Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group (HRRG): What It Is, And How to Remove From Credit Report

Written by Kim PinnelliUpdated: 31st Mar 2022
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Are you continuously being heckled by weird companies demanding money? Do you have unusual entries on your credit report, specifically under the name of “Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group”?

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group (HRRG) is an agency that specializes in collecting medical debt from consumers. HRRG is a licensed debt collector.

Like most debt collecting agencies, it is common for HRRG to list a collections account on your credit report, which lowers your credit score and can remain on your credit report for up to 7-years.

Even though this situation can sound daunting, do not worry. Keep reading to find out how to remove HRRG from your credit report.

What is Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group?

HRRG is a full-servicing debt collection agency that focuses on collecting medical debt. Headquartered in Sunrise, FL, Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group has been in business since 1996 and has millions of dollars in annual revenue.

Is Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group (HRRG) a legitimate Company?

Before diving into the different ways on how to remove HRRG from your credit report, it’s important to first address questions and misconceptions that you might have.

When mentioning debt collection agencies in general, their validity always comes into question. Is HRRG Legit?

HRRG, professionally known as Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group LLC, was first established in 1996 and currently has its headquarters located in Sunrise, Florida. Their parent companies include TeamHealth, TeamFinance LLC, and Health Finance CORP.

How to Remove Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group from your Credit Report (4 Simple Ways)

Here is our step-by-step playbook for you to remove HRRG from your credit report in no time.

When dealing with HRRG, it is paramount you move with speed. The longer the collection remains on your credit report, the worse it is.

1. Hire a Professional 

The first solution, and no doubt the best, would be to hire a credit repair company that will communicate on your behalf, with HRRG.

Like most debt collecting agencies, HRRG will become more aggressive over time and just down-right irritating.

Hiring a credit repair company allows you to stay completely hands-off when it comes to dealing with HRRG. The best credit repair companies will continuously keep you informed and never hesitate to let you know what is going on with your finances.

Since credit repair companies are subject matter experts, they file disputes on your behalf, draft letters, and will ensure your consumer rights are protected.

2. Send Debt Validation Letter

If you decide to handle HRRG on your own, then sending a debt validation letteris the next best choice. When you send a debt validation letter, you are asking HRRG for physical proof that the assigned debt belongs to you.

Debt collecting agencies wrongly assign debt all the time. It is always smart to verify that the debt belongs to you before dedicating your time and money towards paying it off.

Whenever HRRG decides to respond to your letter, they must include the payment amount and the name of the original lender. Additionally, make sure all the information they provide matches up with the documents or records that you have.

It is important to note that this option is time-sensitive. After the initial contact, you only have 30 days to send your debt validation letter. After that window has closed, HRRG is no longer required to respond to your request.

3. Ask for Goodwill Deletion

Requesting goodwill deletion means you are politely asking HRRG to remove their entry off of your credit report, out of their own goodwill. To put simply, you are asking them to do you a favor- which debt collecting agencies rarely do.

4. Negotiate a Pay for Delete Agreement

If the debt is verified to be yours, then this is the next thing you can try to remove HRRG from your credit report.

When you negotiate a pay for delete agreement, you are letting HRRG know that you are willing to pay off the debt in exchange for them to delete their negative entry on your credit report.

HRRG most likely bought your debt for pennies on the dollar, so kick off negotiations by offering to pay 50% of the outstanding debt. More often than not, HRRG will be willing to negotiate.

They just need you to pay more than what they bought your debt for, and they will turn a quick profit.

Know your Consumer Rights!

As you are dealing with debt collecting agencies, you need to know your consumer rights. There are specific things that HRRG just cannot get away with.

These rights are highlighted and protected underneath the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA).

Debt collectors are not allowed to:

  • Call you before 8:00 am or after 9:00 pm
  • Lie to you about their identity, and the real cost of your debt
  • Cant call you if you wrote them and told them not to
  • Call you at work if your employer prohibits it
  • Call you at a time you have already stated was inconvenient
  • Address you with profanity or vulgar terms
  • Call family and friends and reveal they are debt collectors

Can Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group (HRRG) Sue Me?

Yes, HRRG is allowed to sue you. However, this is not common. Why? Civil litigation is an expensive process, and unless you owe thousands of dollars, HRRG will avoid this at all cost.

HRRG Consumer Complaints

Like most debt collecting agencies, HRRG is subject to numerous consumer complaints. In the Better Business Bureau (BBB) alone, HRRG has accumulated a list of over 300 complaints. Complaints revolve around poor communication and harassment.

Can you Remove Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group from your Credit Report?

Yes, you can remove HRRG from your credit report. Whether you hire a credit repair company, send a debt validation letter, request goodwill deletion, or negotiate a pay for delete agreement, it is entirely up to you.

Bottom Line: How to Remove Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group (HRRG) from your Credit Report

Dealing with HRRG is never fun. If they contact you, make sure you move fast and act quickly. Choose from one of the methods we highlighted above and remove HRRG from your credit report.

Kim Pinnelli
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