Sky Blue Credit Repair Review (2023)

Written by Kim PinnelliUpdated: 6th Feb 2023
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Sky Blue is the only company in the industry that offers a 90-day condition-free money-back guarantee.

There are no terms or conditions other than the 90-day time limit that will void the guarantee. This stands in contrast to the more common guarantee, which is voided by the first deletion.

Find out in this Sky Blue Credit Review why thousands of Americans turn to this trusted brand for credit repair, advice, and more.

What Is Sky Blue Credit Repair?

Sky Blue Credit Repair is one of the oldest and most trusted firms to help Americans repair their credit.

They are a financial services firm that specializes in helping you repair your credit by carefully analyzing your credit report (line-by-line) and identifying negative items as potential dispute candidates.

Sky Blue Credit Review

Founded in 1989, Sky Blue has been on the front lines of helping you – their loyal customer – legally file disputes and fix negative errors that exist on your credit report.

In our most recent round-up of the best credit repair companies, Sky Blue took one of the top spots among its competitors.

How Does Sky Blue Credit Work?

Once you sign up for Sky Blue Credit, they will immediately get to work. Here is how Sky Blue Credit works displayed in a few short steps:

Step 1: Get Your Credit Report 

The Sky Blue Credit Repair team will walk you through the steps of pulling your credit report from the three credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, & TransUnion.

Step 2: Sift Through Your Credit Report Line-by-Line

Once the Sky Blue team receives your reports, they will carefully analyze your credit report in its entirety.

With their deep knowledge and understanding of the credit laws, the experts at Sky Blue can identify every and all problems associated with your credit report. With this insight, they will immediately draft a plan of action.

Step 3: The Dispute Process

Sky Blue has a unique custom dispute process and will re-dispute issues if they are not corrected the first time around.

They will notify you as each round of dispute letters is sent to keep you in the loop and update your online account with the results as they arrive.

Remember, each added point to your credit score can greatly impact your financial life for the better.

How Much Does Sky Blue Credit Repair Cost?

Sky Blue credit repair has a simple and straightforward pricing structure. Sky Blue charges a $79 monthly fee and a one-time $79 setup fee.

  • Membership for Individuals: $79/Month with a one-time $79 initial work fee.
  • Membership for Couples: $119/Month with a one-time $119 initial work fee.

Once you pay the $79 set up fee (charged after 6 days you sign up), Sky Blue will begin an in-depth review of your credit report. After the review, if there are no potential candidates for dispute, they will tell you that.

The last thing Sky Blue wants to do is force their service on you even if they know it will not be successful. After all, your credit may not as bad as you might think it is.

Additionally, Sky Blue Credit Repair offers a discount for couples. If you both sign-up, it will cost $119/month with a one-time $119 first-work fee.

All-in-all, Sky Blue Credits prices are in line with the industry average. What we like, though, is how there is only one package to choose from. In addition, during the credit repair process, Sky Blue will not upcharge or cross-sell you additional features.

How Long Does Sky Blue Take to Repair Your Credit? 

While results may vary per individual, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing Sky Blue is working around the clock to help you repair your credit.

Quick note, once Sky Blue Creditfiles an official dispute with one of the three credit bureaus, they then have 30-days to respond.

So, if you are not seeing immediate results, do not worry. Repairing your credit is a long but necessary process that requires back and forth communication between Sky Blue and the three credit bureaus.

Most customers start to see their credit improve after 30-days, which makes sense because Sky Blue starts the dispute process immediately.

But again, if you have poor credit, it may take longer because Sky Blue needs to file more disputes.

Who Is Sky Blue Credit Repair Best For? 

Sky Blue credit repair is best for individuals or couples with poor credit. As a credit repair service, Sky Blue is well-positioned to meet the needs of both individuals and couples who want to increase their credit score.

The best time to use Sky Blue credit is before you apply for a loan or mortgage. Why? Even just a few points added to your credit score can make a world of difference.

Financial institutions give lower interest rates to those who have a good/great credit score, which Sky Blue can undeniably get you to.

How Do I Sign Up for Sky Blue Credit? 

Signing up for Sky Blue has never been easier. Over at their secure website, you can sign up with ease. It follows a quick three-step process.

Step 1: Tell them About Yourself

This step is simple and straightforward. Sky Blue needs to know your name, email, address, and a few other personal questions before they begin.

Step 2: Enter Billing Information 

As you can imagine, this step is also straightforward and painless. Next, you need to enter your credit card information.

After this step, a credit expert from Sky Blue will reach out to you and will begin the process of repairing your credit.

Step 3: Get Started Repairing Your Credit

After your account is created and verified, you have unlimited access to the Sky Blue online portal, where you can track the credit repair process, speak with credit professionals, and more.

Pros of Using Sky Blue Credit:

  • Pro Analysis: Sky Blue Credit will identify the most prominent candidates for dispute. Like we said earlier, they will review your credit report line-by-line. Remember, every Point Matters.
  • A+ BBB Rating: This is no small task and is commendable to the team over at Sky Blue. For example, Lexington Law – a competitor of Sky Blue Credit – holds a C rating from the BBB.
  • Lightning Fast: They will dispute 15 items (5 per bureau) every 35 days. Other companies will only send one round of disputes and will not follow up with the credit bureaus.
  • Score Monitoring: Sky Blue Credit also provides tailored credit score assistance. They will teach you about credit and show you what steps you should take to raise your score further and build credit responsibly.
  • Straight Forward Pricing: $79/Month. There are no tiers. It is a one-package for all. This fair pricing model is designed to help you make an easy decision and is proof positive that all customers are treated equally.
  • Credit Rebuilding: Tailored insight to help you open new credit cards and manage a balance that is optimized for the best FICO score possible. Sky Blue Credit will teach you how to build credit responsibly and effectively.
  • Assistance with Debt Validation: Debt validation is a unique service only offered by a handful of credit repair companies. Sky Blue Credit will send debt validation letters to your creditors, and if they cannot provide proof that you actually “owe” the debt, then they must delete the negative entry from your credit report.
  • Goodwill Letters: Writing a goodwill letter is often a daunting task; however, Sky Blue Credit makes it easy. On your behalf, they will write a customized goodwill letter. This is essentially a polite way of asking your creditors to remove the negative item from your credit report without paying off the debt.
  • Cease & Desist Letters: While you are working with Sky Blue Credit, they will send Cease & Desist Letters to your creditors, telling them to halt all collection efforts. However, they only send cease & desist letters if you have explicitly given them permission because these letters can lead to legal action. So read the fine print and consult with Sky Blue Credit before you move forward with this.
  • Debt Settlement Consultation: If you plan to pay a debt, Sky Blue Credit will help you craft a game plan that may lead to a reduced payoff amount or removal from your credit report. Again, this is an additional service that isn’t offered by many.
  • Credit Education Resources: Apart from personal consultation, Sky Blue Credit also has a library of educational resources at your disposal. These guides will help you build credit responsibly and straighten your personal finances.
  • Online Portal Access: All Sky Blue Credit customers get access to an online portal where they can pay their bills, cancel/pause the service, ask questions, and schedule consultations.
  • Free Credit Reports: Sky Blue customers get monthly credit reports free of charge. Other credit repair companies will charge you for each credit report they pull.
  • 90-Day Condition-Free Guarantee: If you are unsatisfied with the service, you can ask for your money back. Sky Blue Credit will not ask you questions or charge you per-diems.

What to Watch Out for:

  • No Legal Staff: Unfortunately, Sky Blue Credit does not have a burgeoning legal staff, which some customers prefer. That said, a legal staff is not common, and only a few companies offer full-time access to licensed lawyers.

How Does Sky Blue Credit Repair Compare to Other Companies?

#1. Credit Saint vs. Sky Blue Credit

Credit Saint offers a 90-day money-back guarantee and straightforward credit repair. Offering three packages (Clean Slate, Credit Remodel, & Credit Polish), Credit Saint will send unlimited challenges to all three credit bureaus.

Additionally, Credit Saint offers creditor interventions, Experian Monitoring, a robust Credit Score Tracker, and inquiry targeting.

Like Sky Blue Credit, Credit Saint brings a personalized and tailored experience to the credit repair process.

>> More: Credit Saint Review and Credit Saint vs. Sky Blue Credit

#2. Lexington Law vs. Sky Blue Credit

Lexington Law is the oldest credit repair firm in the United States. Staffed by a team of licensed lawyers, they offer three packages: PremierPlus, Concord Premier, & Concord Standard.

Lexington Law will help you file disputes with all three credit bureaus, and customers traditionally stick around for 6 months.

Additionally, Lexington Law will also escalate disputes that are taking longer than usual and will provide you with complimentary credit monitoring depending on what package you purchase.

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#3. vs. Sky Blue Credit Repair is one of the cheapest services on the market; however, do not expect personalized assistance.

They offer a “one size fits all” credit repair package that doesn’t come with any bells and whistles.

However, their package will still help you file disputes with all three credit bureaus, and they will provide you a free credit improvement plan and free credit score summary.

All in all, isn’t our top choice, but it is more budget-friendly.

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#4. Tradeline Supply vs. Sky Blue Credit

Tradelines allow you to ‘piggyback’ off of someone else’s credit and benefit from their strong financial habits, such as paying off debt on time and using their credit card responsibly.

Tradeline Supplyoffers some of the cheapest tradelines on the market. In addition, they are transparent about how they work and whether or not you should use one.

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Sky Blue Credit FAQs

What Can Sky Blue Credit NOT Do?

No credit repair company can guarantee you results or remove items that are proven to be accurate, and Sky Blue Credit is no exception.

Items that are proven to be accurate, unfortunately, cannot be removed. So, for example, if Sky Blue Credit submits a dispute, and the creditor can provide proof of the debt you owe, then they legally cannot remove it from your credit report.

Can Sky Blue Credit Remove Late Payments?

It depends. If a creditor inaccurately reported a negative line item, such as a late payment, Sky Blue Creditwill file a dispute with all three credit bureaus.

If the item is proven to be inaccurate, then the credit bureaus will remove it from your credit report.

However, removing late payments from your credit report is never guaranteed. It can only be done if it is inaccurately reported.

How Do I Cancel Sky Blue Credit Repair? 

If you need to cancel the service, just call or email Sky Blue Credit. It is important to note, unlike most companies that charge a per-diem at cancellation (for all days since your last payment), Sky Blue charges no final payment.

Moreover, Sky Blue Credit also allows its customers to pause the service. This is different from cancelling because it will keep your account open, so if you do want to continue within a few months, they can pick up right where they left off.

This feature can be accessed from your Sky Blue Online portal.

Is Sky Blue Credit Repair Legit

Yes! For over 20 years, Sky Blue credit repair has helped countless Americans improve their credit score and overall credit health.

Above all, this company produces results, which is evident by the customer testimonials.

Is Sky Blue Credit Repair Good?

Sky Blue Credit Repair is one of the best credit repair companies. They are staffed by a team of experts who can help you remove negative itemschallenge collections, and optimize your credit score.

Additionally, they are affordable, so if you are strapped for cash and still want to repair your credit, Sky Blue has a lot to offer.

Bottom Line: Sky Blue Credit Repair Review

Sky Blue is the right choice for you if you are ready to get serious about your credit score.

Backed by a team of experts, Sky Blue continues to deliver nothing but exceptional results for its customers. So, if you are ready to repair your credit and finally refinance your loans at a lower interest rate, then I highly encourage you to sign up.

In just a few short months, your credit score can improve, and it will with the help of Sky Blue credit repair.


To test, assess, and evaluate Sky Blue Credit Repair we reviewed the company’s industry reputation, results, support and educational resources, pricing structure, transparency. security, features, and customer experience. To accurately assess the reputation and results of the company, we leveraged third-party sites, such as the Better Business Bureau, CFPB, TrustPilot, and verified Google reviews. Read more about our editorial integrity and credit repair rating methodology to understand the review process. 

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