2022 Memorial Day Weekend Statistics & Facts: Honoring America’s Heroes

Written by Ashley FranklinUpdated: 24th Mar 2022
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Warm weather, barbecues, and beaches. Oh, and don’t forget about the Memorial Day sales!

Yes, it’s that time of year again when Americans across the country come together to celebrate our fallen servicemen and women.

But how much do we know about this patriotic holiday? Here are some interesting Memorial Day facts and figures to prepare you for the long weekend.

Memorial Day Traveling Statistics and Facts

Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. This high volume is many reasons: gas prices are low, schools are out, and people have more daylight hours to travel.

Whatever the reason, if you’re hitting the road this Memorial Day weekend, be prepared for traffic congestion and long lines at airports and checkpoints. So don’t forget to pack your patience!

#1. 37 million Americans Were Forecast to Travel for Memorial Day 2022

The number of Americans taking trips during this holiday has been steadily increasing over recent years- an increase that’s expected again next year!

#2. That’s 60% More Than the Number of Americans Who Traveled in 2020

The pandemic brought Memorial Holiday plans to a halt in 2020 due to travel restrictions, but that hasn’t discouraged many people from hitting the road since.

#3. Over 2.6 million Americans Typically Fly on the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend

That’s a lot more people than usual, making traffic worse at airports across the country.

#4. 415 People May Die on U.S Roads This Memorial Day Weekend

Unfortunately, Memorial Day isn’t without its dangers. Most fatalities occur this holiday weekend due to traffic accidents.

So be sure to buckle up and drive safely!

#5. Over 40 million Americans Visit Arlington Cemetery Every Year to Honor Those Who Died Fighting for Our Country

This is just one of the many ways Americans choose to commemorate Memorial Day.

#6. 18 million Americans will Spend Memorial Day Camping

Camping is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just relax.

That’s why so many Americans choose to camp over Memorial Day Weekend.

Memorial Day Spending Statistics

It’s no secret that Americans love to spend money, and Memorial Day weekend is no exception. In fact, according to shopping data, retail sales tend to increase significantly during this three-day holiday weekend.

So, what do we tend to buy the most? Clothes, food, drinks (especially alcoholic beverages), gifts, and travel are the most popular items. And it’s not just individual consumers who are spending more money; businesses are too.

So why do we spend so much money over this holiday? There are likely many reasons, but one of them may be that we see Memorial Day as a chance to celebrate our freedom and the sacrifices that have been made for us.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Americans love to spend money over Memorial Day weekend!

#7. The Hotels Over Memorial Day Weekend Are 37% More Expensive Than Normal

Hotels experience a surge in demand and prices over the long weekend, so if you’re planning on booking a room, it’s best to do so in advance!

#8. Airfare Prices Over Memorial Day Weekend Are 43% More Expensive Than Usual

Not only are hotels more expensive, but airfare is too! So, if you’re planning on flying to your destination, make sure to book your tickets with plenty of time to spare.

#9. The Discount You Can Expect on Memorial Day Will Be Around 30%

Memorial Day is a great time to stock up on summer essentials like swimwear, patio furniture, and grilling supplies.

You can expect to see discounts of around 30% on these items, so it’s worth shopping ahead of time!

#10. 17% of Americans Plan to Get Together with Family for Memorial Day

If you’re planning on spending time with family this weekend, you’re not alone! 17% of Americans will be doing the same, so make sure to have some fun activities planned.

#11. Only 3% of Americans Plan to Attend a Memorial Day Community Event

Plenty of community events are happening across the country, from parades to memorials to commemorate Memorial Day.

However, only a small percentage of people plan to attend one.

#12. Travel Will Cost Americans More Than $12,000,000,000 This Memorial Day

That’s a lot of zeros! So, if you’re planning on hitting the road this Memorial Day, you can expect to spend a pretty penny.

#13. Beer accounts for 47% of Consumer Alcohol Spending During Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is a time for celebration, and what better way to celebrate than with a cold beer?

Beer sales surge during the weekend, so stock up ahead of time.

#14. Over Memorial Day Weekend, Americans Will Spend About $4.7 Billion on Gasoline

With so many people hitting the road, you can expect gasoline prices to be higher than usual.

Make sure to fill up your tank before heading out to avoid paying premium prices.

#15. Over 100,000 People Travel to Myrtle Beach for Memorial Day

And that number is only going up each year. If you’re looking for a beach destination to celebrate Memorial Day, Myrtle Beach is the place to go.

#16. Memorial Day weekend saw nearly $100 million in movie ticket sales in the United States in 2017

Memorial Day weekend is a huge moviegoing weekend, with people flocking to the theaters to see the latest blockbusters.

General Memorial Day Statistics

#17. Memorial Day Weekend Is a Barbecue Weekend for 56% of Americans

Nothing says summer like a good old-fashioned barbecue, and many Americans agree!

Over half of Americans will be firing up the grill this Memorial Day Weekend, so make sure you have all your barbecue essentials on hand.

#18. Memorial Day Has Been a Federally Recognized Holiday for 51 Years

In 1971, Congress declared Memorial Day a national holiday to honor those who died while serving in the military.

#19. An Annual Memorial Service Is Held at 3:00 P.M. Every Memorial Day

No matter where you live, a national moment of silence will be observed at 3:00 P.M. on Memorial Day to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

#20. Among Americans, only 28% Are Aware of Memorial Day’s Significance

While most Americans celebrate Memorial Day Weekend in some way, many are unaware of the holiday’s significance.

Educate your friends and family about what Memorial Day is all about!

#21. Memorial Day and Labor Day Are Separated by Approximately 100 Days

This marks the traditional end of summer, so get ready for the cooler weather!

#22. During Memorial Day Weekend, More Than 27,000 Weddings Take Place

It’s a popular time to tie the knot!

So, if you’re planning on getting married this year, keep Memorial Day Weekend in mind.

How Many Americans Traveled on Memorial Day Weekend?

According to recent studies, over 37 million Americans will travel for Memorial Day weekend.

The vast majority of travelers will be driving to their destination, so it’s important to be aware of increased traffic. If you’re planning on traveling, be sure to allow extra time for your trip and be mindful of other drivers.

What Percentage of Americans Work on Memorial Day?

According to a recent poll, 10% of adults in the United States plan to work on Memorial Day.

This holiday is a chance to relax and enjoy time with family and friends for many people.

However, some workers feel that they can’t afford to take the day off. And for many, it isn’t a paid holiday.

Is Memorial Day a Big Travel Day?

Yes, Memorial Day is one of the busiest travel days. There are a few reasons for this.

First, it’s the unofficial start of summer, so many people want to take advantage of the long weekend and get away from it all. Second, schools are out for the summer, so families are taking their vacations now. And finally, many retailers offer big sales and promotions over Memorial Day weekend, so people travel to popular shopping destinations.

Do Most Families Go to the Beach Memorial Day Weekend?

Yes, beaches around the country open for the first time on Memorial Day weekend. As the unofficial kickoff to summer, it’s a time when families come together to enjoy some sun and surf.

For many people, Memorial Day Weekend is also synonymous with the start of the summer travel season.

Bottom Line: Memorial Day Statistics

This Memorial Day Weekend, take some time to remember the sacrifices that have been made for our country. And while you’re at it, enjoy some of the many celebrations taking place in honor of America’s heroes.

The statistics show that Americans love spending money and traveling over Memorial Day Weekend. So, whether you’re traveling, spending time with family and friends, or shopping till you drop, there’s something for everyone this Memorial Day weekend.

Enjoy all that America has to offer – from the festivities happening nationwide to the freedoms we can enjoy every day. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!


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