IdentityForce Review: Pros, Cons, & How It Compares

Written by Kim PinnelliUpdated: 3rd Jan 2022
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Protecting your identity is one of the most important things you can do and one of the hardest.

With your name and information out on so many sites and with different financial companies, there are many ways criminals can steal your information.

Using a program like IdentityForce can help stop or at least alert you of the issues so you can handle them right away. Is IdentityForce worth it?

Check out my IdentityForce Review below.

What is IdentityForce?

IdentityForce is a company that offers identity theft protection and credit security solutions.

They use advanced technology and offer 24/7 support to help you protect your identity and financial information.

They’ve been in business for the last 40 years and have helped millions of consumers protect their private information.

How Does Identity Force Work?

IdentityForce protects your privacy with:

  • Monitor – IdentityForce looks for potential threats to your identity 24/7. They watch more than your credit report. They look for any illegal use of your personal or financial information. Some places they monitor include social media feeds, emails, and other ‘less commonly known’ areas criminals steal your information. Today, we are all so connected online that it pays to have another set of eyes watching out for you.
  • Alert – IdentityForce immediately sends you alerts when a breach is noticed immediately. They send alerts via text or email, whichever way you prefer, so you can act right away.
  • Control – IdentityForce provides ample information, so you know where you stand. They provide credit score access, insight into how your information is used online, and help protect any information you provide online, including keystrokes and PINs.
  • Recover – If your identity is stolen or compromised, IdentityForce helps you 24/7 with the administrative work, legal details, and even on the financial side of things with their $1 million identity theft insurance policy.

IdentityForce Review: Standout Features

IdentityForce takes identity theft protection to a whole new level. Here are a few key standout features they offer customers.

IdentityForce Monitoring

  • Credit Monitoring: IdentityForce monitors your credit report 24/7. They report any changes, including late payments, new accounts, credit inquiries, or excessive credit line use right away.
  • Court Record Monitoring: IdentityForce checks all court records 24/7 to ensure your information isn’t being used by criminals in the system.
  • Advanced Fraud Monitoring: IdentityForce monitors your credit24/7. The minute anyone (bank, credit card, employer, etc.) pulls your credit, IdentityForce notifies you. This helps you stop identity theft in its tracks. When you know that someone is trying to open credit in your name in real-time, you can stop it.
  • Dark Web Monitoring: There’s a part of the internet most of us don’t know about or see, but your information could be there. IdentityForce monitors the dark web constantly to look for your name or any of your private information on the dark web, being sold illegally.
  • Payday Loan Monitoring: Criminals often use stolen identities to get quick cash with a payday loan. The loan can accrue crazy amounts of interest and ruin your credit if you aren’t aware of it. Payday loan monitoring alerts you immediately so you can take care of it.
  • Sex Offender Monitoring: Even sex offenders steal identity and use it as their own. IdentityForce checks the sex offender registries for illegal use of your information.
  • Social Media Identity Monitoring: IdentityForce watches your social media feeds for any posts that could be violent, discriminating, or even classified as cyberbullying.
  • Address Change Monitoring: IdentityForce checks for any change of address requests made in your name. Criminals often have your mail forwarded to them so they can steal your personal information and, eventually, your identity.

Identity and Credit Alerts

  • Bank and Credit Card Activity Alerts: You set a threshold and IdentityAlert monitors your debit and credit cards charges. If any purchases exceed your threshold, they alert you right away.
  • Investment Account Alerts: Like bank and credit card alerts, IdentityForce will watch your investment accounts for any unusual activity, including transferring funds out of your account. You can set the threshold for alerts and trust that IdentityForce will alert you.
  • Secure Social Security Number Tracking: If any new information becomes associated with your social security number, IdentityForce will alert you. This includes new addresses, new names or an alias.
  • Court Record Alert: IdentityForce scours thousands of court records to ensure your name, address, and other identifying information are not being used by criminals in the system.
  • Identity Alert: IdentityForce looks at all parts of the internet to make sure your information is not being used in places you did not authorize. This includes social media sites, blog posts, websites, and chatrooms.
  • Identity Theft Alert: IdentityForce alerts you of any identity breaches you may be subjected to if you did business at the company. For example, if a store you shop at had a security breach, IdentityForce would alert you.
  • Sex Offender Alert: IdentityForce ensures sex offenders aren’t illegally using your name and identifying information as their own.
  • Fraud Alerts: Fraud alerts tell you when your name or identity is used for any purpose, including applying for a new credit card, utilities, bank account, or any other account.

Total Control

  • Credit Reports: IdentityForce offers access to your credit reports so you can detect any issues early on. This includes not only identity theft or criminal activity but also mistakes or errors by the creditor or credit bureaus. The earlier you know, the faster you can have it taken care of.
  • Credit Scores: Knowing your credit score helps you stay one step ahead of any criminal activity or even errors. You can fix the issue right away so it doesn’t get out of hand.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: No one can get into your account without a second-factor identification which prevents thieves from getting your information. You’ll add an email, text, or phone call with a one-time use code for access.
  • Mobile App: Access your IdentityForce dashboard from anywhere you have an internet connection, so you always know what’s going on in your name.
  • Credit Score Simulator: See how different financial decisions will affect your credit score before you make them. Opening an account, closing an account, asking for a credit line increase, or transferring a balance are just a few things you can see how they’ll affect your credit score.
  • Lost Wallet Assistance: Losing your wallet is scary, and when you’re panicked, trying to figure out who to call to cancel your cards can feel like too much. IdentityForce will help with one fell swoop, making it less stressful for you.
  • Medial ID Fraud Protection: Learn right away if someone else is using your medical benefits. Believe it or not, insurance fraud is a serious issue too.
  • Online PC Protection Tools: Stop malware, keystroke monitoring, and other phishing scams in its tracks with IdentityForce. They protect your keystrokes so no one can mimic them and steal your identity.
  • Junk Mail Opt-Out: IdentityForce removes your name from all junk mail databases, so it’s harder for thieves to get a hold of your information.


  • Identity Theft Insurance: IdentityForce protects you with insurance coverage should your identity be stolen. They understand not only the stress you’ll experience but also the financial burden it can put on a person. The amount of insurance varies by plan.
  • Identity Restoration: IdentityForce professionals do all the legwork to restore your identity. This could save you hours and hundreds of headaches dealing with the nightmare identity theft causes.
  • Stolen Funds Replacement: IdentityForce will reimburse any stolen funds as a result of identity theft up to $1 million. The exact amount is based on the program you choose.
  • Robust Customer Service: IdentityForce professionals are caring, always available, and 100% US-based, so you get solid help during such trying times.

Identity Force Review: Child Identity Theft

You can add a Child Watch plan to either of the two subscriptions for $2.29 per month. Just because you protect yourself does not mean your children or loved ones are protected.

Chances are your children are more connected to the internet than you.

While on the one hand, it is liberating for us to communicate with our friends, family, and colleagues seamlessly.

On the other, it makes us vulnerable to nefarious actors who will do everything in their power to exploit our personal information for the wrong reasons.

How Much Does IdentityForce Cost?

IdentityForce has two plans – you can pay both plans monthly or save a little money and choose the annual plan. Here are the two plans they currently offer.

#1. UltraSecure

  • Individual Price: $17.95/month or $179.50/year

#2. UltraSecure + Credit

  • Individual price: $23.95/month or $239.50/year

How Does IdentityForce Compare to Other Services? 

Here are a few of the best identity theft protection and credit monitoring services.

#1. Identity Guard

Identity Guard is a powerful AI system that monitors your credit and looks for stolen identity. They have three plans, starting at $7.50/month up to $25/month.

The basic plan covers only basic identity protection and monitoring, but it’s better than nothing.

Its top plan is similar to IdentityForce, but you only get access to your credit reports once a year, which is a downside.

>> More: Identity Guard Review

#2. LifeLock

LifeLock is probably the best-known name in identity theft. It provides identity theft features but also computer protection from its parent company Symantec.

With LifeLock, you can block cyberthreats, get alerts when your identity is stolen, and get help restoring your identity, including financial reimbursement.

>> More: LifeLock Review

#3. Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame offers free identity theft protection. They provide credit score and report monitoring and $1 million in fraud insurance.

It’s not the same level of protection you’d get from IdentityForce, but it’s free.

>> More: Credit Sesame Review or Credit Sesame vs Credit Karma

IdentityForce FAQS

Is IdentityForce Worth It?

If you’re worried about your privacy and the chance of your identity being stolen, IdentityForce is definitely worth it.

The peace of mind alone is worth its weight in gold. Today we are all so ‘out there’ that it pays to have many eyes looking around for you.

Is IdentityForce Safe?

Yes, IdentityForce protects your information and alerts you when your information is taken. They protect your information and tell you when your information has been breached.

Which is Better LifeLock or IdentityForce?

IdentityForce is much better than LifeLock. They provide more comprehensive services that ensure your identity is safe.

If you are a victim of a breach, they will work hard to ensure you can restore your identity without financial distress.

Bottom Line: IdentityForce Review

Everyone should protect their identity. Even if you think you’re careful with who you share your information with, there are ways for criminals to get your information.

Your information could be out there on the dark web or used by criminals, and you wouldn’t know it unless you used IdentityForce.

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