Pyramid Credit Repair Review: Is it Worth the Cost?

Written by Kim PinnelliUpdated: 22nd Jun 2021
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In this Article: A Pyramid Credit Repair. Find out if this credit repair company is worth the cost and if it is the right fit for you.

Is your credit score suffering? Are you tired of paying an absurd amount of money on interest each month? What about qualifying for the best financial products and loans? I bet that is hard as well with a low or poor credit score.

Fortunately, if you are stuck in this position, you can liberate yourself. The best credit repair company can help you clean up your credit report, build credit, and increase your credit score.

And let me tell you what, Pyramid Credit Repair is one of the best in the credit repair industry.

Keep reading our Pyramid Credit Repair Review to find out if this service is the right fit for you and your dire credit situation.

About Pyramid Credit Repair

Headquartered in New York City, Pyramid Credit Repair began operations in early 2012. Since then, they have helped thousands of Americans repair their credit and live the financial life they deserve.

Pyramid Credit Repair employs 273 individuals, and their customer support team puts in more than 8,800 hours annually.

Pyramid relies on their credit experts and advanced software to help consumers improve their credit score, remove negative items from credit reports, and more.

As a full-servicing credit repair agency, Pyramid handles all correspondence between the credit bureaus and your creditors. This streamlines the credit repair process and ensures your individual credit needs are met.

So, if you are looking for a credit repair service that values you as a customer and brings forth valuable industry experience, then Pyramid Credit Repair may be the perfect fit for you.

How Pyramid Credit Repair Works

Signing up for Pyramid is straightforward and easy. Once you sign up, you will be assigned a dedicated specialist who will help you obtain a credit report from all three credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian, & Equifax).

After you receive your credit report, Pyramid will get right to work. As they tout, Pyramid Credit Repair has introduced the next generation of credit repair. It involves a simple 3-Step Process.

#1. Phone Call Consultation

Both potential and current customers get a free credit consultation. During this consultation, a credit expert will help you understand your credit score and will identify what factors are hurting your credit score.

This can include late payment history, not optimized credit utilization ratio, and derogatory marks on your credit report.

#2. Real Insight and Customized Plan

Pyramid Credit Repair embodies a personalized approach to repairing credit. They recognize that everyone has a unique credit score and report, which is why Pyramid will create a tailored credit repair plan that meets your financial goals and pressing needs.

This plan is designed by a professional credit repair expert, who will review your credit report and consult with you.

During this entire process, Pyramid Credit Repair remains transparent and honest. They will only recommend a service if it adds value to you – their loyal customer.

Within the credit repair industry, a personalized approach is hard to come by.

#3. Customized Dispute Process

After both you and Pyramid agree on a tailored credit repair plan, they will immediately execute a rigorous credit challenge process.

A dedicated assigned credit expert will file disputes on your behalf with the end goal being to remove negative items from your credit report.

It is important to note that repairing your credit does not happen overnight. It takes time; however, Pyramid will expedite the process due to their technology and expertise.

What Services Does Pyramid Credit Repair Offer?

Pyramid is a full-servicing credit repair agency. This means they offer their customers a handful of services that are geared towards building credit, disputing negative items, and improving your credit.

As a customer, you get a dedicated account manager who is available 24/7 via phone, email, or text. This credit expert will track the entire credit repair progress, provide updates, and will teach you all the ins-and-outs about the credit industry.

They also have an in-house legal team who can assist you with legal issues if need be. This is rare in the credit repair industry. In fact, only one other service offers this level of care – Lexington Law.

Below is a complete list of standout features provided by Pyramid Credit Repair.

Standout Pyramid Credit Repair Features:

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied within the first 90-days, Pyramid will provide you with a full refund. This ‘insurance’ is great if you have never worked with a credit repair company or if you are not sold quite yet on their ability to help you out.

Strong Customer Services

Pyramid offers 24/7 phone support. This means you can call them at any time from anywhere.

Dedicated Account Managers

We all love being the center of attention. With a dedicated account manager, you are their sole priority. Feel free to call, text, or email your account manager if you have any questions.

They will drop whatever they are working on to resolve your issue or to answer a question.

Real-Time Status Updates

As a customer, you get a personalized dashboard where you get real-time status updates. This is great if you are traveling or if you work long hours. Simply logon to their platform and monitor the credit repair process.

No Contracts, No Commitments

Pyramid does not make you sign a contract. Feel free to cancel at any time if you are not satisfied with their service or the results.

Tailored Dispute Letters

After reviewing your credit report, Pyramid will craft custom dispute letters that meet your needs. Customized dispute letters will improve your chances of removing a negative item from your credit report.

Budgeting Tools

Apart from repairing your credit, Pyramid also offers its customers budgeting tools to help them pay off debt and make the most of their money.

They want to see you live the financial life you deserve-one that is not ridden by debt or excessive interest payments.

Platform Security

Pyramid will never sell your credit information or data. They abide and exceed all requirements outlined in the WCAG, which is great to see.

Additionally, Pyramid Credit Repair has the Bureau of Internet Accessibility routinely audit their website and platform. This ensures each customer gets the best possible user experience.

Service Cancellation

As we alluded to earlier, you can cancel your Pyramid subscription at any time. They will not upcharge you or add any hidden fees if you decide to cancel their service.

At the end of the day, credit repair is not for everyone. It takes time and requires a certain level of commitment on your end to see it through the entire process.

Pyramid Credit Repair Review: How Much Does It Cost?

Now that we know what Pyramid Credit Repair has to offer, let’s talk about how much it will cost you. They offer three flagship plans, each coming with different benefits and services.

Singles Plan: $99/Month

This credit repair plan is designed for one user. With the Pyramid singles plan, you get a personalized game plan, online dashboard, custom disputes, assigned credit expert, flexible billing, automatic alerts, and 24/7 customer phone support.

Rest easy, this simple plan will guide you through the entire credit repair process and will provide immense value.

Couples Plan: $198/Month

The couples plan comes with all the features in the singles plane except it is designed for two and is accompanied with robust financial tools.

These tools will help you budget your money, pay off debt, and plan for the future.

Additionally, Pyramid runs a promotion for the couples’ plan. Eligible couples will receive a 50% discount for the first month. Cha-ching! 😊

24/7 Protection: $29.99/Month

While this service will not help you repair your credit, it will bring you peace of mind. Pyramid’s 24/7 Identity Theft Protection Plan will safeguard your personal and financial information. Here is what is included:

  • Monitor’s All 3 Credit Bureau’s Reports
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • $25,000 Identity Theft Insurance

This plan is a great addition to their credit repair services, especially if you have been a victim of fraud or identity theft in the past.

Additional Discounts:

Couples are not the only ones who get a discount. Active duty military personnel get 20% off per month, and teachers get 15%.

How to Sign Up for Pyramid Credit Repair (Step-by-Step)

Signing up for Pyramid is painless and easy. In fact, it should only take you a few minutes. The first thing you will want to do is head over to their website.

Once you are on the website, you can either sign up online or give them a quick call.

Do whichever option is most comfortable for you. We recommend signing up online because it is traditionally quicker.

Pyramid Credit Repair: When Will You See (Positive) Results?

Like we said, results do not happen overnight. Once Pyramid Credit Repair files a dispute with the credit bureaus they have 30-days to respond.

Most customers see results within 45-days, but the longer you work with Pyramid Credit, the better.

This gives them time to perfect your dispute letter, formulate a game plan, and educate you.

As the old saying goes, patience is a virtue.

Pyramid Credit Repair Review


  • Free Consultation: Regardless if you decide to move forward with Pyramid Credit Repair or not, you still get to enjoy a free credit consultation. An expert from their team will talk to you about their services and what you can do to improve your credit.
  • Refund Policy: Pyramid offers a 90-day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Cancel their service within the first 90-days, and they will refund you. It is that simple.
  • Discounts: Most credit repair companies do not offer a discount. With Pyramid, teachers, couples, and active-duty military personnel get a discount. It is a win-win all around.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: Speak to an expert at any time. Their 24/7 customer service is second to none and hard to beat.


  • Slightly Expensive: Pyramid’s payment plans are a bit more expensive than the industry average. However, they do not charge a first-work fee, whereas other credit repair companies will.
  • Not a Quick Fix: Repairing your credit takes time. It requires you to file a dispute, wait for 30-days, and continuously interact with creditors or the three credit bureaus. This process is intimidating; however, working with Pyramid Credit Repair will expedite it.

What Are Previous Customers Saying About Pyramid Credit Repair?

Since Pyramid Credit Repair is a relatively new company, they are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). But they command a 4.8/5 on TrustPilot.

This feat is hard to come by. So, it is safe to say that Pyramid helps its customers repair their credit.

Where is Pyramid Credit Repair Available?

Pyramid is available in all 50 states and Washington D.C. This means they can serve any American who is experiencing a low or poor credit score.

Alternatives to Pyramid Credit Repair

Maybe Pyramid is too expensive, or it is not the best option for you. Here are some alternatives.

1. Credit Saint

Credit Saint is the #1 credit repair company in America and is a clear industry leader.

With years of experience and a lower monthly price, they may be the perfect fit for you.

Credit Saint also pioneered the 90-day refund policy which is widely used in the credit repair industry.

Learn More:Credit Saint Review

2. Sky Blue Credit

Sky Blue Credit offers its customers high-quality customer service, fast results, and a condition free 90-day money-back guarantee.

Learn More:Sky Blue Credit Review

3. The Credit People

To date, The Credit People has processed over 310,000 credit reports. They know how to remove negative items, file disputes, and more.

Learn More:The Credit People Review

4.Lexington Law

Lexington Law gives customers access to both legal professionals and credit experts. With the two together, they can help you navigate the most complex credit problems.

Learn More:Lexington Law Review

Is Pyramid Credit Repair Safe?

Yes! Pyramid is 100% safe. They employ McAfee Security and are a verified merchant.

Furthermore, Pyramid will not sell your data or credit information to a third-party advertiser.

Pyramid is deeply committed to protecting sensitive personal and financial information.

Is Pyramid Credit Repair Legit?

As evident by there favorable review, Pyramid is a legit credit repair company.

They have helped thousands of Americans take back their credit and live a financially free life.

Wrapping Up: Pyramid Credit Repair Review

By now, you should have a good understanding of whether Pyramid Credit Repair is a good fit for you or not.

Operated by a team of credit professionals and industry veterans, there is a lot to like here.

And with their 90-day money-back guarantee, Pyramid is a safe choice.

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