Credit Repair in Atlanta, Georgia | How to Fix Your Credit in GA

Updated: 17th Mar 2021
Written by SimpleMoneyLyfe
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March 17, 2021
Written by SimpleMoneyLyfe

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In Atlanta, Georgia, a bad credit score makes life difficult. It makes it hard to apply for a loan, get a new credit card and may hurt your employment opportunities.

That said, there are credit repair companies and other credit repair opportunities in Atlanta, Georgia.

To help you cut through the noise, we ranked and reviewed the best credit repair in Atlanta, Georgia.

Let’s dive in!

Credit Repair Companies in Georgia

#1. Sky Blue Credit

If you want to work with a credit repair company in Georgia, Sky Blue Credit is the best choice.

The team powering Sky Blue Credit has helped thousands of American’s challenge inaccurately reported items on their credit report.

Offering a condition-free 90-day money-back guarantee, fast disputes, and tailored credit advice, Sky Blue Credit brings a breath of fresh air to the credit repair industry.


  • Price: $79/Month
  • Packages: One Payment Plan
  • Results: Subject to vary. Depends on your unique credit situation.

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#2. Lexington Law

Lexington Law is the oldest credit repair firm in America. It has been serving the residents of Atlanta, Georgia, since its earliest days.

This company will help you challenge inaccurately reported items on your credit report, monitor your credit, and grant you access to exclusive personal finance tools.


  • Price: $89.95 – $129.95/Month
  • Packages: Concord Standard, Concord Premier, & Premier Plus
  • Results: Customers tend to see results within 90-days.

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Those in Atlanta, Georgia, can also turn to for credit repair. That said, the services offered by this company are straightforward and simple.

So, if you are looking for a more personalized experience and access to a team of credit repair experts, then look elsewhere.


  • Price: $99.95/Month
  • Packages: One Simple Plan
  • Results: Subject to Vary

Learn More: Review

#4. Ovation Credit

Owned by LendingTree, Ovation Credit helps consumers challenge inaccurately reported items and offers tailored advice suited to meet your needs.

Prioritizing education, Ovation Credit helps you turn a new leaf in your journey towards financial independence.

Moreover, Ovation will help you refinance your loans for a competitive interest rate and will help match you with the best financial products.

More Details:

  • Essential Plus Plan: $109.00/Month
  • Essentials Plan: $79.00/Month

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Credit Counseling

Apart from working with credit repair companies in Atlanta, Georgia, you can also work with a verified and licensed credit counselor.

A credit counselor will help you understand your credit score and create a game plan to rebuild your credit safely and efficiently.

NFCC & Member Agencies

The NFCC is a non-profit organization that will match you with a credit counselor.

Free of charge, this leading brand will help you understand best credit practices, manage your debt, and make the right financial steps from here on out.

DIY Georgia Credit Repair

In Georgia, consumers can also repair their own credit. However, this process is time-consuming and complex, which is why most tend to turn to a credit counselor or a credit repair company.

First, you need to get a copy of your credit report, review it line-by-line, and take note of what is hurting your credit score.

Here are a few key items to look for:

After you identify errors to dispute on your credit report, you will need to write a letter to all three credit bureaus. In this letter, politely ask them to remove the error and state your case.

While this may seem easy, it is not. To help you, we put together a detailed guide to help you repair your credit. This guide will walk you through each step and will provide additional insight/guidance.

Credit Repair Services in Georgia

In Georgia, credit repair services will help you review your credit report, identify negative items, and file disputes with all three credit bureaus.

If you want to work with one of these services, the only ones we recommend for those living in Georgia are Sky Blue Credit, Lexington Law,, and Ovation Credit.

The brands know the laws, regulation, and how to protect your consumer rights. Additionally, they bring years of experience to the table and industry best practices.

Credit Repair Regulation in Georgia

In Georgia, credit repair services organizations must adhere to the regulations outlined in the Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA) and the O.C.G.A. Section 16-9-59.

Both the CROA and O.C.G.A Section 16-9-59 protect consumers from credit repair scams and fraudulent activities.

Georgia Credit Repair FAQs

Is Credit Repair Legal in Georgia?

Yes, credit repair is legal in Georgia. Credit repair organizations in Georgia must follow regulation outlined in CROA and O.C.G.A Section 16-9-59.

How Much Does Credit Repair Cost in Georgia?

In Georgia, credit repair services charge between $70 – $120/Month plus an initial work fee. However, credit counseling provided by the NFCC is free of charge and a great option for those strapped for cash.

Can You Get a Free Credit Score in Atlanta, Georgia?

Whether you live in Hawaii, Chicago, Arkansas, California, or Texas, all U.S. residents are provided one free credit report from

Bottom Line: Credit Repair Atlanta, Georgia

In Atlanta, Georgia, you can either work with a credit repair company, credit counselor, or repair your own credit. Choose a strategy that aligns with your financial goals and one that will work for you.

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