Chime Bank Review: The Details You Don’t Want to Miss

Updated: 1st Mar 2021
Written by Drew Cheneler
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In this Article: A Chime Bank Review. 

Let’s cut right through the noise, Chime is a clear leader in the fee-free banking niche.

From their fee-free banking experience, to their standout banking features you need to know about, and everything in between – this is the only Chime Bank Review you will need to read.

And as a Bay Area FinTech company, you can expect Chime to continue to revolutionize the banking sphere as they roll out more products and expand their core offerings.

Keep reading to find out why thousands of Americans love this bank, and whether or not you should open a Chime account.

Who is Chime?

Chime is a digital first bank – online only – making it best for proud millennials. Why? Chime’s mobile application and website make it easy for you to bank from your smartphone or personal computer, so you never miss a beat.

Here is the deal, Chime is a financial technology company. Banking services provided by The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, N.A., Members FDIC.

Yes – that’s right – Chime is a fee-free bank so you get the best bang for your buck.

Chime Bank Review: Chime is a Digital First Mobile Bank.


  • No Monthly Service Fees~
  • No Overdraft Fees
  • Fee-Free Overdraft Up to $100*
  • Over 38,000+ Fee-Free ATM network
  • Built in Automatic Saving’s Feature
  • FDIC – Insured: Don’t worry your money is safe with Chime
  • High Interest Rate for Savings Account
  • Straightforward Direct Deposit allowing you to get your paycheck up to 2 days early


  • No Physical Branches
  • Depositing Cash can be difficult
  • At times the customer service can sometimes be hard to reach, but fret not, they are quickly resolving this issue as they grow.

Even though Chime has no physical branches, it has still attracted a legion of fans due to the no-fees and robust ATM Network. Chime remains as one of the best banks and checking accounts for consumers who are looking for a fee-free experience.

Chime Bank Spending Account (“Checking”)

As you can imagine, Chime puts forth one of the best checking accounts around. Their fee-free banking and checking experience has attracted a legion of fans – rightfully so.

The best feature included with their checking account is SpotMe*, which protects you from overdraft fees.

Not to mention, overdraft fees cost the average American $250 a year…yuck.

It is important to note, that to qualify for their SpotMe program you need to have monthly direct deposits totally $500 or more.

Their SpotMe limits start at $20 but fret not, depending on the size of your overdraft transaction Chime will increase the limit to $100 leaving you worry free.

Chime Bank Review. A Fee-Free Banking Experience

With the Chime Spending Account, you can receive your paycheck up to 2 days early, so there is no reason for you to ever miss a utility, mortgage, credit card, or loan payment. And enrolling in direct deposit has never been easier with Chime.

Finally – gone are the days of writing hand checks. If you have had a Chime account for 30 or more days, you can tap into their Checkbook feature and send checks to anyone online for free (up to $10,000 per month). Do not worry, their fee-free checking account isn’t the only feature that makes this bank standout from the rest.

Chime also allows you to snap a photo of your check and it will deposit it directly into your account within seconds. No more waiting to see your money, with this feature you can start spending immediately.

And if this is not enough, Chime will even personally mail checks for you to anyone of your choosing.

All you have to do is let Chime know who you would like to send a check to and the amount, and a trusted member on their team will personally mail out the check on your behalf.

Chime Bank Review – Let’s Talk ATM’s 

Chime has a large free ATM network. To be exact, you have access to over 38,000+ ATMs through VISA’s MoneyPass and another 30,000+ cash-back locations through their Plus Alliance ATMs.

So, finding an ATM should not be hard if you are a member with Chime. And, if you can’t find an ATM that is within their network you will have to pay a small $2.50 fee for any transaction you make.

Yes – $2.50 – remember, this is the only fee Chime will ever charge you.

Disclosure: Out-of-Network cash withdrawal fees apply. Third-party and cash deposit fees may apply.

Mobile Wallet Support

Built by a team of tech professionals, it is no wonder that Chime supports Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay. With both mobile pay support and Chime, you can simply leave your wallet at home and bank with full control.

Chime Bank Saving Account 

  • Annual Percentage Yield (APY): 0.01%
  • Monthly Fees: $0

We get it, there saving account interest rate is not the best, but that isn’t why we like it. While most banks offer more than 1.0% APY, they do not allow you to implement an automatic saving feature, whereas Chime does.

Since Chime let’s you set up direct deposits, they also let you decide how much to allocate towards savings and will automatically deduct that from your check and will transfer it into your saving account.

So if you want to save 5% – 10% of each paycheck – which we recommend – you can do just that with this nifty feature.

Want to Review More? Find the Best High Yield Saving Account.

Disclosure: The Annual Percentage Yield (“APY”)¹ for the Chime Savings Account is variable and may change at any time. The disclosed APY is effective as of December 9, 2020. No minimum balance required. Must have $0.01 in savings to earn interest.

Does Chime Charge Fees? 

With Chime, your banking experience is completely fee-free. That means no foreign transaction fee, overdraft fees, monthly service fee, standard transaction fee, or hidden fees~.

I know – it may sound to good to be true, but it is. The team at Chime is motivated more than ever to provide us – consumers – with a free banking experience.

Disclosure: Out-of-Network cash withdrawal fees apply. Third-party and cash deposit fees may apply.

Chime Bank Customer Service

Even though it is an online only bank, Chime employs a robust support staff to help you make the most of your account. If you run into any problems, their highly trained staff is ready and eager to assist you.

They are available by email or telephone. Their office hours are Monday – Saturday from 7AM – 7PM & Sunday 9AM – 5PM. This information can all be found online at Chime.

Chime Bank Security: Is My Money Safe with Chime? 

Yes – Chime is insured by the FDIC just like most financial institutions. Your deposits are insured up to $250,000.

Apart from Chime being FDIC insured, they employ 128-bit AES encryption, require two factor authentication, and support fingerprint authentication.

Finally, Chime also sends you real time alerts every time you make a transaction, so you know exactly what you are spending your money on.

If you see a transaction that is not yours, all you need to do is log into your Chime app and block your card or disable transactions. So… yes – 100% – your money is safe and secure with Chime.

How Do I Sign Up for A Chime Bank Account?

As they tout, signing up for Chime has never been easier. In fact, it should only take you about two minutes.

Fret not, applying for a Chime bank account will not hurt your credit score and it is completely free to do so.

To make the signing up process easier, make sure you have these documents nearby:

  • Government Issued I.D. – This can be either a passport or a drivers license. Chime just needs to verify your identification.
  • Social Security Card – Again, to open any bank account you need to provide your SSN.
  • A statement of Billing (Utility or Lease totally fine to use) – This allows Chime to verify your address in case they need to mail you anything. A proof of address is needed by all financial institutions.

Chime Bank Review: Is Chime A Real Bank? Is it Legit?

Chime is a real bank. Though it is online only, Chime provides you with a fee-free banking experience.

As a customer you can sign up for the Chime Spending Account (“Checking”) and a Saving Account with a competitive interest rate.

You better believe Chime is legit. With over 4 million customers, it is disrupting the financial industry and debunking the common revenue model of charging consumers fees for standard banking products.

With their top-notch user-experience, security, and customer service, Chime is one of the best banks and warrants some serious consideration.

How Does Chime Make Money? 

As we all know financial institutions primarily make money from loans, hidden fees, and service charges; however, Chime does not. They continue to deliver a world class banking experience without charging fees.

Chime earns a commission every time you use your debit card.

Merchant’s pay Visa a flat fee for every transaction they process, which is then respectively distributed between Chime and Visa because they have entered a strategic business partnership.

Chime Bank Review: Is Chime Bank the Right Choice? 

If you are looking for a fee-free bank then Chime is your best bet; however, they only offer a no fee checking account and a savings account.

But undeniably Chime provides user with a straightforward, cost efficient, and painless bank account.

Their mobile application is second to none, making monitoring your account incredibly easy and convenient.

Drew Cheneler
Drew Cheneler
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