Stock Rover Review: Is It Worth It?

Written by Kim PinnelliUpdated: 13th Jan 2022
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With all of the investing and trading platformsavailable today, it can be hard to know where to start. Most platforms offer some sort of screening capabilities, research offerings, and stock picking.

Many platforms excel in one area but tend to lack in the others. This is where Stock Rover steps in.

Stock Rover prides itself on being made for investors rather than allowing investors to use the platform.

The tools that they’ve created are based on the demands of their customers, and it shows. If you need to know more about Stock Rover, look no further.

We’ve done an in-depth review of the platform and outlined everything you may have questions about. Keep reading to find out more!

What Is Stock Rover?

Stock Rover is a stock screening, portfolio management, and research service company.

They are often ahead of the rest when it comes to implementing new screening criteria and allow you to backtest any of your screening criteria. This allows you to verify if any of your scans have been profitable in the past.

The platform is built with investment research and analysis in mind. As such, it exceeds the capabilities of many of the other platforms on the market, as well as websites dedicated to the same niches.

While they certainly have a lot to offer, they list their comparison tools as their real focus. The tools that they’ve built can help alert users to significant trends and analyze many companies for quality and growth.

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How Does Stock Rover Work?

Stock Rover works by offering four different packages that include five different services.

These services are built with specific goals in mind. The tools allow the user to compare previously released data.

Stock Rover is mainly a stock screening and comparison platform, and they excel in these areas far better than their competitors.

What Does Stock Rover Offer Investors?

The company offers investors tools that outperform almost all other platforms and educational materials to learn how to use them.

Their screening metrics include over 650 different criteria alone, and the education to back tools like that up is essential.

Educational materials come in the forms of research reports, interactive videos, and weekly market briefs.

Stock Rover is truly designed for the new investor that’s looking to become a professional. You’d be hard-pressed to outgrow their platform and their tools.

Stock Rover Pros and Cons


  • Provides the most innovative tools in the industry
  • Easily the most comprehensive screening platform in the industry
  • Large amounts of educational materials available
  • Integrates with your standard brokerage program
  • Offers pre-built and customizable screeners
  • Works in a web browser
  • Four plans, with a free plan available for those just starting out


  • Not a trading platform, but can be integrated with brokers
  • No dedicated mobile app, meaning unable to review on-the-go
  • Customer service is lacking and must be contacted via email unless a $50 fee is paid for phone plans (Premium and Premium Plus plans)
  • While user-friendly can still be intimidating due to a large amount of tools and information available

Stock Rover Plans and Pricing

Stock Rover has four different plans, including a free plan. Each plan has its own level of access and perks.

Finding the right plan is easy since they have so many offerings, and once you’ve grown to need the features of the next plan, you can upgrade to it.


  • Price: $7.99/month, or $79.99/year if paid in a single installment

Stock Rover offers an affordable Essentials plan that’s just above the Free plan but lacks the tools and features that come in the Premium plan.

Stock Rover offers the plan at $7.99 a month or at a discounted rate of $7.99 for 12 months if paying in full.

The plan allows for a maximum of 15 screeners, 25 views, 10 watchlists, and 10 portfolios. Each portfolio or watchlist can contain 100 tickers.

Stock Rover Essentials comes with the following features and tools:

  • The Stock Rover dynamic table, which allows for comparison of investment candidates
  • Fully customizable financial views and columns
  • 5 years of historical data with 260 metrics attached to it
  • Quick stock screening
  • Portfolio and watchlist tracking
  • Technical team support
  • Integration of brokerages for automated portfolio syncing
  • Text and email alerts in real-time
  • Stock Rover Library
  • Access to guru portfolios


  • Price: $17.99/month, or $179.99/year if paid in a single installment

Like the Essentials plan, the Premium plan allows you to pay for 10 months of subscription and receive 12 if you pay all at once.

If paying this way, the Premium plan costs $179.99 a year, but if paid monthly, the cost is $17.99 a month.

The Premium plan comes with all of the tools and features of the Essentials plan, as can be expected.

This plan tier allows for 25 screeners, 40 views, 25 portfolios and watchlists, and 250 tickers in a portfolio or watchlist. The Premium plan also comes with the following tools and features:

  • Over 350 metrics compared to the 260 in the Essentials plan
  • 10 or more years of detailed financial history
  • The option to export data from the tools and programs
  • ETF and fund comparison data
  • ETF screening in addition to stock screening
  • Ranked screening
  • 100 financial metrics that can be charted
  • Advanced alerts
  • Auto-refresh data on charts with multiple metrics
  • Portfolio analytics
  • Prioritized email support
  • Ad-free experience

Premium Plus

  • Price: $27.99/month, or $279.99/year if paid in a single installment.

The Premium Plus plan is the highest offering available from Stock Rover.

The plan is $27.99 a month, or if paid in a single installment, $279.99 a year with the same discount being applied that’s available on the other plans.

This plan offers every tool that Stock Rover has and all of the access and features that the platform allows for.

It’s an incredibly powerful set of tools available at a very affordable price. The plan includes 60 screeners, 60 views, 60 portfolios and watchlists, and 600 tickers per portfolio or watchlist.

The Premium Plus plan includes everything that the Essentials and Premium plans have, as well as:

  • Over 650 metrics
  • Select metrics that are entirely customizable
  • Historical data screening
  • Equation screening
  • Stock ratings from MorningStar
  • Stock fair value and margin of safety
  • Current and historical stock scoring for growth, value, quality, and sentiment
  • Prioritized email support, putting these subscribers at the head of the line
  • Higher data limits for brokerage connections, portfolios, watchlists, and screeners

This is the top-of-the-line plan and is hard to be beaten by any other platform available. If you’re serious about your analytics and comparisons, this is the tool for you.

Free Plan

For people who are just beginning or investors who are looking to change platforms, the Free plan from Stock Rover is an excellent choice.

It allows new investors to dip their toes in and allows seasoned investors to get a taste of what the platform is all about.

The Free version of Stock Rover provides comprehensive information on over 8,500 North American stocks, 4,000 ETFs, and 40,000 mutual funds.

What sets the free version apart from other free platforms is its portfolio management. Portfolios can be managed in the free version and brokerages can be integrated, and data can be automatically synced.

In addition to these free offerings, you also get limited access to the platform’s charting capabilities, analyst ratings and rankings, news, and a market dashboard.

While there are advertisements present in the free version, it’s entirely worth it when you consider all of the access granted at no cost to you.

How Much Does Stock Rover Cost?

The cost of Stock Roverreally depends on the access that you need.

If you’re a seasoned investor, we recommend trying the Free version to see if you like it and then upgrading to the Premium package.

If you’re just getting started with investing, work with the Free plan until you’ve outgrown it and then move to the Essentials plan. Growing with the platform is easy with Stock Rover and entirely worth it.

Stock Rover Features and Benefits

We’ve talked about how wonderful the platform is up to this point. Now we’re going to give a little more info about the features and benefits to give you a better idea of why the platform is so well-loved.

Robust Screening Capabilities

The Screening Strategies portion of Stock Rover allows you to find the best stock picks from the thousands available at any given time.

Many metrics are standard, but custom screeners can be set to allow you to view the stocks as you see fit.

Stock Rover has over 130 pre-built screeners available for your use, and custom screeners can be built using hundreds of different metrics, allowing the data to be viewed in a multitude of ways.

Easily Compare Stocks

Stock and ETF comparisons in Stock Rover feel familiar, as they populate in a window that looks similar to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

All metrics can be sorted, filtered, and commented on. Data in the comparison sheets can be automatically updated at any given time, making the entire process easy.

Research Reports

Stock Rover provides research reports on all of the stocks that they track. That number is currently above 7,000.

Their research reports are unrivaled in ease-of-use, as they can be viewed in the browser or saved as a PDF for viewing on other devices.

Reports include metrics for each stock like Stock Rover scores, fair value, ratings versus peers on a number of subjects, and warnings for a stock, complete with explanations.


Portfolio management in Stock Rover is easy. They enable automatic portfolio reporting, portfolio analysis, and planning areas.

Alerts can also be set for whenever anything happens involving one or all of your portfolios. Through secure broker integration, Stock Rover makes portfolio management easier than many other platforms available.

Awesome Stock Charts

Stock Rover’s stock charts are incomparable to their competitors. Charts can be customized fully, with more than 650 metrics for reporting.

They also allow for automatic updating. If you value charting, then Stock Rover is the program for you.

Is Stock Rover Good for Day Trading?

Stock Rover is not the platform for you if you are a day trader. It’s designed with investors in mind, specifically.

How Do You Use Stock Rover?

Stock Rover should be used to compare stocks, as well as screen any stocks that you may have an interest in.

Their impressive amount of historical data allows for a large amount of in-depth research and review.

How Does Stock Rover Compare to Other Stock Research Platforms?

#1. Stock Rover vs. The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool has a heavy hold on the market, as it’s the lowest common denominator platform. What does that mean?

It means that The Motley Fool is for investors and traders. If you’re looking to do both, choose The Motley Fool. If you’re looking to invest over time using data, choose Stock Rover.

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#2. Stock Rover vs. Morningstar

If you want charts with the proprietary data that MorningStar provides for their customers, you’re in luck.

Stock Rover uses all of the stock rating data from MorningStar, thanks to a licensing agreement between the two.

MorningStar is more for traders, while Stock Rover is for investors, however. Choose accordingly.

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#3. Stansberry Research vs. Stock Rover

Stansberry is hard to put up against any other platform because every other platform is more transparent than Stansberry Research.

If you have a lot of money to blow, go with Stansberry. Otherwise, use Stock Rover as they provide tools and research, and they do it transparently.

#4. Stock Rover vs. Zacks Research

If you’re looking for more opinionated information, as well as stock picks, choose Zacks Research over Stock Rover.

Zacks Research has been around for decades, and the information they provide is educational and entertaining. If you need tools, however, you’re going to want to use Stock Rover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stock Rover Legit?

Stock Roveris entirely legitimate. They are a tools and features platform with secure brokerage integration. You’ve got nothing to worry about if you use Stock Rover.

Is Stock Rover Free to Use?

Stock Rover does, in fact, have a Free plan. It’s got limited access to all of its powerful tools, and for a beginner investor, it’s a great place to start.

Is Stock Rover Better than The Motley Fool?

That really depends on what you’re looking for. The Motley Fool outshines Stock Rover with their community-based website, but nobody’s tools beat Stock Rover’s. If you want a community, choose The Motley Fool. If you just want data and tools, choose Stock Rover.

Who Should Use Stock Rover?

Beginning investors who need a free plan should use Stock Rover, hands down. Alternatively, the Premium Plus plan is ideal for professionals who need up-to-the-minute data and powerful tools and portfolio management. Stock Rover has a plan for everyone.

Is Stock Rover Worth It?

No matter how much experience you have as an investor, there is a plan offered by Stock Rover that is entirely worth it for you.

Bottom Line: Stock Rover Review

Stock Roveris the champion of investing platforms when it comes to tools.

If you’re looking for the most powerful screener that has more options than you may know what to do with, you’ll find what you want in Stock Rover.

The platform has a plan for everyone, and in addition to offering a free plan, they offer free trials of their more robust versions, as well. Stock Rover is an excellent platform for both beginners and professionals.


To review Stock Rover, analysts evaluated the services reputation, historical performance, features and benefits, pricing, and user experience. These are key decision-making metrics that consumers need to consider to make an informed decision. Analysts tried out the product first-hand and put it through various proprietary tests to better understand the platform, its usability, and the data it provides investors. We also leveraged verified Google reviews, the Better Business Bureau, and TrustPilot to accurately assess the reputation of Stock Rover. Read our editorial guidelines and rating methodology for stock picking services to learn more about the integrity of our reviews. 

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