AMEX Pay It Plan It: What It Is and How It Works

Written by Drew ChenelerUpdated: 6th Oct 2021
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If you’re an American Express cardholder, you’re eligible to take advantage of two new alternative payment options.

Pay It and Plan It are two awesome features that can help make shopping easier and more affordable for you.

What Is American Express Pay It Plan It?

AMEX Pay It Plan It is a program available for eligible cardholders that offers flexible payment options on some of American Express’s personal credit cards.

Credit cards can be a convenient thing to have, but interest charges can increase your debt significantly.

Pay It Plan It is a flexible financing option that allows you to pay for smaller purchases upfront and finance larger purchases.

AMEX Pay It Plan It Overview

The Pay It Plan It program from American Express is an innovative way to handle your credit card payments.

It allows cardholders to use their American Express app to pay for individual purchases one at a time as they choose.

This means you can pay off the $40 fill-up at the gas station right away and leave the $100+ grocery shopping trip to be broken up into monthly payments.

The benefit to this is that you can pay down your larger balances over the course of a few months rather than having to pay off a large amount each month.

What Is AMEX Pay It?

The Pay It half of the equation allows you to use your Amex mobile app to pay off specific purchases of your choice as you can afford them.

You won’t have to wait for your statement to be available before you pay on this month’s credit balance.

Any qualifying purchases below $100 can be paid at any point during the month, which gives you a lower balance when the billing period ends. One of the best parts is, you won’t miss out on earning rewards on your purchases.

How AMEX Pay It Works

Amex Pay is a great way to have a positive payment history, improving your credit score.

To take advantage of this program, you’ll need to log into your American Express mobile app using your online account information.

Once you access the app, you can choose purchases up to $100 and pay them off any time during the billing period. These payments lower your total monthly balance.

This feature is great because the lower monthly balance you end with helps your credit and leaves you with less money than you have to pay in the end.

If you’re enrolled in Pay It, you can use your credit card like a debit card; use it for everyday purchases.

You can go through and pay off the charges you don’t want to leave on your statement at the end of the day.

What Is AMEX Plan It?

Rather than paying off the purchases in full like with Pay It, this allows you to pay down purchases that total $100 or more with zero interest.

You get a fixed monthly fee, which can help you save money. If you have a large purchase you want to make, you’ll be able to pay it off in monthly payments rather than having to pay it all at once.

How AMEX Plan It Works

Creating your plan is simple. You just access your online account either on the web or through the Amex app and choose $100 or more worth of purchases to combine into a plan.

You will earn rewards, just like with Pay It. Each account can have up to 10 active plans. If you use the Amex app, you can only add one purchase to the plan, but using a web browser allows you to choose up to 10, as long as the total is at least $100.

Once your transactions have been selected, you will get to choose which plan works best for you. The plans that you have available will be based on your account history, purchase amount, and credit history. Your plan payment will be included in your monthly balance.

What Are the Advantages of AMEX Pay It Plan It?

With Pay It Plan It, you can improve your credit score every time you pay for your everyday purchases.

If you use it as a debit card and pay the charges daily, you’ll have a lower credit balance due at the end of the month, leaving you with good payment history, low balance, and no interest.

You can access your account easily online through a web browser or the Amex app.

Purchases over $100, or smaller transactions totaling the same, can be put on a payment plan, giving you a fixed rate until the plan is paid off.

What Are the Disadvantages of AMEX Pay It Plan It?

While there are several benefits to using Pay It Plan It, it isn’t available for all types of cards.

Additionally, not all cardholders with qualifying cards are eligible to use the program. Additionally, you have a fixed monthly fee that you have to pay.

Should You Use AMEX Pay It Plan It?

For those looking for a more flexible plan than a traditional credit card, American Express’ Pay It Plan It would be worth looking into.

There are a few things to keep in mind before you commit to it, however.

You do have the advantage of having interest-free payments, which make paying off larger purchases more affordable.

The flip side to that is that you have a monthly fee that you are required to pay.

Additionally, you can pay off individual transactions, so you aren’t left with a large balance at the end of the billing cycle. These savings can add up.

That said, there is also an alternative. The American Express Platinum Card, American Express Green Card, and AMEX Gold Card offer another service.

This service is known as AMEX Pay Over Time. Essentially, you can pay your credit card debt over a specific period.

Bottom Line: AMEX Pay It Plan It

If you qualify for Pay It Plan It and you want an easy and affordable way to pay off your purchases and improve your credit score, Amex Pay It Plan It would be a great option for you.

This is a simple, low-interest option for many American Express cardholders.

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