Largest Title Insurance Companies: 2022 Findings and Data

Written by Jordan BlansitUpdated: 25th Sep 2022
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When you buy a home, your title insurance is a crucial part of protecting your interests. Essentially, a title insurance policy covers the cost of correcting title issues or compensates you if you lose your property due to claims based on inaccurate title records.

But before you run out and insure your title with any ole company, you might want to know the largest names in the title insurance game in 2022.  

Key Statistics: Largest Title Insurance Companies

  • First American Title is the largest single title insurance company, claiming 20.7% of the market in the third quarter of 2021
  • Fidelity National Title Group – the parent company of Chicago, Fidelity National, and Commonwealth Land Title – represents 31.6% of the market share
  • The top 10 title insurance companies underwrite premiums to 88% of customers
  • The American Land Title Associated saw a 32.5% annual increase in title insurance premium volume during the third quarter of 2021, generating $6.8 billion
  • The U.S. title insurance market is expected to grow 1.2% in 2022 to reach $22 billion

Largest Title Insurance Companies

Company2021 Market SharePremiums Written in 2020*
First American Title Insurance Co.20.7%$4.0 Billion
Old Republic National Title Insurance Co.14.8%$2.8 Billion
Chicago Title Insurance Co.14.1%$2.66 Billion
Fidelity National Title Insurance13.5%$2.6 Billion
Stewart Title Guaranty Co.8.2%$1.64 Billion
Westcor Land Title Insurance Co.5.9%$1.1 Billion
Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Co.4.0%$816 Million
WFG National Title Insurance Co.2.7%$569 Million
Title Resources Guaranty Co.2.4%$478 Million
North American Title Insurance Co.2.1%$349 Million

*2020 is the most recent full year available for title insurance premiums

Title Company Ratings

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Complaint Index scores insurance companies based on the number of complaints they receive compared to their market share. Using the index, customers can compare title companies based on their complaint records.  

The Company Complaint Index is determined by dividing a company’s total number of complaints by its U.S. premium market share. The National Complaint Index is always set at 1. Companies that rate below 1 receive fewer complaints than expected for their size, while companies that rate over 1 receive more. (For instance, a complaint score of 2.0 suggests a company received twice as many complaints as expected.)

In 2020, the most recent complete year on record, the 10 largest title insurance companies earned mixed ratings. 7 of the companies received more complaints than expected. In particular, North American Title fared particularly poorly with nearly four times the number of complaints compared to its customer based.

Meanwhile, the remaining 3 companies we looked at received less complaints than expected for the market. Old Republic National fared the best, with just two complaints comprising under 5% of the total market share for the year.

CompanyComplaints in 2020Complaint Share (U.S. Market)NAIC Complaint Index Rating
First American Title Insurance Co.819.0%0.92
Old Republic National Title Insurance Co.24.8%0.32
Chicago Title Insurance Co.614.3%1.05
Fidelity National Title Insurance716.7%1.23
Stewart Title Guaranty Co.49.5%1.19
Westcor Land Title Insurance Co.12.4%0.41
Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Co.24.8%1.12
WFG National Title Insurance Co.24.8%1.61
Title Resources Guaranty Co.24.8%1.92
North American Title Insurance Co.37.1%3.93

Who Is the Biggest Title Company in America?

First American Title Insurance Co. is the largest single titled insurance company in the United States. This insurance behemoth commanded a full 20.7% of the market as of the third quarter of 2021, accounting for $4 billion in premiums.

But Fidelity National Title Group is technically bigger. This parent company owners Chicago Title, Fidelity National Title, and Commonwealth Land Title. Adding together their total market share, Fidelity National Title Group owns 31.6% of the total market, coming to $6 billion in premiums in 2020.

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Who Are the Big 4 Title Companies?

The four big title insurance compares are:

  • First American Title Insurance Co. – 20.7% of the market
  • Old Republic National Title Insurance Co. – 14.8% of the market
  • Chicago Title Insurance Co. – 14.1% of the market
  • Fidelity National Title Insurance Co. – 13.5% of the market

How Do I Choose a Title Company Near Me?

When it’s time to choose a title company, you’ll want to consider important factors like price, reputation, and the company’s financial stability. In other words, you want to choose an affordable company with the ability to pay out in case you need to make a claim.

Google is your best friend throughout the homeownership journey, and here is no exception. You can also ask your real estate agent, mortgage officer, and closing attorney for suggestions. These individuals have experience navigating the intricacies of title insurance and may be able to point you toward the best options – or steer you away from bad ones.

Title Companies vs. Mortgage Companies

Title companieshave several title-related duties in the homebuying process, including:

  • Helping the seller transfer the title to the buyer
  • Helping the buying take possession of the title
  • Research the title’s legitimacy by checking for existing claims on the property

If the title checks out, the company issues title insurance to protect the mortgage lender and homeowner against any potential claims brought against the property.

Your mortgage company is another entity entirely. This is the company that originates your loan and secures a loan from a financial institution. They also screen buyers by running credit reports and reviewing personal financial information.

Escrow Company vs. Title Company

As established above, the title company aids in the transfer and insurance of the home’s title during the homebuying process. Some title companies also offer escrow services for the buyer and seller – but not all.

Essentially, an escrow account holds funds to ensure transparency and good faith between the buyer and seller. During the home purchase process, the buyer may deposit earnest money and closing costs in an escrow account to protect everyone’s financial interests.

If your title company doesn’t offer escrow services, you may have to go with an escrow company that provides escrow accounts.

Bottom Line: Largest Title Insurance Companies

The home buying processcan be complex and time-consuming – title insurance is just one more way you can protect your financial interests. With most of the market gravitating toward one of the top ten title insurance companies, it’s important to know their names – and customer service records – before selecting yours.

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