Credit Saint Review: The Details You Need to Know

Updated: 23rd Nov 2020
Written by Drew Cheneler
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Credit Saint

With over 15-years of proven experience and client success, Credit Saint is a clear leader in the credit repair industry. From transparency to low fees and a fair refund policy, Credit Saint is deeply committed to improving your overall credit health and setting you up for success.


In this Article: A Complete and true Credit Saint Review. Credit Saint is a credit repair company that has attracted a legion of fans due to its superior customer service, proven results, and keen eye for detail when it comes to improving peoples credit scores.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau this credit repair company may be the solution to your credit problems! Find out in this Credit Saint Review, why they are a top rated credit repair company.

Credit Saint Credit Repair Overview: 

Credit Saint is a premiere credit repair company, which is powered by a team of credit experts who diligently dispute errors on your credit report. This firm is one of the  best credit repair companies in the industry.

Schedule a FREE Consultation today with Credit Saint.

Benefits of Credit Saint:

  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Affordable & Transparent Price  
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Disputes – Credit Saint will fight to earn back every single point on your credit report
  • Personal Advisory Team – As a member you get direct access to a team of credit experts who will help you repair your credit and provide valuable insight.


  • Costly Initial Work Fee – $99 – $195
  • Not in Every State – Credit Saint is not available in South Carolina

Who Is Credit Saint?

Credit Saint is one of the most widely respected credit repair companies in the credit industry.

Headquartered in New Jersey, this company specializes in helping countless of Americans repair their credit by disputing credit errors with the three credit bureaus.

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, Credit Saint is dedicated to helping you improve your credit score and educate you along the way.

A Review of Credit Saint's credit repair services.

What Does Credit Saint Do? 

As your credit repair company, Credit Saint ensures the accuracy of your credit report, will dispute negative errors with the credit bureaus, help you remove collections, and will provide personal credit consultation.

Their team of credit experts will diligently review your credit report and will identify any potential candidates for dispute.

Here is a quick list of what Credit Repair Services Credit Saint Offers. They will help you remove from your credit report:

Depending on what package you sign up for, Credit Saint will aggressively dispute any errors that exist on your credit report with the credit bureaus.

Their end goal is to remove all negative items from your credit report. Remember, these negative items are lowering your credit score, and once they are removed you will finally see your credit score increase.

Repair Your Credit Today with Credit Saint.

How Does Credit Saint Work? 

Credit Saint operates through a monthly subscription. One you sign up for this service, Credit Saint will get right to work repairing your credit.

As we mentioned earlier, an expert on the Credit Saint team will sift through your credit report line-by-line identifying any negative items ripe for dispute.

On your behalf, Credit Saint will carefully draft a letter of dispute that they will then send to the credit bureaus challenging the negative item that exists on your credit report.

As stated in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FRCA), all inaccurate items on your credit report should be challenged and removed – this is exactly what Credit Saint does for you.

How Much Does Credit Saint Cost? Plans & Pricing: 

Credit Saint follows a straightforward and transparent pricing structure. Currently, Credit Saint offers three different packages: Credit Polish, Credit Remodel, & Clean Slate. All three are great opportunities but vary on level of aggressiveness.

1. Credit Polish Package

$79.99/Month with a $99.00 Initial Work Fee.

What Credit Repair Services are Included with Credit Polish?

With credit polish, you get a medium level of aggressiveness, which is still great. This plan is best if you only have minor credit problems but would still like them resolved before you apply for a loan or a mortgage. Credit Saint will dispute late payments, assist with debt validation, goodwill letters, identify thefts, charge-offs, & collections.

2. Credit Remodel Package

$99.99/Month with a $99.00 Initial Work Fee.

What Credit Repair Services are Included with Credit Remodel?

Credit remodel includes all the same perks as the standard credit polish package, but they will additionally dispute bankruptcies and repossessions. So, if you are encountering these more difficult financial problems, then this package is ideal for you.

3. Clean Slate Package

$119.99/Month with a $195.00 Initial Work Fee.

What Credit Repair Services are Included with Credit Slate?

Credit Slate is the real deal if you are facing serious credit issues. This package will challenge all negative items with extreme aggressiveness. To put it simply, Credit Saint is going to fight tooth and nail for you with the credit bureaus.

What Does Credit Saint Cover? 

Rest assured; with Credit Saint you can expect a level of commitment that is unparalleled. Yes – it is true – Credit Saint can help you fix even the most difficult credit problems.

With Credit Saint you can challenge (dispute) late payments, identify thefts, charge-offs, collections, bankruptcies, repossessions, and judgments.

Do Previous Customers Like Credit Saint? 

Consumer Affairs – Plain and simple, Credit Saint customers cannot get enough. From top notch customer service, to improving individual credit scores, and everything in between, the customers at Credit Saint are beyond satisfied with the results. Compiling over 50 reviews, Credit Saint received an average of 4.5 Stars.

Their customers highlight how Credit Saint takes the time to educate them on the credit repair process. Others have said that Credit Saint is the sole reason they were able to obtain a mortgage rate at a competitive interest rate. Compiling over 50 reviews, Credit Saint received an average of 4.5 Stars.

Better Business Bureau – Credit Saint is one of the few credit repair companies that receives an A+ rating from the BBB.

How Long Does Credit Saint Take to Repair Your Credit? 

When it comes to repairing your credit, the results will vary between individuals. There is no ‘set’ time in which you will see your credit score improve, but most customers start to see results within 45-days.

I know it may seem long, but repairing your credit is a long and arduous process, that requires commitment and a keen eye for detail all of which Credit Saint provide.

Remember, per the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA), Credit Saint cannot legally guarantee you positive results. However, as evident by their customer testimonials, Credit Saint delivers on their promise to help you improve your credit score.

Who Is Credit Saint Best For? 

Ultimately, Credit Saint is best for individuals with a poor credit score, and individuals who are about to apply for a loan or a mortgage.

Though Credit Saint is not recommended for those with strong credit, it is still a good opportunity for those who recognize their score can improve.

How Do I Sign Up for Credit Saint? 

Signing up for Credit Saint has never been easier. You can either sign up online (which we recommend) or you can call their toll free number at 1-800-355-0329. Remember, you get a complimentary free credit consultation!

Is Credit Saint Legit

Yes! Credit Saint is one of the few credit repair companies that receives an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. Apart from this, Credit Saint is fueled by a team of dedicated credit experts, who are willing and eager to work with you.

Like us here at SimpleMoneyLyfe, they are motivated more than ever to help you achieve your financial goals, which starts with a great credit score.

Credit Saint Review: Is It the Right Choice? 

Credit Saint is the right choice for you if you need credit help. After all, Credit Saint is one of the most widely respected credit repair companies in the industry.

Backed by damn good customer reviews and a team of experts, we cannot say enough about how good of a job Credit Saint does. But more importantly, the way they treat each individual customer is what separates them from the rest – Credit Saint cares.

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