Aspire® Credit Card Review

Aspire Card
The Aspire® Credit Card is an unsecured credit card that is easy to qualify for and can be used to help you build credit responsibly with on-time monthly payments. However, the fees are steep and the APR is high if you are not careful.
  • Annual Fee:
    $29 - $175
  • Regular APR:
    29.99% Variable
  • Recommended Credit Score:
    All Scores Welcome

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Aspire® Credit Card aspires to be the credit card you need to get out of debt.

This unsecured credit card offers free credit scores to users, gives transaction alerts, has a simple and secure application, carrying $0 fraud liability, and granting online access 24/7 from any mobile device.

Not to mention the Aspire Account Center lets you manage your credit account anywhere, anytime.

Simply make payments from any location, set up alerts, lock a lost or stolen card, check your account balances, and see the details behind every transaction you make.

Aspire® Credit Card Pros and Cons


  • Accepts all application credit scores
  • Grants credit limits up to $1,000
  • Great cashback rewards


  • Expensive, unsecured card
  • Annual and monthly fees
  • High-interest rates

What Is the Aspire® Credit Card?

The Aspire® Credit Card is an expensive, unsecured credit card primarily used by borrowers with bad credit. It does not require a security deposit to activate, but multiple fees are associated with the card.

What this specific credit card does do, however, is it charges an annual fee of $85-$175 the first year of use.

Afterward, the card transitions to both annual and monthly fees, coming in at $29-$49 yearly and $7.25-$12.50 monthly.

On the bright side, 1% cash back rewards are granted for all purchases, and 3% cash back rewards are earned for gas, grocery, and utility purchases.

We recommend that if you apply and accept the terms for the Aspire® Credit Card that you pay the bill in full each month, those high-interest rates can really catch up to you and hurt your credit score in the long run.

How Does the Aspire® Credit Card Work?

When applying for the Aspire® Credit Card, there are a few things to keep note of. First off, there is no one-time fee for simply applying.

But, as mentioned above, you will have to take into account the first-year annual fee at a range of $85-$175.

After the initial year, the annual fee will drop down to $29-$49 depending on the borrower, and monthly fees will be worked into the statements, ranging from $7.25-$12.50.

Paying off the balance for this credit card quickly is in your best favor, seeing as the interest rate comes in at 29.99%.

Plus, with the credit limit only going up to $1,000, you’ll want to be careful that the interest fees don’t rack up the bill quickly. Your credit limit will also range depending on your personal credit history, income, and current debts.

Luckily, 1% cash back rewards are warranted on all purchases and a whopping 3% on any transaction having to do with gas, groceries, or utilities.

Lastly, the Aspire® Credit Card is on the Mastercard network, meaning you can use it pretty much anywhere worldwide. Just beware, international charges do incur a 3% foreign transaction fee.

Aspire® Credit Card Review

  • Annual APR: 29.99%
  • Annual Fee: $85-$175 first-year; $29-$49 yearly after
  • Rewards: 1% cash back on purchases; 3% cash back on gas, grocery, and utility purchases

Aspire® Credit Card Features and Benefits

The Aspire® Credit Card has numerous features and benefits for its customers to indulge in. The 1-3% cashback feature is a draw-in, and the free application makes going out for this credit card a no-brainer.

Additional features and benefits include a 25-day grace period for borrowers each month. You can see if you’re pre-qualified with absolutely no impact on your credit score.

And, your Aspire® Credit Card can be linked to your Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, or Samsung Pay®.

What’s more is that there are no max over-limit fees, no max penalty APR fees, and no more than a $40 max late fee.

Unsecured Credit Card

The Aspire® Credit Card is an unsecured card, but that poses no real difference from most other credit cards on the market.

All that means is the Aspire® Credit Card is not backed or “secured” by collateral. Hence why there is no security deposit.

Reports to All Three Credit Bureaus

Getting a report to all three credit bureaus is actually a great benefit that the Aspire® Credit Card has.

That way, you’re able to safely and responsibly build credit over time with on-time monthly payments.

Free Credit Score

Stay on track and up to date with free credit scores through the Aspire® Credit Card. Check it daily, anytime, and anyplace to know where you stand.

24/7 Online Account Access

Online account access is so important, especially for borrowers trying to get out of debt. Do anything with your online account, any time of the day.

Make online payments, set up alerts, lock or cancel a lost or stolen card, check your account balances, and see any transaction details you’d like.

$0 Fraud Liability

Say goodbye to the days where you’re responsible for unauthorized charges with $0 fraud liability.

If a transaction pops up on your statement that you had nothing to do with, simply report it and get the charge removed almost immediately.

How Does the Aspire® Credit Card Compare to Other Credit Cards?

#1. Aspire® Credit Card vs. OpenSky® Secured Credit Card

Compared to the Aspire® Credit Card, the OpenSky® Secured Credit Card requires no credit check.

In fact, this secured credit card goes as far as it lets you set your own credit limit, anywhere from $200 to $3,000.

With the OpenSky® Secured Credit Card, you’ll be able to build credit for the future so that one day you can open a traditional credit card.

Unfortunately, a few setbacks come with this specific card, including a $35 annual fee, 17.39% variable APR, and no rewards program.

But, if you close your account in good standing and pay it down in full, you’ll get your initial deposit back within 10 weeks of closing.

#2. Reflex Mastercard vs. Aspire® Credit Card

The Reflex Mastercard caters to people with bad credit, but it has high fees and high interest rates.

See if you’re prequalified with no impact to your credit score, figure out the details, and see if this is the right card for you.

All credit types are encouraged to apply, and all three credit bureaus are reported monthly. However, no rewards system is in place, and you are required to have a checking account to open a card.

Low credit limits can help you build or rebuild your credit, but with annual fees ranging from $75-$99 and APR rates ranging from 24.99-29.99%, the decision can get a little tricky.

Foreign transaction fees will happen, and your credit limit will only span out to $1,000 in total. You’ll need to factor fees into your borrowing amount, though.

For example, if you’re approved for $300, but your annual fee comes in at $75, that means you’ll only have a $225 credit line to work with.

#3. Aspire® Credit Card vs. Citi® Secured Mastercard®

The Citi® Secured Mastercard® is great for borrowers with no credit or limited credit.

This card is not designed for bad credit borrowers; in fact, bad credit borrowers can’t even apply for the Citi® Secured Mastercard®.

No annual fees come with this specific card, and the company does report to three credit bureaus monthly.

Thankfully, the Citi® Secured Mastercard® is accepted anywhere worldwide, but it doesn’t have a rewards system, and the high variable APR comes in at 22.49%.

Another not-so-great sales pitch is that this Mastercard needs the full $200 deposit within the first 14 days of opening the account, which can be difficult for some people. If pre-approved, you can get a credit limit from $200 to $2,500.

#4. Upgrade Visa® Card vs. Aspire® Credit Card

The Upgrade Visa® Card is a hybrid credit card/personal loan. It can act as either, depending on what your needs are.

There are no annual, activation, maintenance, late, or foreign transaction fees. The 1.5% cash back on card purchases every time you make a payment is just a plus.

Most applicants qualify with just an average credit score, but this opportunity is not available in all states.

If you do qualify and live in an area where it is available, you can be granted anywhere from $500 to $20,000 for a borrowing amount with an APR ranging from 8.99-29.99%. There is no security deposit needed and absolutely no prepayment penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Aspire® Credit Card good for?

This specific credit card is great for borrowers with low credit scores. It’s easy to rebuild credit as long as the full balance due is paid at the end of the month to avoid those hefty interest charges.

Are there any annual fees associated with this card?

Yes, and monthly fees. You can get an annual fee ranging from $85-$175 during the first year. Once the second year comes around, an annual fee of $29-$49 will be added to the yearly statement, along with monthly fees ranging from $7.25-$12.50.

What is the credit limit granted?

The credit limit goes as high as $1,000 for approved buyers. Additional fees will be seen as transactions. For example, if you have a $300 credit limit approved, but you have a $75 yearly fee, you only have a $225 credit limit to work with.

What do the rewards look like?

There is a 1% cashback reward granted for all purchases. If you purchase gas, groceries, or utilities, a 3% cashback reward will be awarded.

What network is the Aspire® Credit Card on?

The Aspire® Credit Card is on the Mastercard network, meaning you can use it worldwide at any company/facility.

Is Aspire a Legitimate Credit Card?

Yes, the Aspire® Credit Card is a legit card for all borrowers, specifically those with low or bad credit scores.

What Credit Score is Needed for the Aspire® Credit Card?

All credit scores are considered. The better the score, the cheaper the fees.

Does Aspire® Credit Card Give Credit Limit Increases?

The highest credit limit you can have with Aspire® Credit Card is $1,000.

Will the Aspire® Credit Card Help You Build Credit?

Yes, the Aspire® Credit Card will help you build credit as long as you pay off the balance due by the payment period. If you continue to let the interest accrue, the monthly payments will max out your credit limit soon thereafter, considering the high monthly APRs.

Bottom Line: Aspire® Credit Card Review

All in all, if you’re looking to rebuild your credit and you currently have a low or bad credit score, the Aspire® Credit Card can help.

Always factor in the annual fees, additional fees, and high-interest rates before charging up this card, though.

You won’t want to hurt your credit more than help it, and a card with this small of a credit limit can do just that.

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