12 Best Stock Market Research Websites

Updated: 27th Jun 2020
Written by Drew Cheneler
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Written by Drew Cheneler

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The Best Stock Market Investment Research Websites will provide you with real-time data, stock analysis, and professional advice. As a retail investor, you have plenty of information and resources at your disposable to help you make smart financial decisions.

The Top Investment Sites for Stock Market Research

But first…

What is Stock market investment research?

Investment Research is when an investor thoroughly researches a specific stock or industry that they are about to invest in. This includes reviewing quarterly earnings, overall stock performance, and other details to help you make an informed decision.

Once you know how to start investing, research what stocks to buy is the most important thing to do. After all, the point of investing is to make money not lose it.

What are the best investment sites?

The best stock analysis websites are Morningstar, Tradingview, The Motley Fool, and Atom Finance. These platforms provide researchers with robust analysis, insights, and historical data. This compiled information helps individual investors make calculated and profitable decisions.

Top Stock Market Research and Analysis Websites

In this side-by-side comparison, we are going to review the best investment sites to help you make simple financial decisions.

1. Morninstar

Touted as one of the premiere stock market research and analysis platforms, Morningstar offers a suite of services and tools to ‘empower investor success.’ Known as one of the top equity research companies in the world, Morningstar provides their customers with data driven insights. If you want to compete with the largest Hedge Funds in the world, wealth managers, and other investment professionals, then Morningstar is a great resource to add to your investment tool kit.

Standout Morningstar Service:

  • Morning Star Research – Independent and Comprehensive Evaluations of all investment products (ETFs, Mutual Funds, Individual Securities, Bonds)
  • Tools to help you Plan for Retirement, Save for College, and Tax Planning
  • Robust Education Material to make you a better investor, and a master of your personal finance.

Bottom line, this the best investment site for stock and equity analysis. Morningstar offers advanced investment research and data analytics. Plain and simple, their software is powerful and will help you make sound investments. Some would say their independent equity and fund research is second to none. It is important to note, that Morningstar is utilized and trusted by thousands of investment professionals and retail investors.

2. Tradingview – Best Investment Site for Day Traders

This website is for our technical analysis traders. Tradingview is a great platform for our traders to view stock charts, where they can personally select specific indicators (RSI, MA’s, ect.). If you have the day trading itch and want to learn more about technical analysis, then this is a great resource for you.

Tradingview Standout Features:

  • Customized Technical Analysis: Volume Indicators, MACD, back testing, and more.
  • Over 50+ Data Feeds and Exchanges to View.
  • Robust Economic & Earnings Calendar
  • Intuitive Mobile App to view your trades from your phone.

3. The Motley Fool

Written by David and Tom Gardner, the Motley Fool is one of the best investment sites for researching stocks. These two seasoned investment pros provide digestible financial information and stock picks, that allow all investors to make money.

Launched in 2002, David and Tom provide loyal premium subscribers with 2 new stock picks each month. Not to mention, their premium Stock Advisor Portfolio service touts a hefty 347% return, while the S&P 500 has yielded a 94% return respectively. I personally used this service, and the stocks they pitched (and I invested in) have made me money.

Though, like all investments, there is the occasional loser here and there, but that is why we all have diversified investment portfolios. Don’t worry, the Motley Fool offers a wide range of services. Simply pick one of the 19 strategies that best aligns with your financial goals and enjoy the expert level advice they provide.

Standout Motley Fool Services:

  • Stock Advisor – David and Toms Stock Recommendation Services. Boasts a 347% cumulative return. This service comes with a list of the 10 Best Starter Stocks to own in any portfolio, best buys, and in-depth market analysis, two new stock picks each month, a plethora of education material, and a community of like-minded investors who are constantly support one another.
  • Rule Breakers – Focused on High-Growth Stocks, this premium service touts an impressive 170% return.
  • Rule Your Retirement – Focuses extensively on retirement portfolio strategies. They are on a mission to help you enjoy your retirement. .
  • Market Pass – Offers a mixture of both Stock Advisor & Rule Breakers services. Enjoy expert level advice all in one place.
  • Options – Expert level guidance on all things relating to investing in options. They break down the fundamental basics into digestible information (easy to comprehend) and dive deep into the most advanced strategies.
  • Global Partners – A compiled list of the best investments outside of the United States. This service provides you detailed information to make money in foreign markets.

Remember, that each stock recommendation is backed by hours of research and in-depth analysis. Each service comes with a loyal community, where like-minded investors come together to discuss strategies, dissect monthly recommendations, and support one another. Furthermore, the research they provide will help you execute your dollar cost averaging strategy. You will know exactly what to buy each month!

If you are looking for a community of investors, eager to learn, and want to rely on research provided by expert professionals, then The Motley Fool is the best investment site for you.

4. Market Watch

Marketwatch is one of the best investment websites for reliable and up to date market analysis and research. I have been using this website for nearly four years, and every day I learn something new.

They offer detailed investment research for all investors. Whether you are a beginner, a day trader, or are a seasoned buy and hold investor, you will be able to find valuable information.

Marketwatch Standout Features:

  • Breaking Financial News
  • Detailed & Comprehensive Data Analytics Tools
  • Personal Finance Stories – Where individuals share their secrets & tricks to maximize returns.
  • Editorials

Each contributor brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique insight, which is designed to help all of us make an educated decision. If you make investment decisions based off technical analysis, then you are in luck. Marketwatch routinely publishes articles discussing chart analysis and technical indicators.

Of course, there is a tool for you to research specific stocks, mutual funds, and index funds; all you need to do is enter the ticker symbol or search the company name. Marketwatch will make sure your desired search is swiftly met with up to date analysis, recently published articles, and available news.

Aside from their research and analysis, Marketwatch allows you to monitor stocks, track the top U.S. Indices (S&P 500, DJIA, Russel 2000), and global markets. This site even has an easy to follow economic data calendar, which is updated daily. You will never miss a GDP, Consumer Sentiment, or Weekly Jobless Claims report ever again.

At the moment, they offer paid subscriptions; however, I have never tried it out. Trust me, all the information you need as an individual investor is 100% free.

5. Zacks Investment Research

If you are looking for a website that primarily focuses on offering stock or index fund advice, then this is the one for you. Zacks is a premium financial site that sends you detailed information about individual stocks.

Zacks Standout services:

  • Complete Access to Zacks #1 Rank List – Where they review the top equities in each sector and reveal their findings. This list has doubled the return of the S&P 500. Results speak for themselves.
  • Detailed, In-Depth Equity Research Reports. Over 1,000+ equities individually researched and analyzed by their team of experts.
  • 50 Best Long-Term Holding Stocks
  • Identify which Stocks to Buy and Sell with ease.

If you are looking for an affordable equity minded research service, then Zacks is one of the best investment sites around. For years, some of the leading financial institutions and news sources has relied on Zacks to provide valuable content for consumers of all investing levels.

6. Investopedia

Without a doubt, Investopedia is the best resource for brand new investors. If you are a new investor, then this is your one stop shop to learn and understand the basics of investing as they focus extensively on investor education. They have plenty of available resources to teach you financial definitions, financial analysis, personal finance, corporate finance, accounting, and even a refresher on basic economics.

If you know the ticker symbol or company name, then you can easily knock out some additional equity research. Investopedia has one of the most advanced stock market simulators (paper trade), which allows you to trade equities, mess around with options, and monitor a position over an extended time period.

Investopedia Standout Features:

  • Beginner Investor Terminology and Education Resources
  • Unlimited Amount of Investor Education Material
  • Practice on the Market Simulator

Undeniably, Investopedia is one of the best stock market research websites for new investors. I still turn to this website on a regular basis for a quick refresher on market terminology, or to take advantage of the market simulator to test out future portfolio positions.

7. Wall Street Journal

For years, The Wall Street Journal has served as a pillar for financial information. The journal offers paperback copies; however, if you are like me and enjoy reading everything online, then the Wall Street Journal has one of the best digital experiences currently available.

They ensure each deliverable is packed with financial news, market analysis (including foreign markets), provide valuable updates on Congress or the Administration, and bring to fruition events that are unfolding in Silicon Valley.

The Wall Street Journal is notorious for publishing some of the best editorials, where their team provides valuable insights and commentary on politics, economics, personal finance, and investment management.

Their reliability, accuracy, and knowledge are just a few reasons why The Wall Street Journal is one of the best investment sites and one of the most trusted resources by Wall Street Professionals and everyday investors, like you and me.

8. Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance is easy to navigate, has a robust search function, and provides readers with a wide variety of news articles. I personally use Yahoo! Finance to view upcoming IPO’s and to follow their earnings calendar.

Yahoo! Finance Standout Features:

  • Review upcoming Earnings & Earning Announcements
  • General Market News
  • Yahoo! Finance Premium Offers a 14-Day Trial for you to review detailed research reports on specific companies.

Readers can purchase a premium plan, which includes further details into a specific company, and exclusive insights. However, the premium subscription is not worth it. You are better off signing up with Morningstar if you are going to spend money.

9. Investing.com

I use this website strictly, when the market is closed. Investing.com has the best after hours market analysis. This site allows user to easily track the futures market, which is a marketplace for commodities. As an investor, I do not trade commodities; however, the movement in this market impacts how the DJIA, S&P 500, and other major indices open the following day.

Investing.com Standout Features:

  • Stock Screener’s
  • Educational Webinars
  • Robust suite of Charts & Data Analytics Tools for Technical Traders
  • In-Depth Market Analysis written by their Editorial Staff

Additionally, this top investment site offers awesome international market analysis, which is good to understand as a prudent investor. The global markets are all intertwined. Believe it or not, international events such as the Brexit Deal, the current Hong Kong protests, and the U.S. – China trade war are all international market movers, so it is paramount to stay up to date so you can protect your investments.

10. MSN Money

Owned by Microsoft, this site provides investors with a wealth of knowledge. I know it may be annoying but ignore the obnoxious ads and focus on what is important. MSN Money is a great site that compiles articles from US News & World Report, Business Insider, Marketwatch, CNN, and other various news sources.

11. CNBC

As one of the most popular financial news resources in the United States. You can either pull up CNBC on your personal television, or you can view their content online. This best investment site is one of the easiest to navigate and covers the financial industry extensively, whither it be about personal finance, hedge funds, the bulge bracket banks, corporations or global markets.

CNBC is best for:

  • Breaking Financial News
  • Business Knowledge
  • Reading inspiring Stories about Business Founder’s

As an investor, I tend to watch their coverage online, and leave it on in the background. The stock analysis they provide is great for developing a surface level understanding of the business. However, if I am interested, then I will turn to Morningstar to uncover more details. Nevertheless, CNBC is one of the most trusted and widely regarded financial news outlet in the world.

12. Barchart

Like Tradingview, Barchart is designed to help day and swing traders. As one of the best investment sites, Barchart allows you to view charts of all individual equities and stocks, so you can make the right investment decisions. Easily toggle through their advanced moving indicators, and you will have a clear idea of whether or not you should buy or sell.

Barchart is Best for:

  • Identifying Unusual Option Activity
  • Utilizing Stock Indicators for Day & Swing Trading
  • Recognize which Stocks are Moving the Most (Rising or Falling Price)

Barchart is designed for serious Day and Swing Traders. This investment site may not be the best for beginners; however, it is still a great resource to use if you are interested in viewing individual stock charts. This website has an easy to follow user interface, and an ample amount of data to discern through.

Why is Stock Research so Important?

Conducting investment research is a task all investors partake in. It does not matter if you are just beginning, or if you are an experienced investor, we all need to conduct thorough research before we invest our personal capital. In the end, it is your money, so what you decide to do with it is totally your decision.

But, if you want to increase your chances of being successful and earn a profit, then you need to understand the risk associated with each one of your investments that you execute in your brokerage account.

The Best Stock Market Research Websites

Before you invest, I challenge you to partake in thorough investment research. I know it may take some time when you are first starting out, but would you rather spend 30 minutes researching or lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the stock market?
Try to fully understand the various risks associated with each asset, and ask yourself this, “does this opportunity have potential to make me money?” If you cannot answer this question confidently, then it may be a smart idea to move onto another investment opportunity.
Drew Cheneler
Drew Cheneler
Drew is a recognized Credit, Small Business, and Personal Finance Expert. He has been quoted in CNBC, The Huffington Post, Business.com, Moneyunder30, and more. He is known for breaking down complex personal finance topics into action-oriented advice, so you can make the most of your hard-earned money.