Ibotta Review (for 2021): Earn an Extra [$50 Today] in Cash-Back Rewards

Updated: 9th Dec 2020
Written by Drew Cheneler
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Ibotta Review: Save money with your online and in-store shopping by using Ibotta.

If you are into clipping coupons and tracking sales, Ibotta offers thousands of ways to save right from your mobile devices and computer.

With dozens of available coupon and discount shopping apps and services available these days, it can be hard to separate the legit ones from the complete scams.

Well, we are here to tell you that Ibotta is a 100% safe and a legit way to earn cash back rewards on nearly all your purchases.

So, if you are feeling a bit skeptical and uncertain as to whether you should use Ibotta, read on for more details.

By the end of this Ibotta Review, you will know for whether it is for you or not. Us and millions of other loyal users will show you why Ibotta is the best mobile app to save money.

It is quick, easy, and painless.

What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is an affiliate network that has partners with over 1,500 retailers, both online and offline.

Their partnerships include grocery stores, restaurants, department stores, pet suppliers, and even the travel industry, where you can get cash-back rewards on things like hotels and airfare.

The premise is simple; Ibotta gets paid by their partners to send customers their way and then shares some of that money with you in the form of cash-back rewards.

Partnering with thousands of online retailers, Ibotta is a great app to make money on. Start earning money now with this app.
Source: Ibotta.com

The company was started in 2012 and has since grown into one of the top affiliate networks for consumer spending.

Ibotta has paid out well over $600,000,000 (just look at all those zeros!) in total cash rewards to their loyal customers since the company was first started.

Ibotta is one of the most trusted and popular cash back rewards services, with over 35 million users and over 10 million app downloads to date.

Ibotta Review: How Does Ibotta Work?

The process from purchase to cash back is straightforward. Once you sign up for a free account on their website, you download the mobile app and Google Chrome browser extension, and then just start shopping.

Remember, these brand names and companies pay Ibotta for sending customers to their stores and websites, which is why the service is FREE to use for consumers.

Let’s take a closer look at all the ways you can save with Ibotta.

Ibotta App

The mobile app is the primary platform for Ibotta users. It is where you access all the cool cash-back features Ibotta has to offer.

And with over 1 million reviews on Google Play and the App Store, Ibotta has maintained 4-star rating. It is safe to say that people enjoy the app.

Ibotta Browser Extension

The Ibotta browser extension is a new feature. Although it is a great way to save with your online shopping, it is currently only available for the Google Chrome web browser.

All you have to do to start earning cash back rewards with their browser extension is head over to the Ibotta website, download the extension, sign into your Ibotta account, and then start shopping.

The browser will find available cash back rewards for any sites that you visit. If that website is part of their network, Ibotta will notify you.

When a deal pops up, just click the button to activate cash back. As you can see, the entire process of earning cash-back rewards is simple.

Ibotta Review: In-Store Cash-Back Rewards

In addition to online shopping with the Ibotta mobile app and browser extension, you have three different ways to earn cash-back while shopping in-store: (1) submit a receipt, (2) pay with Ibotta, and (3) link your loyalty accounts.

And if you are an avid in-store shopper, you can even set alerts through the mobile app to be notified when nearby stores have available offers.

Submit a Receipt

To use the submit a receipt option, you first need to select the offers you plan to use in the mobile app.

Here is how it works.

Open the app on your mobile device, find the store you are headed to, and browse and select the offers you wish to use.

The app will save the offers you select while you go about your shopping, as you usually would.

Then once you checkout, you upload your receipt by taking a photo of it within the Ibotta app.

Ibotta will then cross-reference your receipt with the offers you previously selected and deposit the appropriate cash back rewards into your account.

Pay with Ibotta

This feature adds a modern touch to the Ibotta app. You can add your debit or credit cards to your Ibotta account. The cards you add are then used as a secure payment method for the “pay with Ibotta” feature.

But the cool part is, you do not have to carry your cards with you to make in-store purchases.

Just locate the retailer you are shopping at, enter the amount of your purchase at checkout, and the app will generate a code that can be scanned by the cashier for payment. Ibotta compares it to a “digital gift card.”

While this feature is undoubtedly one of the most convenient, it is limited. Currently, Ibotta only has partnerships with around 50 retailers for the “pay with Ibotta” feature. But fret not, this feature is growing rapidly.

Link Your Loyalty Accounts

Another way Ibotta goes above and beyond in the realm of convenience is the option to link your existing loyalty accounts and store credit cards.

This is perfect for those of us who already have accounts with major retailers.

For example, if you have a rewards or loyalty card for the popular grocery super chain, Meijer, Ibotta lets you link that account within their mobile app.

Once you have the account linked, you can use your loyalty account at Meijer like you usually would. Ibotta automatically finds and matches available offers for Meijer based on your purchases.

Earn automatic cash back without the need for submitting receipts.

Ibotta Teamwork

Ibotta teamwork combines the gratification of earning cash back rewards, with the fun of a social media platform.

You can invite other Ibotta users to “be on your team.”

Then as a team, you all must work together toward specific achievements like redeeming a specified number of offers and reaching a total savings goal.

Refer Your Best Friends and Family on Ibotta

Finally, Ibotta allows you to refer your friends and family to their service. The more people they have, the more successful they are.

And they are willing to pay you for your referrals.

Anyone who signs up for Ibotta using your referral link will earn you $5. There are no limits on the number of referrals you can make.

Each time someone signs up, you get $5 deposited into your rewards account after they redeem their first offer.

How Long Does it Take for Me to Earn a Cash-Back Reward on Ibotta?

Typically, the cash back rewards amounts will show up in your Ibotta account within 48 hours after you redeem them.

It usually depends on the specific way you choose to shop with Ibotta.

Some services like “pay with Ibotta” may take less time than something else like uploading a receipt.

Coupons: Can I Use Them?

Yes! You can use your regular in-store coupons in combination with Ibotta.

For example, if you use your coupons at checkout and then upload your receipt, you will receive cash back on top of the immediate discount the coupon provides.

However, some offers do not allow you to do this. But the details are usually stated in the fine print of offer on Ibotta.

If you are planning on using coupons as well as Ibotta, it may be a good idea to check the details before you make a purchase.

Ibotta Review: How Do I Redeem My Rewards?

Ibotta offers multiple options for redeeming your rewards. You can receive a cash payout through PayPal or Venmo.

Or you can redeem your cash-back rewards in the form of a gift card to popular retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

It is important to note that you need to accumulate $20 before you can redeem your rewards.

Three Reasons Why We Like Ibotta

With all the great ways to save by using Ibotta, it is hard to say what the best features are. But we have narrowed down our choices for the top three.

Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Saving Money—At the end of the day, the main reason to use Ibotta is to save money. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t like saving money, and Ibotta makes it as simple as possible.
  2. Cash Out Whenever You Want—Similar services like Rakuten payout infrequently, which leaves you at the mercy of their payment schedule. But with Ibotta you can cash out 24/7 if you have $20 worth of rewards in your account.
  3. Modern Technology and Futuristic—Finally, Ibotta offers amodern, intuitive mobile app. From snapping pictures of receipts to generating unique codes so you can safely and securely pay with your smartphone, Ibotta is certainly in sync with modern life.

Is Ibotta Free?

Ibotta is 100% free for its users. You can create an account on their website, download the app, and install the Chrome browser extension at literally zero cost to you.

So, if you are looking for a free cash-back rewards app, then Ibotta is the perfect fit for you.

Pros of Ibotta

  • Free to use
  • Safe, reliable, and secure
  • Fast and easy to access your rewards
  • Offers a variety of ways to save

Cons of Ibotta

  • Must be 21 or older to use
  • Customer service seems to be subpar
  • Not as many retail partnerships as other services like Rakuten

Ibotta Review: How Does Ibotta Make Money?

Ibotta makes money from the retailers in their affiliate network. These e-commerce sites, retail and grocery stores, restaurants, and top brands pay a commission for every customer Ibotta sends their way.

It is a win-win for everyone involved. The retailers get more customers, Ibotta gets paid to bring in those customers, and we all get cash-back rewards.

Do My Offers on Ibotta Expire?

Yes, unfortunately the offers do come with an expiration date. Fortunately, Ibotta is transparent about expiration dates, and is constantly on the prowl to offer you a similar deal.

Do not worry, even when one expires another irresistible offer is ready to take its place.

Ibotta Review: Is Ibotta Safe?

Ibotta is a safe and secure platform to use. While their customer service scores seem to be a touch on the low side, they do provide top notch encryption for payments and financial data.

It is important to note that Ibotta does track your location while you are shopping. In some cases, they may even sell your data to third party marketing agencies.

But that is now the standard with the rise of technology and data science.

Alternatives to Ibotta:

  • Honey Browser Extension – Honey is a FREE browser extension that automatically finds coupons for you to apply when you buy goods online. They offer both a browser extension and an intuitive mobile app, so you can start saving money. Read our Honey Review for more information.
  • Rakuten – Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is a FREE mobile app and website to find lucrative cash back rewards. They are a beloved brand amongst consumers, and continue to deliver exceptional results for their customers. If you are interested, check out our Rakuten Review.

Is Ibotta Legit?

Yes, Ibotta is 100% legit. The company has been in business since 2012 and has over 35 million users.

On top of Ibotta’s huge success, the company has paid out nearly $700 million in cash back rewards over the past eight years.

Wrapping Up: Ibotta Review

Is Ibotta right for you? Well, if you are like most people and enjoy saving money, then there is no reason to not sign-up for Ibotta.

On the other hand, if for some reason you do not like saving money and earning some money in the form of lucrative cash-back rewards, then you might want to hightail outta here.

But in all seriousness, there is no reason to not give Ibotta a try. After all, it is a top-notch money-making app, and is ideal for college students, young adults, and even retirees. Ibotta will do one thing for you: allow you to earn cash-back rewards.

Drew Cheneler
Drew Cheneler
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