11 Best Financial Magazines of 2022

Written by Kim PinnelliUpdated: 16th Apr 2022
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For years, investors, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and personal finance enthusiasts have turned to financial magazines for deeper insight into the complexity of stock markets, technology, and economics.

The best financial magazines dive deep into strategies and best practices that you can implement immediately. Above all, these light reads provide readers with a holistic view of a specific topic.

Best Investing and Finance Magazines.

However, choosing the best financial magazine is daunting, especially when there are so many choices. What magazine should investors read? What magazine is best for financial professionals?

To assist you in your search, our team compiled a list of the best financial magazines. Backed by hours of research, here are the results.

What is a Financial Magazine?

This question can have multiple answers and will depend on what you are looking for. But overall, a financial magazine is a reputable source that covers the stock market, personal finance, business, entrepreneurship, or finance.

It will help you understand complex financial topics, introduce you to new strategies, and usually, will offer insight into macro-economics. Whether you are learning how to start investing, or need further insight into what factors are moving the market, a financial magazine can help you.

Best Financial Magazines Overview:

  • Barron’s: Best Overall Financial Magazine
  • The Economist: Best for Global Perspective
  • Investor’s Business Daily: Best for Investors
  • Kiplinger’s: Best for Personal Finance
  • Bloomberg Businessweek: Best for General Business News
  • Money Magazine: Best for Saving + Retirement Strategies
  • Forbes: Best for Entertainment
  • Inc: Best for Startup Founders and Small Business Owners
  • Foundr: Best for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • thinkMoney: Best for Active Traders
  • U.S. News & World Report: Best for General News, Politics, and World Events

11 Best Financial Magazines

Keep reading to find out which financial magazine is best for you.

#1. Barron’s

Barron’sis hands down the best financial magazine. Since 1921, Barron’s has covered the stock market and investing extensively.

You won’t find any personal finance or politics in this magazine, but instead, you will read about the best investing strategies and what stocks to consider.

This magazine is available in both print and digital form. Each issue comes with new stock ideas, technical analysis, and expert commentary.

Additionally, Barron’s includes a section called “Market Week,” which highlights the most pertinent news that impacts investors.

With that said, Barron’s is not designed for “new investors,” but rather, those who have a strong understanding of investing and actively manage their portfolio.

If you are looking for further knowledge into portfolio management and deep investment research, then Barron’s is the magazine for you.

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#2. The Economist

Are you an econ buff? Since 1843, The Economist has been publishing in-depth economic analysis, painting a clear picture for its readers.

However, economics isn’t the only thing you will find in its pages. The Economist also covers world events, politics, finance, technology, and business.

As Dr Eric Schmidt puts it – the former Google Executive Chairman – “Life without The Economist would be life without a global perspective.” Let’s be honest, he isn’t the only leader that raves over this financial magazine.

Politicians, financial analysts, and CEO’s all read The Economist to broaden their global perspectives and for new insight.

So, if you are ready to delve into the details of economics and how it may impact your everyday life, then consider subscribing to The Economist.

#3. Investor’s Business Daily

Investor’s Business Daily is another financial magazine geared towards serious investors. In this publication, you will find new investment strategies, market analysis, and expert commentary.

Unfortunately, they will not deliver a print edition every morning; however, you will still get one once a week. You can access all editions online. Investor’s Business Daily warrants some serious consideration if you are ready to level up your investing experience.

#4. Kiplinger’s

Alright, where are my personal finance aficionados? Kiplinger’s is one of the few financial magazines dedicated to classic personal finance. From saving money to retirement planning, and everything in between, this magazine covers it all.

There is a reason this is the most popular personal finance magazine in the world. It is educational, fun to read, and easy-to-understand. They strive to make each topic digestible, so you can take action immediately.

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#5. Bloomberg BusinessWeek

If you want a financial magazine focused on business, then look no further. Bloomberg BusinessWeek has been educating business professionals since 1929. As they tout, BusinessWeek helps world-class leaders stay ahead with new insights and in-depth analysis.

In each weekly edition, you can expect Bloomberg BusinessWeek to cover people, booming enterprises, world events, and consumer trends that shape the economy.

#6. Money Magazine

Money Magazine is only available in digital format. They shuttered the print edition in 2019 because it was becoming difficult to market to younger generations who do everything online.

Regardless, Money Magazine offers its readers a wealth of knowledge and covers personal finance extensively.

In its pages, you will learn new retirement strategies, how to pay off student loan debt, career moves to make, and how to optimize your credit score.

If you are looking to dive headfirst into the world of personal finance, then Money Magazine should be at the top of your list.

#7. Forbes

Would our list of the best financial magazines really be complete without mentioning Forbes? Forbes is one of the best business magazines in the United States.

Each month, you can expect Forbes to cover topics in the fields of technology, law, healthcare, science, and finance.

Forbes is particularly useful if you are an investor who has a diversified portfolio that spans across various sectors and industries.

This monthly financial magazine will provide you with the insight you need to effectively stay ahead of the curve and informed about the business world.

Additionally, each year Forbes publishes its coveted Forbes Lists, which highlights rising business talent and the wealthiest Americans.

#8. Inc.

Are you a small business or Startup Founder? Since 1979, Inc has been covering small business ownership and entrepreneurship in their weekly magazine.

While it may highlight some market commentary and general business news, Inc’s weekly magazine focuses on private companies and strategies you can employ to move your business forward.

Like Forbes, Inc has a list of their own. Each year they release the Inc. 500 and Inc. 5000, which gives credit to the fastest-growing private corporations in America.

So, if you are ready to sharpen up your business acumen, then Inc. is worth the read.

#9. Foundr

As the newest financial magazine to make our list, Foundr Magazine is a leading resource educating tomorrow’s business leaders.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or current founder, then this should be your go-to resource.

Each month, you can expect to learn new business strategies, such as venture capital fundraising or people operations.

With over 250,000 subscribers, this magazine is the jet fuel you need to get your Startup off the ground.

Not to mention, this magazine is read each month by Mark Cuban, Gary Vaynerchuck, Seth Godin, Richard Brandon, Arianna Huffington, Jessica Livingston, Tim Ferriss, and other legendary entrepreneurs.

#10. thinkMoney

Published by TD Ameritrade, thinkMagazine is a quarterly print magazine geared towards active traders. In this publication, you will read “how-to’s” about equities, options, and futures.

The best part about this financial magazine is that it is 100% free. That’s right – free! Each quarter you will get a magazine filled with expert commentary, next-level strategies, and market analysis you don’t want to miss.

This magazine is available in both print and online in digital form. Never miss a beat, get your copy of thinkMoney today.

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#11. U.S. News & World Report

U.S. News & World Report’s magazine is not a “financial magazine” per se; however, the way they tie together current events, world news, and politics serves the modern-day investor.

Financial markets are dynamic organisms that react to specific news differently than most would expect.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve and be informed about what is going on in the world, then this magazine has your back.

What is the Most Widely Known Financial Newspaper?

The most widely known financial newspaper is the Wall Street Journal.

Since 1889, the WSJ has been covering American industries, financial markets, and global revolutionary movements. This newspaper is widely respected amongst both business and financial leaders.

Their editorial section is second to none and is written by iconic journalists who have a unique way relating current events to the broader financial markets.

Best Money Magazines

Are Financial Magazines Worth the Cost?

The most successful people in the world swear by reading. For example, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are both prolific readers. These two read non-stop. It is their version of “cheating.”

So, if you want to sharpen your skill set, learn new things, and remain informed, then financial magazines are 100% worth the cost.

What is the Best Personal Finance Magazine?

The best personal finance magazine is Kiplinger’s. They do not beat around the bush or cover any other topics; Kiplinger’s is fully committed to helping their readers navigate the complex world of personal finance.

What is the Best Money Magazine?

The best “money” magazine is either Kiplinger’s or Money Magazine. These two publications focus on personal finance, which is arguably the most important life skill.

Whether you want to learn how to invest or retire early, these two leading publications will guide you in the right direction.

Why Should Investors Subscribe to a Financial Magazine?

Financial Magazines offer more to investors than just new strategies. The best financial magazines will educate you on current events, politics, business, and economics. These are all foundational pillars you need to know if you want your portfolio to beat the S&P 500.

Additionally, the new perspectives they offer will help you refine your investing strategy and readjust your portfolio to combat against market-moving variables.

Bottom Line: The Best Financial Magazines

Choosing the best financial magazine boils down to your personal goals. Are you trying to learn more about personal finance? Or are you trying to sharpen your business acumen? Choose a financial magazine that aligns with your financial goals and motivations.

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