Credit Repair in Minnesota | The Best Options for Minnesota Residents

Updated: 19th Mar 2021
Written by Kim Pinnelli
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Does your credit report have errors or inaccuracies? Do you feel taken advantage of and don’t know how to get your creditors to change it?

You may need the services of a credit repair company in Minnesota. The right company can assist you with your credit repair needs, or you can do it yourself. Is it worth it to pay someone? I help you discover the answer below.

Should I Use a Credit Repair Company in Minnesota?

If you have collections, errors, or fraudulent information on your credit report, you may need a credit repair company in Minnesota.

Don’t mistake it for a service that will fix your credit score or erase credit mistakes you made and that are fairly reported, though.

It’s also important to know that you can do credit repair yourself too. It takes a little legwork (and a lot of letter writing), but you can do everything a credit repair company can do too. It depends if you want to pay the monthly fees and share your personal information.

Can You Repair Credit Yourself in Minnesota?

Like I said above, you can repair your credit yourself. If you can write dispute letters and follow up on them, you are on your way to doing your own credit repair.

Is it worth it? This varies by person. Some people prefer to do it themselves, so they are in control and save the money. Others don’t want to be bothered with the back and forth and legwork involved.

Credit Repair Companies in Minnesota

#1. Credit Saint

Credit Saint is a leader in the credit repair industry. They’ve been in business for many years, and thousands of consumers in Minnesota have used them to help with credit repair.

I like the fact that they offer a free consultation so you can see if credit repair is right for you. They also offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t happy, you can request your money back.

Credit Saint works with all three credit bureaus, disputing debts on your credit report that are unfair or inaccurate.

They also offer a credit score analysis and creditor interventions. They are very transparent with their pricing and have great customer service.


  • Price: $79.99/month – $119.99/month
  • Packages: Credit Polish, Credit Remodel, and Clean Slate (most popular)
  • Results: Most people see results in 45 days

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#2. Sky Blue Credit

Sky Blue Credit is another well-known name in the credit repair industry. Unlike Credit Saint, they have one package and one price, so it’s easy to decide what you want.

The Sky Blue package includes a consultation after reviewing your credit, 15 total disputes per month (5 per bureau), and help to build your credit score up again.

I like that Sky Blue uses custom dispute letters for each client, so they are tailored to your needs. Like Credit Saint, Sky Blue offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • Price: $79/month
  • Packages: One plan
  • Results: Most people see results in 60 days

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#3. Lexington Law

If you want true professionals on your side, disputing your credit for you, look at Lexington Law. They are one of the oldest credit repair agencies in Minnesota, and it’s owned by lawyers.

Thousands of people trust Lexington Law because of the experience lawyers have in helping dispute and repair their credit.

Lexington Law, like Credit Saint, has several packages to choose from, each of which offers credit challenges and creditor interventions.

If you want more help, like credit monitoring and score analysis, you’ll need one of the larger packages.


  • Price: $89.85 – $129.95/month
  • Packages: Premier Plus is the most popular package, but they also offer the Concord Standard and Concord Premier package
  • Results: Lexington Law states they remove approximately 10 issues every 4 months for clients

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#4. is another simple credit repair agency in Minnesota. Like Sky Blue, they have one credit repair program to use, so there’s no major decisions to make.

They have a user-friendly dashboard and offer a free consultation to every consumer. offers credit repair and a credit score summary, and a plan to improve your credit once they are done disputing your negative items.


  • Price: $99.95/month
  • Packages: One plan
  • Results: Most people see results in 60 days

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>> Want to Compare More Options? Check out our round up of the best credit repair companies.

How to Choose a Credit Repair Company in Minnesota

#1. Affordable Price

Before you choose a credit repair company in Minnesota, make sure you can afford the cost. As you can see above, the prices are all over the board, and a higher price doesn’t mean a better service.

Look at what the service offers as well as your budget to decide. Don’t pay for services you don’t need.

#2. Strong Industry Reputation

The credit repair industry has reputable companies and those that are less than reputable (even scams). Do your research before providing your personal information to any company.

Check their BBB ratings and see what others say about them before signing an agreement or paying them any money.

#3. Customer Service

Dealing with your credit is scary. When you have questions, you need answers right away. A company with good customer service will provide multiple ways to contact them and help you get the answers you need.

#4. Good and Consistent Results

The whole point of credit repair is to see results. Your credit score may not change right away, but knowing you have someone on your side, disputing the errors and inaccurate information on your credit report is important.

Look at a company’s reviews and track record to determine what’s right for you.

DIY Credit Repair in Minnesota

If the idea of paying for credit repair bothers you, there are ways to do it yourself. In fact, anything the credit repair agency does, you can do.

You pay them to send dispute letters and intervene with your creditors, but if you have the time and dedication to do it, you are free to do so.

All it takes is writing great dispute letters and providing plenty of evidence why the information on your credit report is inaccurate or unfair.

Check out our guides for more tailored information:

Credit Repair Services in Minnesota

There are many credit repair services in Minnesota, but the companies we mentioned above are the best of the best.

We prefer them because you have the option to work with lawyers, a couple of budget-friendly services, and a company with a proven track record to help Minnesota consumers improve their credit.

Finding a company you can afford, and that will provide the services you need is important. Sky Blue and are great for the budget-minded, and Lexington Law and Credit Saint are great for those who want more services.

Credit Repair Regulation in Minnesota

Consumers in Minnesota are protected by the Minnesota laws, which protect consumers from fraudulent credit repair scams.

All consumers have the right to have their agreement in writing and have five business days to cancel the agreement if they no longer want it.

Minnesota Credit Repair FAQs

Is Credit Repair legal in Minnesota?

Yes, credit repair is legal in Minnesota, but that doesn’t mean every company is legit. Watch out for scams and red flags.

Do the legwork to make sure a company operates under Minnesota law and has your best interests in mind. The companies we mentioned above are the best options.

How Much Does Credit Repair Cost in Minnesota?

Every company charges different fees, but on average, you’ll pay $75 – $150 a month for credit repair services in Minnesota.

The exact amount depends on the services you need. Remember, you may only need the services for a couple of months unless you want help building your credit score up again.

Is Repairing Your Credit in Minnesota Safe?

Like all financial products, use caution when providing your personal financial information. Make sure a company is legitimate first, and never share your ID or password with anyone else to protect your information.

Can You Get a Free Credit Report in Minnesota?

Yes! Whether you live in New York, California, or Texas, all U.S. Citizens can get a free credit report here.

Bottom Line: Credit Repair Minnesota

If you need help with credit repair, there are plenty of options for you. Doing it yourself is a great way to save money and get the results you desire, but if you feel like you need help, hire a company for credit repair in Minnesota.

There are plenty of legit companies that help you get the incorrect or inaccurate information off your credit report.

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