vs. Lexington Law: Which Service is Better?

Written by Kim PinnelliUpdated: 3rd Jan 2022
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A bad credit score can make it difficult to do the things most people take for granted. Want to buy a car? Be prepared to pay 14, 18, or even 20% interest.

Want to buy a house? Expect to put down a 20% down payment — or more — instead of the standard 10%. Want to start a business? You’ll need a partner with good credit to get financing.

But a low score doesn’t have to stick with you forever. There are ways to get negative information off of your report, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

In many cases, you can settle your debts for pennies on the dollar. If your report has been impacted by fraud or identity theft, those issues can be cleared up. and Lexington Law are two credit repair companies that can help you through the credit repair process. But what makes each of them unique? Let’s take a closer look and find out!

About Lexington Law

Lexington Law is a law firm founded in Utah in 2004, focusing on assisting clients with credit-related issues.

Since that time, they’ve opened offices in 17 states and become licensed in most of the rest. In addition to legal representation, they also offer a credit monitoring and repair service that comes in three different tiers.

As befits a modern company, Lexington Law also offers an app for their credit repair customers. This app allows for remote monitoring from anywhere in the world.

And if you need legal representation, you’ll already be doing business with one of the law top firms in the field.

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CreditRepair.comis an online credit service, first launched in 2012. Since then, they’ve filed over 19 million challenges and disputes on behalf of their customers.

That’s a lot of disputes, and it gives them an edge over some newer companies which may not have the same level of experience. is not a law firm. But the vast majority of credit resolutions don’t require the involvement of a lawyer.

Good monitoring can help you get ahead of issues before they arise. And honest disputes are simple — if time-consuming — to resolve.

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So, what exactly do these two services do? And what do they do differently? Let’s take a look at their offerings and see what they bring to the table.

Lexington Law Packages:

Concord Standard

The Concord Standard plan is Lexington Law’s most basic level of service, and it allows you to file disputes with credit bureaus or creditors.

That’s it. There’s no credit monitoring, so you have to use another service, like Credit Karma, just to track your credit reports and see if there’s any need for dispute in the first place.

The Concord Standard plan starts at $89.95 per month and is ideal for people who already have a problem and need it fixed.

If you already know somebody stole your identity and took out a fraudulent loan, you don’t really need credit monitoring. You just need someone who can scrub the black mark off your credit report.

Concord Premier

At $109.95 per month, the Concord Premier plan is a little bit pricier. However, it comes with a few extra perks that might prove essential.

To begin with, it comes with both credit monitoring and Trans Union alerts. This means two things. First, Lexington Law is actively monitoring your credit report. Second, if anything shady comes up, they’ll let you know.

You’ll also get access to their Inquiry Assist and Score Analysis tools. These are basically advanced help features that help you to better understand your credit report.


The PremierPlus plan includes all of the benefits of the Concord Premier plan, plus identity protection and the ability to have Lexington Law send cease-and-desist letters on your behalf.

At $129.95 a month, it’s also the most expensive of Lexington Law’s offerings.

All Lexington Law accounts are billed monthly but can be cancelled at any time. Also, there’s a one-time $14.95 fee when creating an account. This is to cover the cost of Lexington Law running an initial Trans Union credit report.

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The Direct Package costs $69.95 per month and is’s most basic package. This package allows you to file disputes with the major credit bureaus and credit card companies.

It also comes with free quarterly credit score updates. There’s also a first-work fee of $69.95 when you file your first dispute.


The middle-tier Standard package costs $99.95 per month, along with the first-work fee of $99.95. It includes an Inquiry Assist service in addition to the Direct package features. This lets you dispute questionable credit checks that have impacted your score.


The Advanced package costs $119.95 per month, with a similar first-work fee. It comes with monthly score updates instead of quarterly, more credit disputes, and even cease-and-desist letters.


#1. Credit Saint(Our Top Choice)

Credit Saint is an online service that offers a free initial evaluation, as well as a 90-day guarantee. It’s also held an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since 2007.

These are just a few reasons why Credit Saint continues to rank #1 as the best overall. They are fair, transparent, and wildly good at what they do.

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#2. Sky Blue Credit

Sky Blue Credit is another online service with a 90-day guarantee. They’ll also file up to 15 disputes per month, more than most services.

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#3. The Credit People

The Credit People is a fully featured service with a single subscription tier. There’s no commitment or contract — you can cancel at any time.

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More Side-By-Side Comparisons vs. Lexington Law FAQs

Is or Lexington Law Cheaper? has lower monthly fees, but the first-use fees are equivalent to a full month of service. This makes it expensive to open an account just to fix one or two issues. On the other hand, Lexington Law charges more per month, but the one-time fee of $14.95 is much less.

Which Is Better or Lexington Law? and Lexington Law offer similar services in three similar price tiers. The difference largely comes down to the pricing.

Is and Lexington Law Safe?

Yes, both and Lexington Law are safe. To begin with, Lexington Law is an actual law firm. If your information isn’t safe with a team of highly qualified financial attorneys, it’s not safe anywhere. As for, their app is secure, and they have a pristine track record of caring for their customers’ data.

Does Lexington Law Own

No Lexington Law is a law firm that specializes in credit repair. Their app is a part of their business and has nothing to do with or the Credit Repair app. was founded in 2012 and is its own independent company.

Bottom Line: vs. Lexington Law

As you can see, and Lexington Laware both reliable services with good track records. The difference mostly comes down to the price structure.

If you have a one-time dispute — or a flurry of disputes to file — Lexington Law will give you a far better value. By contrast, is better for long-term monitoring.

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