Pinnacle Credit Repair Review (2023): Price & Results Analyzed

Written by Kim PinnelliUpdated: 6th Feb 2023
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Pinnacle Credit Repair has been in service for over 30 years. From removing negative items to helping consumers build credit, they have done it all.

A low credit score is not ideal, especially if you are an adult supporting a family. A bad credit score hurts your chances of applying for a new credit card, receiving a loan, and limits your employment opportunities.

Fortunately, you have options. One option is by hiring Pinnacle Credit Repair.

As they tout, Pinnacle Credit Repair is the fastest credit repair service currently available thanks to there use of Artificial Intelligence.

Let’s find out what else they have to offer.

What is Pinnacle Credit Repair?

Pinnacle Credit Repair is a credit repair company that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to successfully repair credit. Pinnacle’s proprietary technology automates the entire process, which makes it 85% faster than their competitors.

How Pinnacle Credit Repair Works:

Once you sign up, Pinnacle Credit Repair will get right to work. Their team of in-house legal experts and credit professionals will input your credit report into a sophisticated software program.

This software program, which employs A.I., will sift through your credit report line-by-line identifying negative items that are lowering your credit score.

On your behalf, Pinnacle Credit Repair will automatically file disputes with all three credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian, & Equifax) to remove the item.

It is important to note, that Pinnacle Credit Repair cannot remove all negative items from your credit report. They will not remove an item from your credit report if it is legitimate. But for the most part, Pinnacle Credit Repair can remove most negative items; however, it is never a guarantee.

Pinnacle Credit Repair Services: What Can they Do?

Consumers can rest easy knowing Pinnacle Credit Repair offers a robust suite of features and benefits. Here is what Pinnacle Credit Repair provides its customers.

#1. Remove Negative Items

The foundation of credit repair is removing negative items from your credit report. Whether it be a late payment, an improper collection, or inaccurate information, Pinnacle Credit Repair has done it all.

On your behalf, Pinnacle Credit Repair will file disputes with all three credit bureaus and have the negative item removed from your credit report. Here is a complete list of what they will help you challenge:

To bolster your case, Pinnacle’s expert team leverages the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and the Fair Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTACT) to protect your consumer rights.

As we stated earlier, this process is automated, so there is nothing you need to do, besides sit back and relax.

#2. Credit Coaching

As a (Fast Track…more details below 😊) Pinnacle Credit Repair customer, you get exclusive access to a credit professional who will answer your questions and teach you the ins-and-outs of the credit industry, such as writing a goodwillor debt validation letter

This feature is excellent if you are not sure what is lowering your credit score, or if you do not know what the credit repair process entails.

Remember, no question is dumb. Make sure to ask all questions that you may have. This will only help you later in life.

#3. Credit Education

Pinnacle Credit Repair offers its customers exclusive access to 20+ educational videos that will help you better understand your personal finance and credit.

These videos are jam-packed with valuable action-oriented information, so you can start implementing their strategies right away.

#4. Lender-Approval

Repairing your credit is just part of the process. Pinnacle Credit Repair takes it one step further. They will help you get approved for loans with a competitive interest rate.

This feature is excellent if you are about to apply for a loan or are in the middle of financing a large purchase.

How Much Does Pinnacle Credit Repair Cost?

Pinnacle Credit Repair has two straightforward payment plans. Let’s see what each one includes.

Standard Program

  • Price: $99/Month with a $199 one time first work fee. 

Pinnacle’s standard Program is their most basic offering. With this service, they will dispute all negative items and will not stop until all negative items are successfully removed.

It takes about 3 to 6 months to complete the Standard Program. There are no contracts or commitments. This highlights their dedication to you – their beloved customer.

Fast Track Program

  • Price: $1,500 – $2,500 with a $199 first work fee.

Yes, we know. The Fast Track Program is expensive; however, it is loaded with exclusive features. Pinnacle’s Fast Track program employs its Artificial Intelligence software to its full extent.

This Program has reported an 80% deletion ratio of negative items within the first 15-days.

But that is not all. Their Fast Track Program also comes with a personal credit mentor, 120-day satisfaction or your money back, a free credit report, and credit monitoring.

While the price is high, the Fast Track Program does not shy away from exclusive benefits and nifty features.

Pinnacle Credit Repair Review (Pros & Cons)


  • Artificial Intelligence: Pinnacle Credit Repair streamlines the credit repair process by tapping into the full potential of technology to remove negative items from your credit report. This allows you – the consumer – to see results sooner.
  • Incredibly Fast: As they clearly state, consumers in their Fast Track program traditionally see results within 60-days. And in some cases, within 15-days. However, results will vary.
  • Personal Credit Mentor: Those enrolled in the Fast Track Program get exclusive access to a personal credit mentor who will answer all your credit questions and will reveal expert insight.
  • Transparent: Some credit repair companies advertise false promises, which is against the law. Pinnacle Credit Repair is upfront about expectations and notifies you of your rights under the Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA). They cannot guarantee results.


  • Expensive: Pinnacle’s standard Program is on par with the industry average, but their Fast Track Program comes with a steep fee. $1,500 – $2,000 is a large sum of money regardless of your social status or annual income.
  • Relatively New: Pinnacle Credit Repair is one of the newest credit repair companies. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it does make it hard to review previous customer experiences, results, and general company history. 

What Are Previous Customers Saying?

Pinnacle has garnered favorable reviews from previous customers. On TrustPilot they average a 3.5 Star Rating, while on BestCompany they command an average of 4.5 stars.

However, some customers have complained about poor customer service and a pompous attitude.

These negative marks do not bode well for Pinnacle Credit Repair, which is why you should consider an alternative credit repair firm to fix your credit.

Alternatives to Pinnacle Credit Repair

Here are a few of the best credit repair companies. These are the best-of-the-best—all with a proven track record of success.

1. Credit Saint

Credit Saint is a clear leader in the credit repair industry. With years of experience, affordable prices, and outstanding customer service, there is a lot to like here.

Additionally, they pioneered the 90-day money-back guarantee, which is now used by most established credit repair agencies.

Offering three packages (Clean Slate, Credit Remodel, & Credit Polish), Credit Saint will send unlimited challenges to all three credit bureaus, intervene with your creditors, provide you with Experian monitoring, and give you access to a helpful Credit Score Tracker.

Credit Saint brings a personalized and tailored experience to the credit repair process.

>> More:Credit Saint Review

2. Sky Blue Credit

Sky Blue Credit Repair brings years of experience to the table. They offer high-quality customer service, straightforward pricing, and fast results. There are no terms or conditions other than the 90-day time limit that will void the guarantee.

This stands in contrast to other credit repair companies guarantees on the market, which is voided by the first deletion of a negative item from your credit report.

>> More: Sky Blue Review

3. The Credit People

The Credit People offers a robust 6-month credit repair plan. Additionally, customers get access to a user-friendly online portal where they can track progress, ask questions, and learn.

This company is one of the cheapest on the market, but it has mixed reviews from previous customers. 

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4. Lexington Law

Lexington Law is one of the oldest credit repair companies in America. Backed by a team of legal experts and credit professionals, they have helped thousands of Americans repair their credit. 

On your behalf, Lexington Law will review your credit report, identify negative items to dispute, and will file disputes with all three credit bureaus. Additionally, Lexington Law customers get to enjoy helpful personal finance calculators, tools, and resources to help them make the most of their money. 

>> More:Lexington Law Review

Is Pinnacle Credit Repair Safe?

Yes, Pinnacle is safe. They are transparent about what they can do to improve your credit score.

They notify you of your rights under the Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA), which means they legally cannot guarantee you results.

However, previous customers were able to see an increase in their credit score. But as we said earlier, you can get a better bang for your buck partnering with another credit repair service.

Is Pinnacle Credit Repair Legit?

Pinnacle Credit Management is a full-service credit repair agency. They employ Artificial Intelligence to remove negative items and file disputes with all three credit bureaus.

Bottom Line: Pinnacle Credit Repair Review

Pinnacle Credit Repair may be able to help you repair your credit; however, after the negative reviews we read, it is best to explore your options and find another credit repair company.

Find one that brings forth years of experience, proven results, and top-notch customer service.


To assess the performance and rate Pinnacle Credit Repair, we evaluated the company’s security, transparency, results, fees, reputation, online experience, and service offerings. We leveraged third-party sites, such as the Better Business Bureau, TrustPilot, verified Google reviews, and the CFPB to gauge the reputation of Pinnacle Credit Repair. Read our editorial guidelines and credit repair rating methodology for more information about the review process. 

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