The 12 Best Credit Repair Companies for 2020 (Compared)

Updated: 24th Oct 2020
Written by Drew Cheneler
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June 21, 2020
Written by Drew Cheneler

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In this Article: The 12 Best Credit Repair Companies. Find out which credit repair companies are the best and why. From low fees to transparency and proven results, we will help you make a clear choice. 

Is your credit score low? Are you tired of paying an outrageously high interest rate on your loan or mortgage?

What about being denied a credit card with great perks? Don’t worry, you are not alone. In fact, everyday millions of Americans are impacted due to their poor credit score, but guess what?

Credit repair companies specialize in helping you increase your credit score. With the right tools and tactics, a credit repair company will help you file disputes with all three credit bureaus, remove negative items from your credit report, and will provide candid credit consultation. 

Backed by a team of credit experts, these companies work with you – individually – to increase your credit score, so you can live the financial life you deserve.

Who is the Best Credit Repair Company?

While there are a handful of solid credit repair companies, Credit Saint is a clear leader in the credit repair industry. 

Touting a coveted A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, superior customer service, proven results, and pioneering the 90-day cancellation policy, Credit Saint is the best credit repair company for 2020. 

In this side-by-side comparison, we review the best credit repair companies (for 2020). From great customer service, to fair pricing, and everything in between, our team has rounded up the best credit repair companies, so you can take action today and improve your credit score.

12 Best Credit Repair Companies

Backed by hours of research, you can rely on our expert insight to find, review, and pick the best credit repair company. Without further ado, our selection of the best credit repair companies for 2020.

Let’s dive in.

    Credit Saint: Best Overall Credit Repair Company

    Credit Saint: Best Overall Credit Repair Company

    Credit Saint is a clear leader in the credit repair industry. With years of experience and proven results, Credit Saint is deeply committed to helping you improve your overall credit health and enjoy a financially free life.

    With over 15 years of industry experience, Credit Saint is the best overall credit repair company. As a credit repair firm, they make it a top priority to remain transparent, timely, and fair. These are just a few reasons why Credit Saint commands an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

    Backed by a team of industry experts, Credit Saint consistently receives high customer reviews. As a customer, you get a personalized credit dashboard to monitor the credit repair process, a personal advisory team, and exclusive access to robust credit resources.

    Standout Benefits:

    • 90-Day Full Refund Policy (😊)
    • Access to Credit Experts (Dedicated Advisory Team)
    • Personalized Credit Dashboard to monitor progress
    • Exclusive Online Education Resources
    • Tailored Credit Repair. Straightforward and to the point, no upcharges here with Credit Saint.
    • Custom Made Challenges to All three major credit reporting bureaus
    • Step-by-step guidance to help you rebuild your credit
    • Advance Credit Monitoring
    • FREE Credit Consultation

    Credit Saint is known to help consumers remove even the most complex items from their credit report. Just to name a few, they can assist you with bankruptcies, negative items, charge-offs, repossessions, late payments, and drafting disputes.

    If that weren’t enough, Credit Saint is actually affordable. They offer consumers three credit repair packages.

    Credit Saint Payment Plans:

    • Credit Polish: $79.99/Month with a $99 one-time enrollment fee.
    • Credit Remodel: $99.99/Month with a $99 one-time enrollment fee.
    • Clean Slate (Most Popular): $119.99/Month with a $195.00 one-time enrollment fee.

    Each credit repair package comes with varying services. Let’s dive into the details.

    Credit Polish: This is their most basic package. Consumers can challenge items with all three credit bureaus, get a detailed score analysis, creditor interventions, and a robust score tracker.

    Credit Remodel: With this package, you get to challenge items with all three credit bureaus, score analysis, creditor interventions, score tracker, inquiry targeting, and Experian Monitoring.

    Clean Slate: This package is designed for those who want to truly resolve their most pressing credit problems. In fact, this puts Credit Saint into full throttle as it is their most aggressive credit repair package. Customers get unlimited challenges to the credit bureaus, all features included in the Credit Remodel package, and tailored cease & desist letters.

    To highlight their dedication to their customers, Credit Saint pioneered the refund policy within the credit repair industry. Credit Saint puts their money where their mouth is, which is why they have thousands of satisfied customers.

    If you are looking for a one-stop shop, then Credit Saint is your solution. They are the best credit repair company and warrant serious consideration if you need professional help.

    Learn More: Credit Saint Review.

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    Sky Blue Credit: Best Customer Service

    Sky Blue Credit: Best Customer Service

    Sky Blue Credit offers high-quality customer service, straightforward pricing, and fast results.

    Founded in 1989, Sky Blue has made a name for themselves within the credit repair niche. Their team brings a deep understanding of credit repair.

    With strong customer service, straightforward pricing, and a robust platform, Sky Blue is well suited to help you improve your credit score.

    Standout Features:

    • 90 – Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Tailored recommendations so you know exactly what to dispute
    • Fast Delivery Time: Sky Blue will send out your first round of dispute letters within a week
    • Awesome Online portal so you can track your progress every step of the credit journey
    • Dispute up to 15 items (5 per bureau) every 35 Days
    • Detailed Advice
    • Advice on how to rebuild your credit
    • Will assist with debt validation, cease and desist letters, goodwill deletion, and so much more
    • $119/Month Couples Discount

    Since Sky Blue only has one credit repair product, so you do not have to worry about upgrading or paying more for premium results. Their straightforward and simple flat monthly fee includes all the bells and whistles.

    Sky Blue Credit Payment Plan:

    • $79/Monthwith a $79 set up fee

    After you sign up, Sky Blue Credit Repair will get right to work. They will request credit reports from all three credit bureaus and will immediately sift through it line-by-line identifying negative items ripe for removal.

    Apart from removing negative items from your credit report, Sky Blue also assists with debt validation, goodwill letters, debt settlement, and cease and desist letters.

    Sky Blue offers a uniquely rapid 35 day dispute pace compared with the industry standard 45-60 days between disputes. Of interest, the credit bureaus only have 30 days to process a round of disputes, so this 35 days pace makes a lot of sense to us!

    Learn More: Sky Blue Credit Repair Review.

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    The Credit People: Best 6 Month Credit Repair Plan

    The Credit People: Best 6 Month Credit Repair

    The Credit People meets the needs for consumers who want long-term credit repair with a robust 6-Month plan, user-friendly online portal, and straightforward pricing.

    Providing you with 24/7 credit repair services, The Credit People work around the clock to make sure you see results in less than 60 days.

    With over 15 years of industry experience, the results speak for themselves: 32% of Customers see an increase in their Credit Score, 78% Approved for a new Auto Loan, 71% Approved for new Home Mortgage, 81% Approved for a New Credit Card with great rewards, and 74% Approved for Loan Refinancing.

    Standout Benefits:

    • Straightforward and Transparent Monthly Pricing
    • Unlimited Disputes
    • Couples who sign up will get $20 Off
    • Score Driven Results
    • 24/7 Account Access
    • Creditor Communication and Certified by the FCRA
    • Help Beyond Credit Reports

    The Credit People take out the complexity of credit repair. With their flat fee membership, you can expect a top-notch credit repair experience as they diligently work to resolve your credit errors.

    The Credit People Payment Plans:

    • Monthly Membership: $79/Month
    • Flat Rate Membership: $419 for 6 Months

    They have the experience and results to back up their low fee of $79/Month.

    The Credit People will help you file disputes, establish creditor communication, debt validation, inquiry validation, provide you with free credit reports, and an unbeatable satisfaction is guaranteed.

    Like most credit repair companies, they provide you with a robust online portal to monitor progress, talk to representatives, and ask questions.

    Above all, this credit repair company truly puts their customers first, which is evident by their unparalleled results listed above. If you are looking for a credit repair company that gets straight to the point, then look no further.

    Learn More: The Credit People Review

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    Lexington Law: Best for Experience

    Lexington Law: Best for Experience

    Lexington Law is the oldest credit repair company in America. With years of experience, they provide you with tailored insight and a clear action plan.

    With over 500,000 satisfied customers, Lexington Law knows how to get the job done. Their team of lawyers specialize in navigating the various credit laws put their clients first.

    As they tout and state on their user-friendly website, in 2017 their “clients saw 10 million negative items remove from their credit reports.”

    Operating in all 50 states, Lexington Law brings years of experience to the table. They have been helping consumers repair their credit since 1991.

    Standout Benefits:

    • Robust Educational Resources
    • Free Credit Report Consultation
    • 50% Discount for Active Duty Military & Couples
    • Extensive Knowledge and Legal Experience
    • User Friendly Mobile App
    • Personal Finance Tools (PremierPlus Plan)
    • No Contract. Feel free to leave at any time
    • Licensed and Bonded Law Firm
    • Automatic Credit Alerts so you never miss a beat
    • TransUnion®alerts (PremierPlus Plan)
    • FICO®score tracker (PremierPlus Plan)
    • Identity Protection (PremierPlus Plan)

    What we Don’t Like:

    Lexington Law is a licensed law firm that specializes in repairing and fixing your credit. As one of the largest credit repair companies, they offer three credit repair packages: PremierPlus (Most Popular), Concord Premier, & Concord Standard.

    Lexington Law Payment Plans:

    • PremierPlus: $129.95/Month
    • Concord Premier: $109.95/Month
    • Concord Standard: $89.95/Month

    All plans require a $6.99 set up fee.

    While each plan comes with numerous perks, they all take advantage of Lexington Law’s patented credit repair services. Their team of lawyers are more than capable of challenging the credit bureaus, disputing errors, sending cease and desist letters, debt validation, and so much more.

    Lexington Law methodically breaks down their credit repair process into four simple steps.

    1. Credit Report Analysis: They will create a tailored game plan to help you remove negative items.
    2. Credit Disputing: Lexington Law will file a formal dispute with all three credit bureaus on your behalf.
    3. Dispute Escalating: Lexington Law will escalate disputes if need be to ensure your credit rights are represented to their full extent.
    4. Credit Score Analysis and Mentoring: As a customer, you get 24/7 access to their online portal to review various educational resources and to monitor Lexington Law’s progress.

    This simple and straightforward course of action has allowed Lexington Law to emerge as one of the best credit repair companies and an industry leader.

    However, monitor the lawsuit with the CFPB before you go forward with Lexington Law.

    Learn More: Lexington Law Review

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    Learn More Best for Simple and Quick Credit Fixes

    With over 22 years of experience, brings forth candid advice to simple and quick credit fixes. They offer one straightforward credit repair plan leaving you with no questions or upcharges. has been in business for over 22 years. They are an established and reputable firm that has helped countless of American’s improve their credit score through detailed disputes and best practices.

    Standout Benefits:

    • Free 10-Minute Credit Consultation
    • Straightforward Platform that is easy to Navigate
    • Robust Credit Educational Resources
    • Credit Monitoring Services
    • Challenges Questionable Negative Items which are impacting your credit score
    • Dispute All Negative Items on Credit Report Payment Plans:

    • $99.95/Month with a $14.99 Initial Fee does not shy away from the services they offer. They implement a 3-step process, which we refer to as their 3C strategy. breaks down their credit repair strategy into easy-to-understand terms.

    1. Check – Pull your credit reports and review it.
    2. Challenge – Communicate and file disputes with all three credit bureaus.
    3. Change – They will ensure the items challenged are removed from your credit report.

    As one of the largest credit repair companies in America, this firm is established, reputable, and has a long history of success. However, like Lexington Law, is also under investigation. It is advised to consider other options because of the lawsuit with the CFPB.

    But, once this lawsuit is resolves, this company will remain a powerhouse within the credit repair industry due to their superior customer service, results, and relatively low price.

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    Learn More Best for Cheap Prices is the cheapest credit repair company for consumers. However, do not expect tailored plans, handy resources, or a user-friendly online portal to track your progress. is another credit repair company that touts an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). As the cheapest option on your list, they are well-suited to serve those who are hurting to make ends meet.

    Standout Benefits:

    • Great Customer Service
    • Monthly Flat-Fee
    • Disputes are sent out within 24-48 Hours
    • Unlimited Challenges: Credit Bureau Challenges, Inquiry, Name Variance, Address Variance, Goodwill Interventions, Escalated Info Requests, Debt Validation, Crease and Desist Requests.
    • In-House Legal Team that leverages the law to repair your credit.

    As we alluded to earlier, is the cheapest credit repair company. They have one standard fee for all customers. Payment Plan:

    • $49.99/Month

    Even though this is the cheapest option, it does not mean is the best. With you do not get all the bells and whistles like you would with another company.

    There is something to be said about having a dedicated account manager, education resources, a robust refund policy, and a private credit dashboard.

    They do not provide a financial dashboard, and they require you to forward them a copy of your most recent credit report. will not pull your credit reports on your behalf.

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    CreditGlory: Best for Identity Theft

    CreditGlory: Best for Identity Theft

    CreditGlory is the newest credit repair company to enter the market. However, they are carving out a healthy niche as they bring forth valid solutions to fraudulent activity and identity theft.

    To date, CreditGlory has enjoyed monstrous growth.

    CreditGlory will challenge all negative items to ensure accuracy and validity. They are hell bent on helping you improve your overall credit. Let’s see what they have to offer.

    Standout Benefits:

    • Will Challenge Inaccuracies: Collections, Names, Charge-offs, Addresses, Inquiries, Balances, Bankruptcies, Student Loans, Medical Bills, and Late Payments.
    • 90-Day Refund Policy
    • Access to Credit Experts via Phone
    • Will Dispute Fraudulent Inquiries

    As you can see, there is not anything ‘extraordinary’ or ‘different’ about what they have to offer compared to other credit repair companies.

    CreditGlory Payment Plans:

    • Credit Repair: $99/Month
    • Fraudulent Activity (All Inquiries): $799
    • Fraudulent Activity (Single Inquiry): $79

    CreditGlory is a bit more expensive than other options. However, they emphasize their ability to challenge fraudulent activity on your credit report.

    In a recent study, almost 34 million records exposed non-sensitive PII, which could lead to exposure. Remember, as our relies more and more on technology, protecting your credit from fraud will only become more prominent.

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    The Credit Pros: Best Technology + Financial Tools

    The Credit Pros: Best Technology + Financial Tools

    The Credit Pros taps into the true power of Artificial Intelligence and analytics to safely repair your credit. But their credit repair service offerings are limited, so make sure they can actually do what you need done to your credit report.

    The Credit Pros is a technology-based credit repair company. They employ artificial intelligence-based solutions to improve your overall personal credit.

    From cease and desist letters, to a goodwill letter, and everything in between, the Credit Pros can deliver superb results.

    Standout Benefits:

    • 24/7 Account Access (Website & Mobile App)
    • Unlimited Disputes
    • Identity Theft Protection
    • Draft Debt Validation Letters
    • Wide Selection of Educational Resources
    • Draft and Send Goodwill Letters to Creditors
    • Cease & Desist Letters to Collection Agencies
    • One-on-One Consultation with a FICO Professional
    • Will Provide Candid Credit Advice
    • Budgeting Tools
    • Payment Reminders
    • Prescription Discount (Success and Prosperity Package)
    • Protect Your Consumer Rights

    As one of the newest credit repair companies, The Credit Pros are certainly making a name for themselves – rightfully so.

    This AI infused credit repair service was under development for nearly 10 years, and now it is available for us to use, so we can improve our credit score and better understand our credit report.

    The Credit Pros Payment Plans:

    • CreditSentry Monitoring:$19/Month
    • Money Management:$69/Month
    • Prosperity Package:$119/Month
    • Success Package:$149/Month

    Each package is complimented with unique benefits and services. However, there is one overarching theme – improve and protect your credit score.

    We are not the only ones praising The Credit Pros, the industry is abuzz as well. They received a coveted A+ from the Better Business Bureau and were named by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s fastest growing private companies.

    Their 90-second registration process makes it easy for you to sign up and repair your credit in no time.

    Learn More: The Credit Pros Review

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    Ovation Credit Services: Best Cancellation Policy 

    Ovation Credit Services

    Owned by LendingTree, Ovation Credit Services offers a liberal cancellation policy and robust credit repair services. However, you will get a better bang for your buck with another credit repair company.

    LendingTree is one of the largest online lending marketplaces in the world.

    Ovation Credit Services offers a world-class experience to those looking for credit help. From credit repair to credit monitoring and everything in between, Ovation Credit appeals to consumers looking for an all-inclusive service.

    Since their founding, Ovation Credit has gone on to help thousands of Americans repair their credit and kick start their personal finances.

    Standout Benefits:

    • A ‘pay later’ feature which allows you to start repairing your credit today with the option of paying for their services later.
    • 24/7 Access to Financial Tools and Resources
    • A+ Rating by the BBB
    • 1-on-1 Customer Service
    • Collaborate and learn from a team of dedicated experts
    • Robust Client Dashboard to track progress
    • Get assigned a Personal Case Advisor to help you navigate the complexities of repairing your credit
    • Best Cancellation Policy
    • Credit Monitoring Capabilities
    • Affordable Credit Repair Services
    • Enjoy a complimentary FREE Credit Consultation

    Ovation Credit offers consumers two straightforward credit repair packages.

    Ovation Credit Services Payment Plans:

    • Essentials:$79/Month
    • Essentials Plus Plan:$109/Month
    • Both plans required an $89 First Work Fee

    Once you sign up for either plan, Ovation will assign you a personal case advisor who will help you identify inaccurate items on your credit report.

    Furthermore, they will help you draft dispute letters and will submit them to all three credit bureaus. The Essentials Plus Plan allows you to submit unlimited goodwill and dispute letters.

    This feature is great for consumers who plan to utilize a credit repair firm for a long duration, which we recommend since credit repair is not an overnight fix.

    Additionally, the Essentials Plus Plan comes with a personalized letter that you can use with lenders. This exclusive feature allows you to lock in a loan or mortgage at a lower interest rate. But again, this is never a guarantee.

    Apart from their standout services, Ovation Credit offers consumers a fair cancellation policy. At any time if you are unsatisfied or if you just want to stop, you can cancel your subscription. Do not worry, Ovation Credit will not charge you for that month whereas other credit repair companies will.

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    Pyramid Credit Repair: Best for Married Couples

    Pyramid Credit Repair

    Pyramid Credit Repair offers a straightforward and fair plan for married couples who need to repair their credit and set themselves up for a financially secure future.

    With Pyramid Credit Repair you get a dedicated account manager who you can text, call, and email throughout the entire process.

    This level of devotion to you – their loyal customer – is hard to beat. On your behalf, Pyramid Credit Repair will help you craft valid dispute letters and will handle all correspondence between you and your creditor/the credit bureaus.

    Here is a complete list of benefits you get as a customer of Pyramid Credit Repair.

    Standout Benefits:

    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Free Credit Consultation
    • 100% Money Back Guarantee
    • Custom Dispute Letters ($1 per dispute)
    • Real-Time Updates
    • No Contract. Feel free to cancel at any time.

    The best part about Pyramid Credit Repair is the dashboard all customers have exclusive access to. This dashboard will allow you to track your progress daily and will provide you with beneficial resources.

    Pyramid Credit Repair Payment Plans:

    • Singles Plan: $99/Month
    • Couples Plan: $198/Month

    Eligible couples can receive up to 50% off their first month’s service fee. Pyramid Credit Repair is a company that prides themselves on being straight to the point and fair.

    There is a lot to like here as a consumer except for the fact that Pyramid Credit Repair is a bit more expensive than some other credit repair companies. Credit Saint can do everything they can and more.

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    AMB Credit Consultants: Best for Credit Educations

    AMB Credit Consultants: Best for Credit Education

    AMB Credit Consultants prioritizes education while simultaneously helping you remove items from your credit report that are dragging down your credit score.

    AMB Credit Consultants is a credit repair firm that prides themselves for their work. Besides improving your overall credit health, they are deeply committed to bolstering your individual financial state.

    Throughout your time with AMB, they will audit your credit report, advise on a strategic game plan to remove errors, provide you with financial resources, and will take action to help you improve your credit.

    Standout Benefits:

    • Straightforward Pricing
    • Credit Monitoring to protect your identity and credit
    • A wide variety of Financial Resources
    • A+ Rating from the BBB


    While there are no tiered services, AMB Credit Consultants require a six-month commitment and you need to purchase a credit monitoring subscription through IdentityIQ which will cost you an additional $29/Month.

    Here is a full break down of their payment plans.

    AMB Credit Consultants Payment Plans:

    • Individual:$99/Month with a $149 one-time enrollment fee
    • Couples:$198/Month with a $198 one-time enrollment fee

    However, they do provide customers with a unique value proposition. If AMB is not able to remove one item from your credit report within the first six months they will provide you with a full refund, or they will extend your services for an additional six months free of charge.

    Though AMB Credit Consultants was only founded in 2008, they are bringing transparency, honesty, and integrity to the credit repair industry.

    Overtime, you can expect AMB to offer more services and provide a better overall credit experience; however, this is still a great option if both you and your significant other need credit assistance.

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    Pinnacle Credit Repair: Best for Debt Consolidation + Personal Loans

    Pinnacle Credit Repair: Best for Debt Consolidation + Personal Loans

    Pinnacle Credit Repair is a more expensive option; however, it is well-suited to help those considering debt consolidation or are in the midst of applying for a personal loan.

    Garnering accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, Pinnace Credit Management offers one of the fastest credit repair programs in the Nation. However, their expertise will cost you a pretty penny.

    Standout Benefits:

    • Remove Negative or Inaccurate Information
    • Credit Coaching
    • Credit Education: They provide customers access to over 20+ credit education videos.
    • Lender Approval: Pinnacle Credit Management will help you get approved for loans with a competitive interest rate

    The most attractive feature Pinnacle Credit Repair offers is their ‘lender approval’ program. They will help you lock in on loans with a competitive interest rate so you can consolidate your debt or purchase an item.

    Pinnacle Credit Management Payment Plans:

    • Standard Program: $99/Month with a $199 one time first work fee.
    • Fast Track Program: $1,500 – $2,500

    Their fast track program is powered by Artificial Intelligence and to date has an 80% deletion rate within the first 15-days. Pinnacle Credit Repair also provides customers with a 120-day satisfaction guarantee if you enroll in their fast track program.

    Since their founding, Pinnacle Credit Management has received favorable reviews on the BBB and TrustPilot. But there are better options out there. $1,500 – $2,500 is a steep price.

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    Best Credit Repair Companies: FAQs

    These are the most common questions consumers ask about the credit repair process and about credit repair companies.

    What is Credit Repair?

    Credit repair is when either you or a credit repair service follows the necessary procedures to dispute negative items on your credit report. Credit repair involves challenging negative items such as late payments, identifying thefts, charge-offs, repossessions, bankruptcies, collections, and more.

    Repairing your credit is a long process but can help you in the long run if you are trying to refinance a loan or applying for a new credit card.

    What Can Credit Repair Companies Do?

    A credit repair service can challenge negative items on your credit report. They interact directly with the three major credit reporting bureaus to dispute errors and improve your credit score.

    These firms know the credit laws and provide the necessary structure and expertise you need to successfully challenge a negative item on your credit report.

    In general, a credit repair company will do the following:

    Credit repair agencies are a jack of all trades. They are experts and will help you fix your credit.

    What can Credit Repair Companies Not do? 

    While the best credit repair companies can fix your credit, interact with the credit bureaus, and offer you robust educational resources, they can’t do everything. Here are what credit repair companies cannot do:

    • Mislead Consumers: Credit repair agencies can’t promise results. This is against the law, and if a company does promise results make sure to report them to the FTC.
    • Make False Credit Statements
    • Impose a Cancellation Fee
    • Can’t offer you any repair services that you can’t do on your own
    • Encourage you to apply for a new Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number

    The Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA) protects consumers from misleading credit repair companies. Ultimately, credit repair companies only do things that you can do yourself.

    However, this takes a lot of time and requires you to learn the credit repair industry from top to bottom. Credit repair companies simply speed up the process and ensure you make no mistakes. They get it right the first time.

    Can You Really Pay Someone to Fix Your Credit? 

    While there is not a “quick fix” when it comes to repairing your credit, your best bet is to hire one of the best credit repair companies. They bring years of experience and proven results, so it is safe to say that they are experts when it comes to fixing your credit.

    How Credit Repair Companies Work:

    Credit repair companies follow a subscription-based model. This means that they will continue to clean your credit report and remove items if you continue to pay their monthly fee.

    They will sift through your credit report (line-by-line) identifying negative items that are ripe for removal and errors ready for dispute. On your behalf, they will handle all correspondence with the credit bureaus, file disputes, remove items, and take care of the entire credit repair process.

    Credit repair companies are staffed by an in-house team of credit experts and legal professionals. They bring valuable experience and will be able to remove items from your credit report. Ultimately, their end goal is to see your credit score increase.

    Furthermore, credit repair companies provide their clients with robust educational resources, 24/7 access to credit experts, and confidence. They are determined to see you reach your financial goals and want to provide you with a clean slate, so you can hit the ground running.

    How Much do Credit Repair Companies Cost? 

    Each credit repair firm has their own unique packages and use different metrics to charge customers. As evident by our list of the top credit repair agencies, the average price of credit repair ranges from $19 to $200 per month. For the most part, you can expect to pay a flat fee upfront (known as the setup fee), and a monthly fee thereafter.

    Furthermore, some credit repair companies will charge you for each item removed, or they will offer additional services to those who pay more. Additional services may include unlimited dispute letters, educational resources, and 24/7 access to a team of credit experts.

    However, you know your budget, so make sure you choose a credit repair company that you can afford. The last thing you want to do is incur more debt and put yourself at greater financial risk.

    Are Credit Repair Companies Worth the Cost? 

    If you are someone who values their time and wants to make sure the entire credit repair process is done correctly, then working with a credit repair company is 100% worth the cost.

    They will make sure you file disputes, remove negative items, and will follow up with the three credit bureaus or collection agencies. In other words, they will offer you professional advice and will handle the entire process – leaving you worry free.

    How to Choose the Best Credit Repair Company: 5 Things to Consider

    Partnering with the best credit repair company boils down to five key factors: Price, Industry Reputation, Results, Customer Service, & Safe.

    1. Price of Credit Repair Service

    Like all services, you deserve the best price. Trust me, credit repair companies know they need to charge a fair price, especially when they are dealing with customers who are struggling financially due to their low credit score.

    You want to choose a credit repair company that aligns with your financial budget and will deliver. After all, you are paying them to improve your credit score and overall credit health. This is no small task.

    Majority of the credit repair companies we listed above have a 90-day money back guarantee, which is great! This highlights their commitment to you and shows how confident they are when it comes to improving credit scores.

    2. Industry Reputation

    Whether you go with a firm that has been around for 30 years or a new technology infused company, you want to make sure they have a strong reputation in the credit industry.

    A great place to check is with the Better Business Bureau or TrustPilot. These two websites are a good stamp of approval and should help you narrow down your choices from our list of the best credit repair companies.

    However, the companies that made our coveted list all command favorable reviews from both the BBB and TrustPilot. We did the work for you.

    3. Results

    Undeniably, we all like to see great results. However, what is a good result when it comes to working with a credit repair company?

    The answer to this question varies depending on how many errors or negative items your credit report is showing. Obviously, the more negative credit items you can fix means the more your score can improve.

    The best thing you can do is read customer testimonials on Trust Pilot, a website that allows previous customers to share their experience.

    4. Customer Service

    Majority of the credit repair companies we highlighted today offer a brief free consultation. This is the best time to feel out how their customer service is going to be.

    After all, you will be in direct contact with the company you choose on a regular basis. Make sure you choose a company that has great office hours, so they can answer any question you have in a timely manner.

    5. Safety First

    Ultimately, you want a credit repair company that is insured and implementing the best cyber security practices. Why? They are dealing with personal information, and you want to ensure your data is protected, encrypted, and safeguarded.

    Fret not, the credit repair services we listed are insured and routinely monitor for any data compromises.

    Are There Legitimate Credit Repair Companies?

    Yes, there are legit credit repair companies. As a consumer, it is paramount you do your research beforehand to ensure you are not purchasing credit repair services from a scam artist. Legit credit repair companies will not charge you upfront and wont ‘promise’ you results.

    Here is how to easily spot a credit repair scam.


    How to Avoid and Spot a Credit Repair Scam

    While we listed the best credit repair companies in this article, there are hundreds of small brands out there on a mission to scam consumers. Their primary motivation is to get a hold of your Social Security Number and Credit Card information, so they can commit financial fraud.

    Fortunately, it is easier than ever to spot and avoid a credit repair scam. Here is what you need to look out for:

    No Professional Contact Information

    A reputable credit repair company clearly lists their contact information. This includes an email that matches their specific domain name, not an email associated with @gmail, @aol, @yahoo, @outlook, or @hotmail.

    These are all email providers for personal use, not business use. Furthermore, a reputable credit repair company will list their phone numbers, offer client chat support, and provide their office hours.

    Ugly and Poor Website Security 

    Like all serious businesses, a legit credit repair company will have a professionally designed website that does not display ads. Additionally, the website will employ SSL security features, so in the domain URL make sure it has https:// instead of http://.

    Guarantees Results 

    Per Federal regulation, credit repair companies cannot guarantee customers specific results. If a credit repair company promises to raise your score 100- 150 points or wipe your credit completely clean, then stay away! This is a glaring RED FLAG and a tell-tale sign of a credit repair scam.

    Requires Upfront Payment 

    It is important to note that a credit repair company can charge a ‘set up fee’; however, they cannot charge one giant lump sum fee at the beginning. Again, this is enforced under Federal Law and reputable credit repair companies know this.

    No Written Contract 

    The best credit repair companies make their customers sign a written contract. This contract provides their customers with key information:

    • Scope of work
    • Length of contract
    • Total price
    • Contact information
    • Services provided
    • Detailed information on how to legally end the contract if you are not satisfied with the current results

    Promises to Remove Accurate Information

    By law, credit repair companies cannot remove accurate information from your credit report. Furthermore, a credit repair company cannot influence you to get a new Social Security Number, so they can open an entirely new credit file.

    This is illegal under both Federal and State law. Avoid this at all cost!

    Poor or Lack of Third-Party Reviews

    Most credit repair companies are reviewed by the Better Business Bureau, CFPB, or TrustPilot. If a credit repair company approaches you and they lack reviews on both sites, then they are most likely a scam.

    Fails to Inform You of Your Consumer Rights

    Reputable credit repair companies will clearly list out your rights under both Federal and State Law. In fact, most will have a specific section that outlines your rights.

    While on your search for the best credit repair company, if you come across a scam make sure to report it to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

    Both Government Agencies will investigate the scam and take punitive actions to stop this credit repair service from hurting consumers.

    How can I repair my Credit?

    There are two primary ways you can repair your credit. Either ‘do it yourself’ which is long process, or you can hire a reputable credit repair company (we highly recommend this option).

    Remember, most Americans are working Mon-Fri, have children, and enjoy down time. Hiring a credit repair company allows you to focus on what matters – family & friends.

    How Long does it take to repair credit?

    Most credit repair companies can repair your credit within 3 – 6 months. However, results will vary and are never a guarantee. The length it takes to repair your credit is entirely dependent on your unique financial situation.

    If you only need to remove a few items from your credit report, then repairing your credit will not take long. But, if you have multiple credit accounts that need to be cleaned up, then obviously, the credit repair process will take a few months.

    Remember, repairing your credit takes time, but is well worth the wait and upfront investment. Improving your credit score can allow you to refinance your mortgages or loans, which can save you thousands of dollars.

    Better yet, an improved credit score can help you get a new credit card. A credit card that does not shy away from rewards and luxurious perks.

    Alternatives to Credit Repair Companies:

    Maybe the fee is too much, or you do not feel comfortable partnering with a credit repair company. Fortunately, you still have options to improve your credit. Below are two credit repair alternatives that are worth looking into.

    1. Try Experian Boost 

    Experian Boost is a FREE way to increase your credit score by 13 points or more (results vary per individual). Backed and powered by Experian, this is the only free way to increase your credit score.

    If you are looking for a quick solution, then try Experian Boost. If you want to learn more about it, read our review.

    2. Partner with a Tradeline Company

    Purchasing a tradeline is a legal way to increase your credit score. With a tradeline, you are added as an authorized user to another person’s credit account.

    This allows you to benefit from their positive credit habits, such as paying their bills on-time and using their credit only when needed.

    3. Consider Credit Repair Software

    Like a credit repair company, credit repair software will help you repair your credit. However, this is best if you are fine with the ‘do it yourself’ approach.

    Credit repair software acts merely as a ‘guide,’ it will not do anything on your behalf. So, if you decide to go this route make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.

    Do Credit Repair Companies Guarantee Results?

    By law, credit repair companies cannot guarantee results. This is enforced by the Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA). However, you can get a gist of how well their credit repair services perform by reading previous customer reviews.

    Is using a credit repair company legal?

    Using a credit repair company is 100% legal. In fact, millions of Americans have relied on their expertise to improve their credit score.

    As a consumer, it is paramount you know your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Credit Repair Organization Act. Both acts are there to protect you from credit malpractice and scams.

    Bottom Line: 12 Best Credit Repair Companies

    Look, partnering with a credit repair company is a great way to improve your credit score; however, results may vary. If you decide to repair your credit by yourself, expect to put in long hours of research. It is a time commitment and requires a keen eye for detail. The last thing you want to do is mess up.

    Remember, a good credit score will bolster your chances of getting a new credit card, opening a checking account, and getting the best interest rates. It is a win-win all around if you have a high credit score.

    We recommend you turn to a team of professionals who have the experience and resources to safely improve your credit score. The upfront investment is well worth it if you follow their advice and let them work their magic.


    Drew Cheneler
    Drew Cheneler
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