Credit Repair in Colorado| What Options Are Available in the Rocky Mountains?

Updated: 19th Mar 2021
Written by Kim Pinnelli
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Bad credit hurts your chances of getting future credit. If your credit history isn’t a fair representation of your credit history, credit repair may be necessary.

Do you need a credit repair company in Colorado, or can you do it yourself?

Find out more below.

Should I Use a Credit Repair Company in Colorado?

If your credit doesn’t accurately or fairly represent your credit history, you have every right to dispute it.

If disputing your own credit or talking to creditors overwhelms you or you just don’t have time, a credit repair company in Colorado may help.

Before you hire just any company, though, know which companies have the best reputation.

Credit Repair Companies in Colorado

#1. Credit Saint

Credit Saint is the ‘top dog’ in credit repair companies in Colorado. They are friendly, helpful, and, most importantly, provide results.

I love their 90-day money-back guarantee too. If you aren’t satisfied with their service or results for any reason, you can get your money back.

Credit Saint has several programs for Colorado consumers to choose from, each of which ranges in price and features they offer.

The right program for you will provide the results you need, whether you have only a few errors on your report or you need help with credit repair, creditor interventions, and building new credit.


  • Price: $79.99/month – $119.99/month
  • Packages: Clean Slate (most popular), Credit Polish, and Credit Remodel
  • Results: Credit Saint says consumers see results in 30 – 60 days

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#2. Sky Blue Credit

Sky Blue Credit is a great option, too, especially if you don’t want several packages to choose from, as they have one standard package.

Sky Blue offers the same 90-day money-back guarantee and will dispute up to 15 tradelines per month (5 per bureau).

Sky Blue creates customized disputes for each person – they don’t use the same letter for each client. This is important since customized letters usually get you further than a simple cut-and-paste letter.


  • Price: $79/month
  • Packages: One package
  • Results: Most consumers see changes within 60 days

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#3. Lexington Law

Lexington Law is one of the oldest credit repair companies in the industry, and it’s run by lawyers.

Lexington Law has 500,000 clients at any given time, helping Colorado consumers through the frustration of incorrect or inaccurate credit information.

The lawyers at Lexington Law know the law inside and out and fight for your rights. They usually get results because they know what they can and cannot dispute according to the law.

Lexington Law offers three packages, giving Colorado consumers options based on their budget and credit reporting needs.


  • Price: $89.85 – $129.95/month
  • Packages: The Premier Plus package is the most popular, but they also offer the less expensive Concord Standard and Concord Premier packages
  • Results: Lexington Law is realistic and states they usually remove 10 items in 120 days for consumers

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#4. is another reputable credit repair service company in Colorado. They offer one package, which makes it easy to decide what to use.

Their simple program is user-friendly, giving you the answers you need to straighten out your credit.

I love the free consultation they provide consumers with so you can make an informed decision whether credit repair is right for you or if you should go the DIY route.


  • Price: $99.95/month
  • Packages: Offers one plan
  • Results: Most consumers see results in 60 days or less

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>> Want to Compare More Options? Check out our round up of the best credit repair companies.

How to Choose a Credit Repair Company in Colorado

#1. Affordable Price

Credit repair costs money, and it’s not cheap. At $79 – $119 a month, it’s a serious consideration no matter your situation.

Think about the services you’re getting and what you can afford. Don’t pay for more services than you need, which can happen when you work with companies like Lexington Law which offers three packages to choose from.

#2. Strong Industry Reputation

Your credit is one of the most important factors in your financial life. Don’t trust just anyone with it.

Ensure that any company you choose has a reputation for helping others and provides the right customer service level that helps you achieve your goals.

#3. Customer Service

Customer service is important in any business, but even more so in credit repair. You want a company that will handle your requests fast and be available to chat online or on the phone.

#4. Good and Consistent Results

The bottom line of any credit repair service is the results. Choosing a company that doesn’t have a proven track record won’t help you and could even be a waste of money, not to mention the frustration.

DIY Credit Repair in Colorado

DIY credit repair in Colorado isn’t as hard as it sounds. Credit repair companies do the same thing you can do – dispute your credit information, negotiate with creditors, and build your credit score back up.

If you have the time and patience to communicate with your creditors and the credit bureaus and check your credit report every few months, it could save you more money doing it yourself.

Here are a few items to look out for:

Credit Repair Services in Colorado

Consumers in Colorado have many credit repair services to choose from, but they aren’t all created equal. I prefer the four mentioned above, each for a different reason.

Lexington Law is a good choice when you have a complicated situation and need lawyers to find the needle in the haystack that will help improve your credit.

Credit Saint is good when you have a lot of disputes, as their largest package doesn’t have a limit on disputes.

Sky Blue and are great for people who just want one program to choose from and don’t want too many options.

Credit Repair Regulation in Colorado

The state of Colorado protects its residents when it comes to credit repair services.

They require that all credit repair companies provide a written agreement to the client that states what they offer, at what price, and that each person has five business days to cancel the agreement after signing.

It’s good to know that the state has your back while allowing you the chance to get helping fixing your credit.

Colorado Credit Repair FAQs

Is Credit Repair legal in Colorado?

Credit repair is legal in Colorado, but that doesn’t mean every company follows the law. Do your research and use a legitimate company like the companies I named above.

How Much Does Credit Repair Cost in Colorado?

Credit repair in Colorado costs varies by company and the services you need. On average, they cost between $79 – $119.

Don’t assume the more expensive packages are better – look at what’s offered and the company’s reputation before deciding.

Is Repairing Your Credit in Colorado Safe?

As is the case with any financial product, use caution when providing your personal financial information.

Typically, yes, repairing your credit in Colorado is safe, but there are plenty of scams, too, so be aware.

Can You Get a Free Credit Report in Colorado?

Whether you live in New York, Arizona, or Arkansas, all U.S. Citizens get a free credit report from

Bottom Line: Credit Repair Colorado

Your credit score is an important piece of your financial puzzle. If you have a blemished history and need help fixing it, a credit repair service in Colorado may help, but don’t forget you can do most of it yourself too.

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