Swan Bitcoin Review: Pros, Cons, & Pricing

Written by Sean GraytokUpdated: 7th Jun 2022
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Swan Bitcoin is a new platform that revolutionizes how consumers purchase bitcoin. With low-fees, robust platform capabilities, and a unique value proposition, this product deserves a second look.

Continue reading our Swan Bitcoin review to find out how the platform works, its pricing, and how it can help you reach your financial goals.

What is Swan Bitcoin?

Swan Bitcoin is a bitcoin-only accumulation platform with options for one-time purchases and recurring purchase plans.

Swan’s mission is to “walk alongside you on your journey into Bitcoin, the future of money.”

Swan Bitcoin is not a speculative “crypto” exchange; it is a bitcoin savings platform you can use on desktop or mobile.

Swan Bitcoin offers tons of great features for the everyday investor, such as automatic buys on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and also provides white-glove services for corporations and high-net-worth individuals.

After purchasing bitcoin with Swan, your coins can be automatically withdrawn to your self-custody address, or you can keep it in your name with Swan’s institutional-grade custodian for free.

Next, we’ll explore some of the other great services Swan offers.

Swan Bitcoin Platform

Swan Bitcoin Homepage: swanbitcoin.com

What Is Swan Bitcoin Best For?

Accumulating Bitcoin

Trying to time the market is a futile effort for 99% of investors. This is why Swan Bitcoin encourages time in the market versus timing the market.

With Swan’s recurring buy plans, you set an amount, choose daily, weekly, or monthly buys, and Swan handles the rest.

The fiat exchange rate for bitcoin can be volatile – a dollar-cost averaging strategy reduces the anxiety of optimizing an entry point for a lump-sum buy.

You will inevitably buy bitcoin at various highs and lows if you routinely acquire the asset over several years.

This makes volatility less of a factor if you’re concerned with your cost basis.

Additionally, dollar-cost averaging into a hard monetary asset may help you lengthen your time preference.

It may also shift your perspective on bitcoin as an investment to bitcoin as a savings technology.

By exchanging fiat for bitcoin, you are choosing to save your economic energy in a monetary good that cannot be arbitrarily debased.

Helping You On Your Bitcoin Journey

Swan Private can help high-net-worth individuals, businesses, and family offices buy large amounts of bitcoin.

In addition to assisting with large buys, Swan Private offers expert guidance on choosing the right custody option for your assets.

Here are some other benefits that come with Swan Private:

  • Direct access to your dedicated Bitcoin expert by text, email, and phone
  • Hold bitcoin directly in your traditional IRA or Roth IRA
  • Full support for trust, business, and other entity accounts
  • Invitation-only live private insight sessions with open discussion
  • U.S. regulated SOC2 type 2 compliant custody solution

As a Swan Private client, you’ll have unlimited access to the company’s team, strategic resources, and passion for bitcoin.

Bitcoin Education

You can access the company’s comprehensive library of educational bitcoin content if you’re a Swan Private client.

The company’s blog, Swan Signal, offers thoughts and opinions on Bitcoin from the sharpest minds in the space.

The company also does a daily Twitter space called “Cafe Bitcoin” each morning at 6:30 am ET.

This talk radio show covers Bitcoin-related current events and interacts with the audience.

There’s also the weekly Swan Signal podcast frequented by guests like Michael Saylor, Jeff Booth, Parker Lewis, Lyn Alden, and Vijay Boyapati.

In addition to Swan Signal, the company has aggregated a collection of the finest bitcoin content to help you go down the rabbit hole.

It calls this collection the Bitcoin Canon – your one-stop-shop for content on topics such as bitcoin security, privacy, energy use, and thought-provoking essays about what bitcoin means for humanity, among other things.

Swan Bitcoin Mission Statement

Bitcoin Canon: swanbitcoin.com/canon

How Does Swan Bitcoin Work?

You can set up a Swan Bitcoin account in as little as three minutes. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Access to your secure email address
  • Your valid driver’s license or state ID
  • Device with a working camera
  • Active US Bank Account Number & Routing Number

#1. Create Account

Go to the Swan Bitcoin website and enter your email address to get started. Swan will send you an email with a passcode and a link to click to create your account.

Clicking the yellow button will open up a new tab, and you will be prompted to enter the passcode Swan sent you.

Your account will be created after you successfully enter Swan’s passcode.

#2. Verify Your Identity

The second step is to verify your identity. Swan will prompt you to take a photo of your valid driver’s license or state ID.

After photographing the front and back of your ID, you will enter your information as it appears on the form of identification (Swan may auto-populate these fields for you).

The final step of this process is to confirm that you are really you, so Swan will prompt you to hold up your phone’s camera to your face.

#3. Choose Your Savings Plan

The third and final step is to select your Savings Plan. This is where you will enter the amount of dollars worth of bitcoin you want to save every day, week, or month.

Swan Bitcoin How It Works

Please know that you can pause, cancel, or change your recurring deposit plan at any time.

Additionally, you can skip this step if you don’t want to create an automatic buy plan and would rather control the buys yourself via the smash-buy button.

The final part of this step is connecting your bank account to your Swan Bitcoin account.

Enter your bank account and routing number when prompted, and Swan will handle the rest.

That’s it! Your unspent economic value is now preserved in a sound monetary good across time and space.

Swan Bitcoin Features: What We Love

Swan provides many features that align with Bitcoin’s ethos. Here are a few:

  • Self-custody your bitcoin with no withdrawal fees
  • Automatically withdraw your purchased bitcoin to your hardware wallet or other self-custody solution
  • Buy bitcoin for your company, trust, non-profit, checkbook IRA, etc.
  • Low fees relative to popular platforms like Coinbase or Cash App
  • Bitcoin-only service reduces security holes and various fees
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Straightforward user interface and user experience
  • Option to store bitcoin with an institutional-grade custodian for those individuals uncomfortable with taking self-custody (more on this later)

This is not a comprehensive list of Swan’s features, but it’s a good start.

In the graphic below, we will take a closer look at the pros and cons of Swan Bitcoin.

Swan Bitcoin Review: Pros & Cons

Bitcoin-only platformNot for people looking to buy unregistered crypto securities
Easy account setupHigher fees than FTX & Gemini
The automatic dollar-cost average buying planKYC-acquired bitcoin
Responsive customer service from human beings
Additional features for corporations & high-net-worth individuals
Various options for custodial solutions
Simple user interface
Intentional friction before selling your bitcoin
Custodian does not lend or leverage the bitcoin it stores

Swan Bitcoin Fees & Pricing

Swan Bitcoinhas a low commission fee of 0.99% for all purchases.

So if your auto-DCA plan is $100 monthly, your bank account will be charged $100.99 monthly.

According to the company’s website, Swan fees can be 23%-80% cheaper than buying bitcoin through another platform, depending on your purchasing size.

Considering Swan’s impressive customer support team, we believe the 0.99% fee is well-justified.

Using Swan Bitcoin: My Personal Experience

I first heard about Swan Bitcoin on a podcast with the company’s founder Cory Klippsten. I was attracted to the concept of a bitcoin savings platform instead of the typical “crypto” exchanges that have morphed into speculative casinos full of unregistered securities.

I loved the idea of a low-time preference Bitcoin-only platform.

In my opinion, viewing bitcoin as a savings technology – versus viewing it as an investment – is a fundamental shift in perspective and understanding of this discovery.

Swan’s products and ethos align and encourage this thinking.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of Swan’s user interface and user experience. I was able to create a Swan account in minutes and start my savings plan right away.

Moving forward, I will be recommending Swan Bitcoin to my friends and family.

FAQ Section

Can you sell on Swan Bitcoin?

Currently, selling is not available on the front-end user interface of Swan. Swan Bitcoin is a bitcoin accumulation platform for users that want to use bitcoin as a savings technology; it is not for trading. However, if you have bitcoin on Swan’s platform and do need to sell for whatever reason, contact Swan’s client service team, and they will assist you.

How do I withdraw my bitcoin from Swan?

You can manually withdraw your bitcoin from Swan to your own wallet at any time. You also have the option to set up auto-withdrawals to your wallet when your Swan account accumulates a certain amount of bitcoin. For example, Swan will auto-withdraw your purchased bitcoin to your hardware wallet each time your Swan account reaches 0.05 BTC. You have the option to enter a single public address to withdraw to or the option to enter your extended public key (xpub/ypub/zpub) to avoid address reuse and increase your privacy.

Is Swan a Bitcoin exchange?

Swan is a Bitcoin exchange in the sense that you can buy bitcoin on its platform. However, Swan Bitcoin is different from your typical cryptocurrency exchange. It is a Bitcoin-only platform, so you will not see altcoins listed on Swan. Also, there is no sell button on Swan – you must take additional steps with the Swan team before selling your bitcoin.

What are Swan Bitcoin’s fees?

Swan charges 0.99% for all purchases on its platform. This is the purchasing fee regardless of your method of purchase, such as wire transfer, recurring transfer, or instant purchase.

Is Swan good for Bitcoin?

Swan Bitcoin is a secure and easy-to-use platform for buying bitcoin. It simplifies the process of acquiring bitcoin while providing plenty of options for custodying your bitcoin. Also, Swan’s library of educational content will expand your understanding of bitcoin, which tends to grow your conviction and allocation to the asset.

Bottom Line: Swan Bitcoin Review

Swan Bitcoinis one of the fastest-growing bitcoin companies for a reason: it is helping consumers purchase a digital asset that is gaining in value.

This article is for informational purposes only, and it is not intended to be investment advice. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about how we researched and reviewed Swan Bitcoin.

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