Credco: Why Is It on My Credit Report? And How to Remove It

Written by Kim PinnelliUpdated: 31st Mar 2022
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Did you pull your credit reports and find an inquiry for Credco? You’re probably scratching your head thinking you never applied with a company named Credco.

You probably didn’t, but you may have applied with a lender who uses Credco services.

Check out my guide on who Credco is, how it affects your credit score, and how you can remove it.

What is Credco?

Credco is a consumer reporting agency that is also know as CoreLogic Credco. Even if you think you’ve never applied there – chances are it’s legit. You don’t apply directly to Credco.

Instead, they provide credit reporting service to the lenders you applied with – usually mortgage lenders.

Credco provides tri-merged credit reports. In other words, they merge your credit reports from each of the three credit bureaus. It’s the most sought-after credit report for a majority of lenders.

Mortgage lenders aren’t the only lenders using it either.

If you’ve recently applied for a car loan or even insurance, you may see Credco on your credit report.

Why is Credco on My Credit Report?

If you recently applied for a loan (mortgage or car), the lender may use Credco to get the information. And If you didn’t recently apply for a new loan, read the section below on ‘How to Remove Credco from your Credit Report.’

If you applied for a loan, your lender likely used one of the following CoreLogic Credco services:

#1. Instant Merge

This is Credco’s most popular product. Lenders receive a tri-merged credit report in seconds. It shows all your credit information, including public records and inquiries.

Instant Merge allows lenders to make faster decisions on your loan application. Instant Merge creates a hard inquiry on your credit report (you will see it, and it dings your credit score).

#2. Instant Merge Soft Touch

If you had credit counseling recently, they might use Instant Merge Soft Touch. This is a soft inquiry rather than a hard inquiry. It doesn’t affect your credit score, and you may not even see it reported.

Credit counselors use it to help you create a financial plan.

#3. Instant Merge Pre-Qual

This is also a soft credit pull but is for lenders looking to pre-qualify you for a loan. Lenders receive credit information from a single bureau. Lenders receive a credit score and your credit history to make a lending decision.

They will pull your credit again (likely the Instant Merge) when you are ready to move forward—instant Merge results in a hard inquiry.

When you see Credco on your credit report, determine if it was a hard or soft inquiry.

You may not always see soft inquiries, but if you do, know that it doesn’t hurt your credit report because it doesn’t result in a loan. Soft inquiries are for pre-qualifications and don’t require your approval.

Lenders only pull a hard inquiry (Instant Merge) when you commit to the loan and are ready to move forward. They cannot pull a hard inquiry unless they have your permission.

If you signed a document allowing Credco to pull your credit, it’s a hard inquiry. It may hit your credit score for 5 points or so.

What Types of Loans is Credco Associated With?

Any company can use Credco, but the most common according to their website are mortgage lenders and auto loan lenders. They’ve been providing credit reporting to mortgage lenders for 50 years. They claim that they provide information to 19 of the 20 top mortgage lenders.

How to Remove Credco From Your Credit Report

A Credco credit inquiry won’t hurt your credit score much, but there are other reasons to worry about it. First, determine if you applied for credit somewhere recently.

Like I said above, it would likely be a mortgage lender or auto loan lender. If you did, ask if they used Credco Credit Services. They likely did.

If you didn’t apply for any loans recently and/or the lender didn’t use Credco Credit Services, then you have a bigger problem on your hands. It could be a sign of credit fraud or identity theft.

If you think this is the case, you should get Credco removed from your credit report.

Here’s how.

#1. Hire a Credit Repair Service

Hiring one of the best credit repair companiesis the fastest and most efficient way to remove Credco from your credit report.

The professionals at a credit repair service know what they are doing. Not only can they easily dispute the credit inquiry, but they can spot other issues with your credit report. Here are a few:

Chances are if someone stole your identity or tried to open an account in your name, they didn’t stop with a mortgage or car loan.

Credit repair services look at every little detail to determine if any other aspect of your credit has been compromised. It is well worth the money just for peace of mind.

If you want to pursue this route, then check out Credit Saint. They have helped thousands of consumers remove negative items from their credit reports and clean up their credit.

#2. File a Dispute to Remove the Credco Hard Inquiry

If you don’t want to pay the credit repair service monthly fee, I get it. Then you’ll have to do the hard work yourself. It’s not impossible, but it requires dedication, patience, and a lot of follow up.

First, you have 30 days from the date of the inquiry to dispute the inquiry. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) gives you 30 days to formally dispute it, aka write a letter.

Never dispute anything verbally. Even if they agree that the account is invalid, nothing holds them to remove it. Write a letter to Credco AND the credit bureau reporting the inquiry. State the reasons you think the inquiry is invalid. Also, ask for credible proof of the reason for the inquiry.

They should be able to provide you with proof of the loan application, date, and reason for the application.

If they can’t prove the reason for the inquiry, they must remove it. If you find that someone applied in your name, you have more significant issues. You may need the help of a credit repair service and/or credit monitoring.

Bottom Line: Why Is Credco On My Credit Report and How to Remove It

If you find Credco on your credit report, don’t freak out right away. It could be a legitimate inquiry. Think back to your most recent applications. If you applied for a mortgage or car, call the lender and ask what credit reporting service they use. Chances are you’ll find your answer there.

If you didn’t apply for any new loans or the lender didn’t use Credco, then take further action and consider protecting yourself from identity theft and credit fraud.

Kim Pinnelli
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