Credit Repair in Arizona | The Best Options to Repair Your Credit in AZ

Updated: 18th Mar 2021
Written by Kim Pinnelli
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March 18, 2021
Written by Kim Pinnelli

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A low credit score hurts you in many ways. Not only can you not get loans, but credit cards will have ridiculous APRs, insurance companies may charge higher premiums, and you may not even be able to rent an apartment.

The best credit repair companies in Arizona help fix your credit by disputing incorrect or unfair information and helping you learn how to build your credit up again.

It’s not a magic wand – it takes time and effort, but it’s often well worth it when it improves your credit score.

Should I Use a Credit Repair Company in Arizona? Or Do It Myself?

Your credit score controls what you can and can’t do with your finances in Arizona. Getting a loan, a credit card, or sometimes even a job relies on a good credit score.

If you have a blemished history, you’ll need to fix it, but you have two options – DIY or hire a credit repair company.

If you’re organized, dedicated, and patient, DIY will save you money. But if you get easily overwhelmed or frustrated, hiring credit repair companies in Arizona may be your best bet.

Credit Repair Companies in Arizona

#1. Credit Saint

Credit Saint is an industry leader in credit repair in Arizona. They not only offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, but they also provide a free credit consultation so you can see if credit repair is right for you.

Credit Saint will challenge items on all three bureaus, conduct a score analysis, and be the mediator with your creditors. They offer transparent pricing, and some packages even offer credit monitoring.


  • Price: $79.99/month – $119.99/month
  • Packages: Credit Polish, Credit Remodel, and Clean Slate (most popular)
  • Results: Credit Saint works in 45-day cycles, but the average person sees ‘some’ results within 30 – 60 days.

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#2. Sky Blue Credit

Sky Blue Credit has been repairing credit issues in Arizona since 1989. They feature one low-priced package, so there aren’t any hard decisions.

The Sky Blue package includes professional analysis of your credit, 5 disputes per bureau (15 total) per month, custom disputes for your situation, and help building your credit up again after disputing your credit. Sky Blue also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • Price: $79/month
  • Packages: One membership plan
  • Results: Most users see their credit score change within 60 days

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#3. Lexington Law Phoenix, Arizona

Lexington Law is one of the only credit repair services in Arizona run by lawyers – the best of the best for fighting for your rights.

To date, Lexington Law has over 500,000 clients at one time, helping them repair their credit.

Lexington Law offers three packages to fix your Arizona credit score, each of which includes bureau challenges and creditor interventions.

The larger plans also offer assistance with inquiries, credit monitoring, and score analysis.


  • Price: $89.85 – $129.95/month
  • Packages: Concord Standard (Basic), Concord Premier (Moderate), Premier Plus (Advanced and most popular)
  • Results: On average, they remove 10 items within 4 months, but results vary by client

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#4. helps consumers fix their credit score in Arizona with its simple program that provides straightforward results.

They offer all Arizona consumers a free consultation which includes a credit score summary, negative item review, and plan to improve your credit.


  • Price: $99.95/month
  • Packages: One standard plan
  • Results: states the average consumer in Arizona sees a change within 60 days

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How to Choose a Credit Repair Company in Arizona

#1. Affordable Price

Credit repair services in Arizona cost money, so figure out your budget and what you can afford. As you see above, the cost varies from $79/month to $129.95/month.

Figure out how much you can afford that won’t put you over budget. There’s no sense in burdening yourself financially and making it hard to stay afloat.

#2. Strong Industry Reputation

There are many great credit repair companies in Arizona, but just as many scams too. Do your research.

The credit repair companies mentioned above are our favorites but check the Better Business Bureau and any reviews before you decide.

#3. Customer Service

Customer service is an important piece of the puzzle when you’re dealing with your credit. You want a company that responds quickly to your requests to alleviate the stress and anxiety dealing with credit repair can cause.

#4. Good and Consistent Results

There’s no sense in using credit repair services in Arizona if the company doesn’t deliver. Look for companies who deliver results.

Credit repair doesn’t happen overnight, but you should see some improvement within 30 – 60 days.

DIY Credit Repair in Arizona

DIY credit repair in Arizona is possible. Here’s a secret – credit repair companies don’t do anything you can’t do.

If you can pull your own credit, look for errors, and write dispute letters, you can do everything a credit repair company would do for a charge of $79 to $129 per month.

Here are a few common errors you may notice on your credit report:

Credit Repair Services in Arizona

If handling your own credit repair doesn’t sound like something you can handle, there are several credible credit repair services in Arizona.

Think about what you need and how much you can spend.

If you want the works, Credit Saint offers the best selection and most credible services.

If you’re on a budget or prefer a company that offers a single package to make your life easier, Sky Blue and Credit Saint are great options, and if you prefer to have attorneys on your side, there’s no one better than Lexington Law.

No matter which company you choose, you’ll have credit professionals on your side, helping you improve your credit score and move on from the negative credit history plaguing you.

Credit Repair Regulation in Arizona

Arizona, credit repair companies must follow the federal law regarding credit repair services, including not misleading consumers with statements they can ‘fix’ their credit. They also cannot accept payment before providing any services.

All Arizona consumers also have 3 business days to cancel a contract with a credit repair services company and may sue a credit repair company if they violate their rights.

Arizona Credit Repair FAQs

Is Credit Repair legal in Arizona?

Yes, credit repair is legal in Arizona if the credit repair company follows federal laws. Remember, this isn’t a guarantee they can fix your credit or improve your score. But they can work on your behalf to fix errors or dispute incorrect information.

How Much Does Credit Repair Cost in Arizona?

As you can see above, credit repair cost in Arizona varies. If you want a simple product with no decisions, work with Sky Blue or

If you want more in-depth services, consider Lexington Law or Credit Saint. Prices will range between $70-$120/Month for Arizona consumers.

Is Repairing Your Credit in Arizona Safe?

Credit repair in Arizona is safe if you use the right company. Always do your research, make sure a company is licensed and bonded, and look at their track record before providing any personal information.

Can You Get a Free Credit Report in Arizona?

Yes, in Arizona, you can get a free credit report. Whether you live in Kansas City, Atlanta, Chicago, or Los Angeles, all U.S. citizens are entitled to one free credit report from

Bottom Line: Credit Repair for Arizona

If you want help fixing your credit due to errors or unfair information, a credit repair service in Arizona may help.

Remember, they can’t do anything you can’t do, so it may be worth a shot to try it yourself and see how far you get. If not, sign up with a reputable credit repair service for a few months and see how they can help you.

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