Auto Loan Rating Methodologies

SimpleMoneyLyfe’s overall ratings for Auto Loan and Auto Refinance providers are evaluated against ten major factors.

Auto Loan and Auto Refinance Rating Methodologies SimpleMoneyLyfe

Auto Loan Lender & Auto Refinance Review Process

SimpleMoneyLyfe currently reviews 25+ Auto Lenders, including traditional and online auto loan providers. We diligently select and review reputable, trustworthy, and technologically advanced lenders.

Information and Data Collection

Our team of auto loan analysts spends hours collecting accurate data and information. All information collected is fact-checked and reviewed by two or more editors/writers. Analysts collect and review current auto rates, loan terms, fees, credit score requirements, and income requirements.

Routine Updates

You can rest easy knowing our auto loan editorial team works around the clock. We are in constant contact with our partners and the lenders we review. We love making periodic updates to our content to ensure it is fresh, relevant, and accurate. Analysts will make appropriate updates when auto rates change, fees are adjusted, or when new features are rolled out to consumers.

Product and Service Testing

The auto loan and auto refinance editorial team rigorously tests the application, service, and product. We work in teams. This allows us to thoroughly review each lender and ensures the integrity of our review. In some instances, the review team goes behind the scenes and uses the service/product currently being reviewed. Analysts are then given first-hand experience of the product, which helps us produce authentic and accurate content.

Auto Product Review Team

SimpleMoneyLyfe’s auto product review team is comprised of product analysts, writers, and senior editors. We cover all aspects of the auto loan and auto refinance process – from learning how to refinance to finding a smart auto loan and more. The editorial team adheres to our editorial guidelines and has been featured in CNBC, Business Insider, MarketWatch, Fox Business, and Readers Digest.