Public Equities Research Methodology

There are thousands of publicly traded companies to invest in. They come in many shapes and sizes, exist in all sectors of the economy, and have their own unique risk-to-reward profile.

In the current economic environment, investors looking to preserve their wealth are forced to go further out on the risk curve to find investments that outpace inflation. Most are turning to public equities.

This is where we come in. We seek to identify the public equities that are well-positioned to outperform through comprehensive research and data analysis.

Please note that our content is for educational purposes only. Despite our research team’s dedication to covering stocks with promising return potential, our content is not intended to be investment advice.

Our Guiding Methodology

Below is our methodology and framework that we use to evaluate public equities:

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Sourcing Public Equity Data & Information

We source high-quality data from a variety of trusted, third-party providers. Their institutional-grade data allows our equity research team to conduct sound fundamental analysis when evaluating potential investment opportunities.

The following authoritative and trustworthy resources enable us to publish our research with confidence:

We also rely on several emerging new-media resources, such as niche newsletters and podcasts, to learn from experts in a specific field. These sources of information are publicly available but are often not widely distributed. Leveraging grass-root insights into emerging investment opportunities helps us decipher promising technologies from passing fads.

Updating Our Public Equity Research

Financial markets move faster than ever thanks to a seemingly infinite amount of new information and an increasing percentage of algorithmic trading. We routinely update our content to ensure that it is accurate and relevant.

Public Equity Research Team

Our public equity research team consists of experts across many domains, each bringing their unique perspective to our research process, creating a collaborative environment where ideas and assumptions are challenged. Our team includes Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs), data scientists, former investment bankers, in addition to Series 7 and Series 63 certified advisors. Together, our research has been featured in industry leading niche newsletters, CNBC, US News & World Report, MarketWatch, Business Insider, Fox Business, and more. To learn more, read about our editorial guidelinesthat govern our selection process.