How to Remove Medicredit from Your Credit Report (for Real)

Updated: 20th Jan 2021
Written by Drew Cheneler
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In this Article: Find out (step-by-step) how to remove Medicredit from your credit report. Read our practical guide to stop the annoying, harassing calls from Medicredit, Inc. Let’s dive in.

Has Medicredit appeared on your credit report? If so, you are not alone. Across the United States, Medicredit, Inc is showing up on credit reports left and right. But why?

Did you forget to pay a medical bill? Or maybe you could not afford a recent medical bill? Medicredit is showing up on your credit report as a “collections account.” Unfortunately, collection accounts remain on your credit report for up to 7 years and will hurt your credit score.

However, it does not have to. Keep reading to find out who Medicredit is and the procedures you need to take to remove Medicredit from your credit report.

What is Medicredit? Are they a Real Company or Flat Out Scam?

Medicredit Corporation is a multi-million-dollar debt collection agency owned by The Outsource Group. They specialize in collecting medical debt from consumers. Doctor offices, dental offices, hospitals, and other private healthcare providers hire Medicredit to collect debt on their behalf.

Headquartered in Earth City, Missouri, they have been in business for over 42 years and command an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

However, hundreds of consumers complained about Medicredit, Inc and their debt collecting practices. They are aggressive, hard to work with, and a pain. So, be prepared to get your elbows dirty.

The information we are about to reveal will help you remove Medicredit collection from your credit report and get them off your back.

Should I Negotiate a Settlement or Pay Medicredit?

Unless you know what, you are doing, this is the last thing you should do. First and foremost, from here on out, the only communication you have with Medicredit, Inc should be done through certified mail.

Avoid communicating with Medicredit corporation over the phone at all costs. This is the catch-22 that gets consumers into more credit trouble. Even if you pay the debt in full, your credit score will still be damaged.

The best thing to do is to work with a reputable credit repair company that has experience removing Medicredit collections from credit reports.

From our experience, Credit Saint is the best, and they offer consumers a FREE credit consultation.

How to Remove Medicredit from Your Credit Report

1. Verify the Debt

The first thing you need to do is verify the debt is actually yours. According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Medicredit only has 5 days after the time they contact you to provide written validation of the debt.

Once they provide written verification of the debt, you only have 30-days since the date that they contacted you to verify the debt and to submit a debt validation letter.

Submitting a debt validation letter will get Medicredit off your back. It will take care of the problem if they appear on your credit report by mistake.

By law, if Medicredit cannot verify your debt, then they will have to remove the collection account from your credit report. It is important to note that every single person should complete this step even if they are 100% positive that the debt is theirs.

Why? Collection Agencies are notorious for not being able to verify the debt.

However, if they do verify your debt, then keep reading. You still have options to remove this debt.

2. Negotiate a Pay-for-Delete

If you are outside the 30-day window, then you need a new solution, verifying the debt won’t work—the next thing you need to do is negotiate a “pay-for-delete” with Medicredit, Inc.

First things first, make sure all negotiating correspondence is done by certified mail. This will protect you in case Medicredit, Inc, does not hold up to their end of the negotiation.

Write a brief letter asking Medicredit to remove their negative item from your credit report with all three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, & TransUnion). And if they do this, then you will provide a payment to them. Explicitly state this in your letter to Medicredit.

Remember, Medicredit is a business, and they bought your debt for a fraction of the cost. Their primary motivation is to make money, so if you offer them anything more than what they purchased your debt for, then they are satisfied. This is all that they care about, often, they will negotiate and settle with you.

Also, include references to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Doing this will add authority to your request and will bolster your stance in the negotiation process.

However, do not pay them until you verify that their negative item is removed from your credit report. It should take about 30-days for them to remove a negative item from your credit report.

This process is intimidating for most people, which is why they turn to a professional to help them remove Medicredit from their credit report.

3. Hire a Professional to Remove Medicredit Collection Account from Credit Report

Working with a credit repair agency is the best thing to do if you are trying to remove Medicredit from your credit report. The best credit repair companies have removed thousands of negative items from consumer credit reports. It is their bread and butter.

Within a matter of weeks, Credit Saint will do everything in their power to remove a Medicredit collection account from your credit report. Besides, if you are like me, then you would rather be hands-off and let professionals take care of this, which they 100% will.

Schedule your FREE consultation with Credit Saint Today.

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Can You Remove Medicredit Collection Accounts?

Yes! As a consumer, you can ask Medicredit to verify your debt. If they cannot prove your debt within 30-days, then they legally have to remove the negative item from your credit report.

Furthermore, you can negotiate a pay-for-delete. This means you will pay Medicredit an agreed-upon fee if they remove the collection from your credit report.

Finally, you can turn to a credit repair company to remove this negative item. Like we said, working with a professional is the best thing to do.

How Long will Medicredit Stay on My Credit Report?

Unfortunately, Medicredit can stay on your credit report for 7 years. This will hurt your credit score, which will hurt your personal finances.

A low credit score makes it harder for you to qualify for loans with favorable interest rates and could impact employment opportunities. Therefore you need to seek professional help (from Credit Saint) and get Medicredit removed from your credit report immediately.

Will Medicredit, Inc File a Lawsuit Against Me (or sue me)?

While it is not often, Medicredit reserves the right to file a lawsuit against you or sue you. However, depending on the statute of limitations of the debt (which varies by state), this is easy to avoid.

Like we said earlier, Medicredit, Inc is a business first and foremost. Suing you in a district court is expensive and takes a while.

If your debt is large enough to cover legal expenses, then Medicredit will push forward with legal action. But, if you only owe a small amount, then they will avoid filing a lawsuit against you at all costs.

It is better to be safe than sorry. If your debt is a substantial amount, partner with a credit repair company immediately. They have a team of legal and credit experts that will protect you and help you build a legal case.

Medicredit Complaints (Beware):

Medicredit, Inc has racked up quite a few complaints amongst consumers. In fact, with the Better Business Bureau alone, they have over 185 customer complaints. They also have over 60+ complaints filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Consumers complain about how Medicredit is unprofessional, annoying (always calling your phone), and violates the law.

This is proof positive that you need to seek professional help and make sure all correspondence is done via certified mail. Companies like Medicredit, Inc are hard to cooperate with and prey off of consumers. If you ask me, it is sickening.

How to File a Complaint Against Medicredit

Fortunately, as a United States citizen, you can file a formal complaint against Medicredit with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Filing a formal complaint against Medicredit, Inc provides insight to the CFPB about their business practices. The more details you can provide about your experience, the better. This helps the CFPB regulate consumer financial products and services under the law.

Medicredit Corporation Contact Information:

  • Mailing Address: 111 Corporate Office Dr Ste 200 Earth City, MO 63045-1506
  • Phone Number: (800) 888-2238

Remember, it is best to contact Medicredit Corporation via certified mail.

Bonus Information (Free Credit Report)

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Wrapping Up: How to Remove Medicredit from Credit Report

As you can see, collection accounts can seriously harm your credit, which is why you need to get them removed immediately.

If you see a Medicredit Collection account on your credit report, make sure to verify the debt, negotiate a pay-for-delete, or partner with a credit repair company to get it removed.

After it is removed from your credit report, take the necessary steps to start building and repairing your credit. Consider purchasing a tradeline or checkout our credit hacks.

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