Top 3 Best Tradeline Companies (Reviewed and Compared)

Updated: 20th Sep 2020
Written by Drew Cheneler
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Best Tradeline Companies. Does bad credit keep you from getting the loan you want? Maybe an employer turned you down for a job because of your low credit score, or you didn’t get the interest rate you thought you’d get on a loan. If you’ve tried everything and still can’t get your score up, consider a tradeline company.

Keep reading to learn all about best tradeline companies, how they work, and if this financial move is right for you.

What is a Tradeline?

More than likely, you already have tradelines or accounts that report on your credit report. Each account, say your mortgage or car loan is a tradeline. Every new account you open becomes a ‘tradeline’ or a part of your credit report.

The credit bureaus report everything about your tradeline or account. For example, you have a credit card account for two years. You pay the bill on time every month, paying off the full balance each time. This is an example of a ‘good tradeline,’ which will help you build a good credit score. More importantly, a tradeline is traditionally a quick way to give your credit score a quick boost.

Now, let’s say John has the same credit card for two years. However, John doesn’t make his payments on time, and he leaves a hefty balance. He has 80% of his credit line outstanding too. These are both negative credit activities and will bring John’s credit score down.

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What is a Tradeline Company?

Sometimes you can’t work fast enough to raise your credit score. Bringing late payments current and paying your balance down takes a lot of dedication and time. It also takes time for the credit bureaus to build your score up again. What if you need something to happen now?

You can buy a tradeline from a tradeline company. It sounds weird, but you can buy your way into someone else’s credit, essentially. With a tradeline, you ‘buy’ your way onto someone else’s credit.

Tradeline companies sell the right to be an authorized user on someone else’s account. While you could do this for free with a family member or close friend, it’s not always an option, which is why tradeline companies exist.

While you don’t get the same charging capabilities, you might get if you become an authorized user for a friend or family member, you get the advantage of the good credit, which will hopefully improve your credit score. Remember, there’s never a guarantee that it will work.

Is it Legal to Use a Tradeline to Raise Your Credit Score?

It is legal to use a tradeline company to raise your credit score, but there’s a catch. The law doesn’t prohibit it, but lenders may frown upon it. They are smarter than you think. Most lenders can tell when a new tradeline is legitimate (you are an authorized user for a friend or family) and when it’s bought. If they know you bought it, they may not lend to you.

Top 3 Best Tradeline Companies

Choosing the best tradeline company is a challenge, especially with scams plaguing the credit industry. To help you out, we compiled a list of the three top tradeline companies around. These three are favored amongst consumers due to their customer service, reputation, and results.

1. Tradeline Supply Company

Tradeline Supply Company was one of the first companies to offer a 100% online tradeline buying service. They do this to keep prices down, as buying tradelines gets costly.

Tradeline Supply focuses on empowering consumers with proper financial education to help you build better financial habits, while temporarily helping you boost your credit score with purchased tradelines. Tradeline Supply takes the top spot because they are affordable, reputable, and subject matter experts.

Top Tradeline Companies for you to boost your credit score.


  • Offers some of the lowest prices in the tradeline industry
  • Offers’ deals,’ like buy two tradelines, get 10% off the second
  • Provides many details about the tradelines available, including the price
  • You stay on the account for two reporting cycles
  • Tradeline Supply guarantees they will report to at least two of the three credit bureaus


  • Tradeline Supply offers no guarantees on how the purchased tradeline will affect your credit score (it may even go down)
  • You must buy the tradeline by the published ‘purchase by’ date or Tradeline Supply won’t guarantee that it will post during the next credit reporting cycle

It is time to hit refresh on your credit.

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2. BoostCredit101

BoostCredit101 guarantees to post your tradeline within 60 days of purchase. They claim it usually takes an average of 2 weeks, though. They guarantee that all tradelines they sell have ‘perfect credit.’ They offer a full refund or replacement if the tradeline does not report to two credit bureaus.


  • Offers full transparency, allowing you to sort tradelines by price, lender, limit, age, and statement day
  • Guarantees to post the tradeline to two of the three credit reporting bureaus
  • Uses encrypted servers to keep your information safe and they eliminate all customer data after 90 days
  • Thoroughly verifies all parties, buyers, and sellers to reduce the risk of fraud
  • Provides ample education on their blog and over the phone with a financial professional


  • The Better Business Bureau does not accredit BoostCredit
  • You must talk to a consultant to buy a tradeline rather than completing the entire process online

3. CreditPro

Around since 2007, CreditPro has extensive experience compared to other tradeline companies today. They claim to offer the lowest prices in the industry, saving consumers as much as 40% – 60% on purchased tradelines as they are a wholesaler selling to advisors.


  • Posts tradelines in as little as 5 – 7 days from the date of purchase
  • Offers tradelines with utilization rates 15% or lower
  • You stay on the tradeline for 60 – 90 days
  • Has over 2,000 cards to choose from with varying ages (some are up to 30 years old)


  • Has a C+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • There is no transparency as you can’t see the available tradelines on their website

Best Tradeline Companies Review: How to Buy a Tradeline

Buying a tradeline is not as overwhelming as it seems. The hardest part of your job is finding the right tradeline. Do you want a high quality (more expensive) tradeline or a few lower quality (less expensive) tradelines? Once you choose, take the following steps:

  • Add the tradeline(s) to your cart (if you’re buying it online).
  • Read the contract carefully. This is like a rental agreement. Know what you’re agreeing to and ask questions if you aren’t sure about something.
  • Make your payment. Most companies allow online payments. If not, you’ll make a payment over the phone with your credit card.
  • Provide the necessary documents. The tradeline company must verify your identity before they can upload the information to the credit bureaus. They may ask for your driver’s license or Social Security card. Most companies have online upload options.
  • Check your credit report. Don’t rely on the tradeline company to provide you with updates, check your credit report yourself. It may take 30 days or longer depending on the company you choose, but always verify that the tradeline reports.

Do Tradelines Stay on Your Credit Report?

Purchased tradelines are temporary. Most companies report them on your credit report for one to two cycles, but your contract will provide the exact details.

Buying a tradeline is a quick, temporary fix. While the account may remain on your credit report for longer than one to two cycles, it will no longer report as active. It does its job in one or two cycles, and that’s it.

Are you ready to increase your credit score? Purchase a Tradeline.

How Much do Tradelines Cost?

The cost of tradelines varies greatly. You can buy one for a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars. It is important to note that older tradelines are more expensive than newer ones. Why? The account is older, which means it is considered ‘safe’ and ‘established.’

Ask yourself what you want out of your tradeline. Do you want:

  • A high credit limit
  • A low balance
  • Long history
  • Low utilization rate

If you want it all, you will pay in the thousands for it. If you only want one or two of the features, you will pay less, but of course, you get what you pay for. In our opinion, it is better to buy an older tradeline that is established. Ultimately, this will mitigate your risk.

Three Benefits of Using a Tradeline:

  1. Less work on your part – Yes, it costs you money, but you get the ‘good tradeline’ without the work. Without it, you’d have to monitor your credit continually, fix errors, lower your balances, bring your payments current, and wait to see how your credit score reacts. A tradeline takes the guesswork out of it; you get the ‘good tradeline’ and it hopefully improves your credit score.
  2. Get Better Loan Terms – The higher your credit score, the more favorable terms lenders offer. This may mean a lower interest rate, a better type of loan (fixed rate versus ARM or balloon), or lower closing costs.
  3. Have More Options – If you have bad credit, you have minimal options when you apply for a loan. If you have good credit, though, you have more options, giving you a better chance at securing the loan you want rather than ‘the only one available.

Alternatives to a Tradeline

Credit Builder Loan

A credit builder loan, as the name suggests, builds your credit by taking out a loan. Here’s the trick, though. It’s not a loan. You borrow from yourself. The payments you make to the loan go into a savings account. At the end of the loan’s term, you receive the balance plus interest earned. If you are interested, then we highly recommend Self Credit Loan Builder. They are an industry leader, and have helped thousands of customers build their credit responsibly.

Consider a Secured Credit Card

A secured credit card has fewer qualification requirements because your credit line is equal to the deposit you make on it. If you cannot make your payments, the credit card company takes your deposit. To build credit, though, you want to make your payments on time. Use the secured credit card to buy things you would have paid cash for and then pay the balance in full to show good financial habits.

Find Errors on Your Credit Report

When is the last time you checked your credit report? Just going over it and requesting errors to be fixed can improve your credit score. Of course, this requires effort on your part as you must pull your credit report (you can get a free copy here) and then write to the credit bureau and creditor letting them know of the mistake. Include proof of the errors so the credit bureau can fix the error as quickly as possible. However, this is often a hassle, which is why we recommend you partner with one of the best credit repair companies or consider using credit repair software.

Wrapping Up: Top 3 Tradeline Companies

If your credit score needs a quick boost, buying a tradeline may be helpful, but don’t rely on it. Try exhausting the other options first and see how your credit score reacts. There’s no guarantee that any efforts will improve your credit score – it’s a bit of trial and error, but buying a tradeline may be one you need to get that temporary boost to get your credit score higher.

Drew Cheneler
Drew Cheneler
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