

Auto Credit Express® doesn’t determine how much you can borrow. Since they aren’t the lender, they only follow what each lender/dealer will allow.

They’ll match you with the lender or dealer that offers a program you fit into based on your qualifications.

How much you can borrow depends on your credit score, current debts, and the type of car you’re buying.

Auto Credit Express® Pros and Cons


  • You can get a car loan even with bad credit, a bankruptcy, or other negative credit events
  • Offers many options with a variety of different lenders and dealers
  • Offers options for unique situations, including for borrowers still in BK
  • No hard credit inquiry until you choose a loan and move forward with the lender
  • Co-signers are allowed


  • Most loans have high APRs because they cater to borrowers with bad credit
  • You may be restricted to a specific dealer depending on the situation
  • You’ll receive numerous phone calls or emails from many lenders even after you’ve taken a loan

How Does Auto Credit Express Compare?

#1. Caribou vs. Auto Credit Express®

Caribou is an auto refinancing marketplace. Like Auto Credit Express®, you apply once and have options at various lenders, but it’s only for those who already have a car loan.

If you took out a car loan when you had bad credit, and you’ve since improved it, for example, you may use Caribou to secure a lower rate or better term.

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#2. Autopay vs. Auto Credit Express®

Autopay is another auto loan refinance lender specializing in auto loan refinancing, but they also offer auto loan purchase and lease buyout loans.

You need fair credit to work with them, and they offer loans up to $100,000. Autopay focuses on helping consumers who took out a loan when they had bad credit and now have good credit.

You can get a quick decision without a hard credit inquiry within a few seconds to find out if Autopay can help you.

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#3. Auto Approve vs. Auto Credit Express®

Auto Approve is another auto loan refinancing marketplace. Auto Approve works with borrowers with a credit score as low as 580, making it easier to secure financing even with a low credit score, but the point is to fix your credit score to get the better rates.

Auto Approve offers loans from $7,500 to $100,000 in a variety of terms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Auto Credit Express® Legitimate?

Yes, Auto Credit Express is legit. It may not seem so when you look at the interest rates or the fees lenders charge, but it’s normal to see higher rates because they cater to bad credit customers.

If you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal, try a couple of marketplaces like Auto Credit Express to make sure you get the best deal.

Does Auto Credit Express® Do a Hard Pull on Credit?

No, initially, Auto Credit Express® does a soft credit pull. This doesn’t affect your credit score – it’s like you pulling your own credit. No one will know.

Once you choose a lender and move forward with the process, the lender will pull your credit.

What Credit Score Is Needed to Use Auto Credit Express®?

Auto Credit Express® works with borrowers with ‘bad’ credit. What that means varies by lender, but in general, they require at least a 580-credit score to secure a car loan using Auto Credit Express.

Bottom Line: Auto Credit Express® Review

If you’re looking for a car loan and you have bad credit or are in the midst of bankruptcy, consider Auto Credit Express®.

They’ll help you find a suitable loan that’s affordable and helps you build your credit back up again. So while you may not get the lowest interest rates, you’ll have more opportunities to secure financing than you would anywhere else.

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