Boostcredit101 Review (2023): Is It Worth It?

Written by Brian LatchfordUpdated: 6th Feb 2023
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Do you have a bad credit score? Boostcredit101 is a company that offers consumers tradelines for sale. Let’s dive deeper into what they offer, price, and if you have any alternatives.

What Is Boostcredit101?

Boostcredit101 is a company that helps you improve your credit score by adding Tradelines, which is an industry term for any credit account that appears on your credit report, to your credit report.

Boostcredit101 offers this to help boost your overall credit score. Although most Tradelines are only good for 2 months, you can extend the Tradelines on your account.

Boostcredit101 states they are the only company that verifies and protects their clients and cardholders to their degree.

Boostcredit101 says because of their process, they run a lower risk of having a Tradeline shutdown. Boostcredit101 guarantees their work, but that does not guarantee a credit score increase, and no company can guarantee this.

How Does Boostcredit101 Work?

Boostcredit101 offers Tradelines in 6 steps.

  1. The first step is having a consultation with Boostcredit101
  2. Tradelines are then reserved for your credit.
  3. You sign a contract with Boostcredit101.
  4. Cardholder makes a payment
  5. Tradelines post to your credit
  6. Results are given, normally in about 2 weeks but will take 4+ weeks for maximum results.

The thought process is that by adding Tradelines, with positive payment history, to your credit report, your credit score will increase.

Normally, the two things to consider when looking at Tradelines to be put on your credit are how much available credit the Tradeline has and how long the account has been open.

How Much Do Boostcredit101 Tradelines Cost?

Purchasing one Tradeline can cost anywhere from $350 to $1,500 from Boostcredit101. If you purchase two Tradelines, you can expect to pay $900 to $2,000.

Boostcredit101 advertises they can add three Tradelines for under $2,000, but they are typically lower limit age tradelines that do not have as much impact on your credit score.

Boostcredit101 Alternatives

#1.Tradeline Supply

Tradeline Supply launched in 2019 and has realized early success due to their lower cost Tradelines. You can see a full list of all their tradelines on their website and decide which one is best for you.

Of course, if you have any questions, you can reach out to them. Another reason for their early success is that their platform is easy to use, and consumers see results (FICO score increases).

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#2. Credit Saint Credit Repair

One of the older credit repair companies, Credit Saint, has been in business since 2004. They do not offer Tradelines, rather they work to actually repairing your credit.

There is a monthly fee, starting at $79.99, but they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. Credit Saint breaks their service down into three easy steps.

  1. Credit Saint will create a credit monitoring account for you with
  2. They will go over specific details on your credit report and identify what items you may disagree with.
  3. Credit Saint will also analyze your positive credit and see if there are ways to optimize them even more.

Credit Saint offers you a free consultation to help your get started.

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#3. Lexington Law

Lexington Law is similar to Credit Saint in that they work to repair your credit. Their monthly fee starts at $89.95, and they advertise they have helped over 500,000 customers since 1991. They, too, have a three-step process.

  1. Research & Review is where they look at your credit to determine any questionable negative items.
  2. Challenge & Dispute is where they ask the bureaus and your credits to verify the negative items.
  3. Manage & Monitor is where they work with you to help manage your credit wisely while continuing to address any new credit issues that appear.

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Is Boostcredit101 Safe?

Boostcredit101 is safe in that there is nothing illegal about them. Your information is protected at all times and does come with a guarantee of their service.

Is Using a Boostcredit101 Tradeline Worth It?

This is up to each individual consumer. Tradelines are not illegal, but some do view them as unethical.

Furthermore, they are only temporarily effective and are only used to allow you enough time to open additional credit lines in your name that will have a lasting positive impact on your credit score.

Bottom Line: Boostcredit 101 Review

If you are in need of a quick FICO boost, Boostcredit101 may be a good option. You will need to weigh the costs involved as it is not a cheap service.

As long as you know that any impact will be temporary and there are no guarantees that your FICO score will increase, then adding a Tradeline(s) may be for you.

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