Cryptocurrency Research Methodology

There are 8,000+ cryptocurrencies globally, and each has different monetary policies, technical designs, and value propositions.

We create educational content that highlights these differences in a digestible manner. People are free to invest their capital as they see fit, but we are determined to provide foundational analysis for those that want to learn more about the monetary and technical aspects of a specific project.

Our research identified the key differentiator amongst layer-one-blockchain cryptocurrencies: monetary policy achievements versus technical achievements. 

We believe that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that is trying to be sound money. In our estimation, it is the only cryptocurrency with a decentralized monetary policy that has sound-money principles.

All of the other projects optimize their blockchains for a specific use case. Generally speaking, they trade in decentralization and security on their layer one blockchain for transaction throughput and scalability. They can do this because they’re not offering a solution to a monetary problem; they’re offering a solution to a technical problem. We view altcoin projects as companies with an executive suite, an advisory board, and a marketing team.

That’s not to say that altcoin projects aren’t creating new and exciting technologies, but it does beg the question of why the project needs to have its own “decentralized” blockchain. Many of these projects would be better off in a centralized database or built on top of a truly decentralized blockchain as a layer two solution. However, if that were the case, it wouldn’t need its own new currency, which presents the founders and potential investors of the project with an interesting dilemma.

No blockchain means no currency, which means no pre-mine, which means no massive equity stake, which means investors look for other projects with their own blockchain.

This realization is why we primarily produce Bitcoin-related content.

Our research and experts make the delineation between Bitcoin and altcoins explicitly clear. Each is trying to solve different problems – and that’s okay. But we believe it’s important for investors to be aware of these fundamental differences before investing in a specific project.

SimpleMoneyLyfe Cryptocurrency Research Framework

Cryptocurrency Rating Methodology

SimpleMoneyLyfe evaluates cryptocurrencies on the following criteria:

Sourcing Cryptocurrency Data & Information

Unprecedented amounts of data are available on certain cryptocurrencies because of their public blockchains. We leverage several data platforms to examine the behaviors that are happening on-chain, such as:

Additionally, we rely on several well-cited publications, government databases, and individual contributors to ensure our content is packed with relevant information that adds value to the educational experience of our audience. We spend hours filtering, analyzing, and interpreting diverse data sets to help us clearly articulate the cryptocurrency’s risks and value proposition.

Updating Our Cryptocurrency Analysis

Crypto moves fast, and so must our content. Our team of crypto analysts diligently strives to update older content to best reflect the current state of the markets. Content is updated periodically to reflect the regulatory landscape and technological developments.

Crypto Research Team

Our crypto research team consists of passionate experts that have gone deep down the rabbit hole on various projects. We have an all-star team of research professionals, financial analysts, and professional writers committed to producing accurate and relevant content. Their contributions to the space have been cited in publications such as Business Insider, InvestorPlace,, CoinGecko, and For more details on our research process, please reference our editorial guidelines.