Car.Loan.Com Review: Great Auto Loans for those with Bad Credit

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Auto loans help consumers finance vehicles so that they can take control of their daily commute, go on road trips, spend time with family, and more. Having access to a car is almost a necessity in the United States since it is so big and primarily interconnected with the interstate system.

However, what happens if you have poor or limited credit but still want to finance a vehicle?

Many lenders will not work with people who have bad or damaged credit, especially if they have declared bankruptcy in the past. Thankfully, companies like are bridging the credit gap and bringing credit to consumers with bad or damaged credit histories. Offers Buy Here Pay Here loans, bad credit loans, no credit car loans, and even bankruptcy car loans. Although interest rates may be steep if you take out a loan through one of’s affiliates, it may still be a better choice than not having a car at all.

Let’s dive in and see what makes unique and if they may be a good fit for you and your next auto loan.

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What Is Car.Loan.Com? is a company that aims to connect people with bad credit with a dealership that is willing to work with them. provides an easy experience to help its customers’ loans get approved before they even step foot in a dealership to purchase a car.

How Does Car.Loan.Com Work?

After applying to, the company will try to match your information to a dealer that best fits your needs.

They will check your credit scores, but they will only send them to other companies willing to work with you.

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What Auto Loans Does Car.Loan.Com Offer?

  • Bad Credit Car Loans: will connect you to a dealer who may check your credit but is still willing to work with you despite having bad credit.
  • No Credit Car Loans: When applying for no credit car loans, the companies won’t even acknowledge your credit when you apply.
  • Bankruptcy Car Loans: Even if you went bankrupt, this service would still help you finance your next vehicle.
  • Buy Here/Pay Here Car Financing: This option helps customers finance their vehicle while still on the lot. Your credit usually won’t even be checked when you use buy here/pay here car financing.

Car.Loan.Com Features and Benefits

Not only does allow people with little to no credit, but they also have some benefits.

For all loan types, they allow you to have a co-applicant sign with you. This can easily help improve your rates.

Applying through can get you approved in 30 minutes or less.

Good for those with Bad Credit is especially good for people with bad credit. It helps them find dealers who will finance your vehicle regardless of any credit score.

Easy Online Application

If you meet the company’s requirements, then you will only need to fill out a three-minute form to apply for a loan.

After that, will contact you after finding the best dealer for your needs.

Diverse Network of Lenders

Because is not a direct lender, they have a varying network of lenders to work with.

This is beneficial to the customer because they have more options to choose from, which increases their chance of getting a favorable rate and price on an auto loan.

Proven Experience in Auto Industry

Since 1994, has helped people with bad credit get a car loan at an affordable price.

Car.Loan.Com is Not a Direct Lender will not directly give you a car loan. Instead, they will connect you with a separate dealer that will help you get a car loan even with bad credit.

Anybody is welcome to apply for financing at, even if they have good or excellent credit.

This may be a good choice for somebody who wants to shop around for the best rates but does not want to take the time to submit applications at multiple banks and lenders.

Loans Options are Limited

If you have bad credit and are strictly looking for a car loan, then is your best bet.

However, if you are looking for refinance or buyout loans, you will be out of luck. does not offer those, so you will have to look elsewhere.

How to Apply for an Auto Loan on Car.Loan.Com

Once you go to, you will take an easy three-minute form that will help you find the best dealership for you.

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Car.Loan.Com Pros and Cons


  • Willing to help individuals with little to no credit.
  • It does not require a monthly income.
  • You can get approved in less than 30 minutes
  • A Standard lease term varies between 36 and 72 months.
  • Permits co-applicants for every loan type.


  • Limited option of auto loans.
  • APR may be high, especially for those with no credit loans.
  • Requires a hard credit check, which can negatively impact your credit score.
  • Required to work with a participating dealer

How Does Car.Loan.Com Compare to Other Companies? is a notable option for customers looking for a loan because of its ability to accept people with bad credit and even those who have recently filed for bankruptcy. However, because mainly helps people with bad credit, it is important to consider other companies to find the best rates.

#1. Caribou vs. Car.Loan.Com

If you are looking to refinance your vehicle at a low APR, then Caribou is a solid choice. However, Caribou does not offer loans on new or used vehicles but instead only offers auto refinance loans.

Conversely, does not provide any refinance loans; rather, it only offers loans on new or used vehicles. You will also find more accepting of lower credit scores, yet you will have to take on a higher APR.

Overall, Caribou is a great option for those who only wish to refinance their vehicle, but if you have bad credit and are looking for a loan, then will be the better option.

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#2. Tresl vs. Car.Loan.Com

In the search for a car loan despite your bad credit, it is important to note both Tresl and because of their leniency towards poor credit scores. Each of these companies has its own benefits, however. Unlike, Tresl allows you to refinance an existing auto loan or to buy out a lease.

Tresl requires a monthly income of at least $1,500, whereas does not require a monthly income. is more flexible because it allows those with no credit or even bankrupt individuals to get loans; however, it may require a hard credit inquiry.

Tresl does not require a hard credit check for prequalification, but it won’t accept those with lower credit as

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#3. Car.Loan.Com vs. Auto Approve

Similar to, Auto Approve does not directly lend money to you.

Instead, it connects you with one of the many banks and credit unions they have partnered with to find you the best deal. Auto Approve offers auto refinance loans to those with a minimum credit score of 580 and at least $1,500 in monthly income. will not help you refinance, but if you have bad credit and are looking for a loan on a new or used car, then it may work better for you.

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#4. Autopay vs. Car.Loan.Com

Autopay offers auto refinance loans at a low starting interest rate. They accept people with fair or bad credit. does not provide any refinance loans, but they will allow you to have bad credit and still get a loan on your vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions Is unique because it is not a direct lender. Instead, they connect customers who have poor or limited credit histories with loans that may work for them from other lenders.

Is Car.Loan.Com Free?

Yes. does not have any fees whatsoever. They exclusively aim to connect you to a lender that will help you finance your vehicle regardless of your credit.

Is Car.Loan.Com Legit?

Yes. has been helping people find loans since 1994. is highly rated because it connects borrowers with poor or limited credit scores with lenders who are willing to work with them.

Is Car.Loan.Com Safe to Use?

Yes. is safe to use; however, they will share personal information with lenders, although only with your consent, once you submit your formal application.

Does Car.Loan.Com Do a Hard Credit Inquiry?

Yes. will require a hard credit inquiry. Although does not issue the loans themselves, the lenders in their network will most likely conduct a hard credit inquiry once you submit a formal application.

If more than one lender is interested in your profile, multiple lenders may end up performing a hard credit check.

As long as the lenders perform their credit checks within a 45-day window, there will not be an additional impact on your credit score from the credit checks.

Before you submit your application, make sure that you are comfortable with the credit bureaus performing a hard inquiry.

Bottom Line: Car.Loan.Com Review

If you have bad credit and are looking to finance your vehicle, is an excellent choice.

They have a fast and easy application process, as well as a wide range of dealers who can give you the best rates.

Remember, you should consider other options if you are looking to avoid a high APR or a hard credit check.

However, if you are stuck with bad credit and need a car loan, is a great choice.

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