The Credit Pros Review: The Details You Need to Know

Updated: 20th Jan 2021
Written by Drew Cheneler
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The Credit Pros

The Credit People utilizes Artificial Intelligence to help you create debt validation letters, goodwill letters, disputes, and more. This is an all in one solution to your most pressing credit problems.


In this Article: The Credit Pros Credit Repair Review. Find out if this credit repair company is the best option for you.

In this review, we cover The Credit Pros, one of the best credit repair companies. The Credit Pros is an AI-driven personal credit improvement system.

From its powerful AI-Driven technological system, to its straightforward pricing structure, and everything in between, this review of The Credit Pros will help you make a simple financial decision.

Let’s get this party started!

Founded in 2009, The Credit Pros is a Financial Technology (FinTech) firm that specializes in helping you – and countless others – repair their credit.

Unlike their competitors, The Credit Pros rely on data-driven artificial intelligence to restore your credit. Along the way they provide helpful tips, credit monitoring tools, and more.

Who Are The Credit Pros?

The Credit Pros is a FinTech firm that specializes in credit repair and educated their customers on what steps to take to improve their overall credit health.

Founded by Jason Kaplan – a licensed attorney and credit expert – The Credit Pros has already been recognized by Inc Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in America.

This credit repair company helps you take the necessary steps you need to take to increase your credit score. They also provided tailored advice to help you better understand your credit score and what may impact it.

Above all, they are deeply committed to providing each one of their customers with the best customer experience, which is evident in their easy-to-use online portal and software.

The Credit Pros Review: A Premiere Credit Repair Company


What Does the Credit Pros Do? 

Fueled by a team of FICO credit experts, licensed attorneys, and robust AI – Data Driven technology, The Credit Pros is a registered and bonded credit repair service that helps you repair your credit through their monthly subscription.

Fret not – their team tailors the user experience to meet your credit needs. As they tout, The Credit Pros can help you even with the most potent credit problems, such removing a collection from your credit report.

Here is a complete list of what credit repair services The Credit Pros Offer:

What Does the Credit Pros Cover?

The Credit Pros provides their loyal customers with a robust identity and credit monitoring service. This includes monitoring the Dark web and the entire internet, so rest assured with The Credit Pros you are safe and secure.

Additionally, they also provide free credit consultation, file disputes with the three credit bureaus on your behalf, and so much more.

The Credit Pros: What Do They Do? Repair Credit.

The Credit Pros will help you:

Their Dispute Avalanche is what separates them from the other credit repair companies. Essentially, The Credit Pros will keep filing disputes letters until the credit issue is resolved (to the best of their ability).

Like we said, The Credit Pros will fight tooth and nail for you. They know how significant it is for their customers to improve their credit score, and they do not take the responsibility lightly.

How Much Does the Credit Pros Cost? 

The Credit Pros operates as a monthly subscription service. They currently offer four different packages: CreditSentry Monitoring, Money Management, Prosperity Package, & Success Package.

  • CreditSentry Monitoring ($19/Month) – This package is best for those who want to protect and monitor their credit. This package includes a free credit report, and their renowned credit monitoring service. Additionally, this package will monitor your social security, pay-day, social media, and the Dark web.
  • Money Management ($69/Month) – This package includes their identity protection, but it also includes their elite budgeting system and their standout credit repair service, where they lawfully dispute errors with the three credit bureaus on your behalf.
  • Prosperity Package ($119/Month) – As you can guess, this package includes everything in the first two, but you also get access to their coveted medical prescription plan. As they tout, this plan can save you up to 80% on medication. Almost to good to be true.
  • Success Package ($149/Month) – This package includes absolutely everything that The Credit Pros has to offer, but also gives you a $1,500 line of credit which allows you to build a strong credit history. Again, this package grants you access to their identity protection service, credit repair, educational resources, and their elite medical prescription plan. This package is well situated to help those in dire need of credit restoration.

Do Previous Customers Like the Credit Pros? 

Consumer Affairs – With over 37 ratings from previous customers, The Credit Pros received an average of four stars. Their previous customers highlight the exceptional customer service and timely results.

But remember, credit repair is not a quick fix, it often takes months and months; however, with patience you will be rewarded.

Better Business Bureau – The Credit Pros received an A+ from the BBB, which is an impressive feat.

Customers on this website have expressed gratitude towards The Credit Pros and are satisfied with the results. Some state that their service allowed them to apply for various loans at competitive interest rate.

How Long Does the Credit Pros Take to Repair Your Credit? 

Remember, repairing your credit is a long process that requires a team of experts. And as we all know, each of us have a different level of need, so results may vary. Some people start seeing results within 30 days, but most see the true benefit of working with an established and reputable credit repair firm within 90-days.

If you are looking for a quick fix to credit, then look elsewhere and if you find a firm that repairs credit overnight then let me know, but you won’t.

It is important to note, that once the credit bureaus receive your letters of dispute – which The Credit Pros draft and send on your behalf – they only have 30-days to respond.

So, you may see your credit score increase after this 30 – day window, but sometimes they will request additional information, which The Credit Pros will provide after they consult with you.

Further, no credit repair company can guarantee you results; however, they are in a strong position to do so based off their industry experience and knowledge of the credit repair process.

The Credit Pros Benefits:

  • Better Business Bureau Rates the Credit Pros with an A+
  • 24/7 Access – They provide an easy-to-use online portal where you can track your progress every day.
  • Unlimited Disputes – The Credit Pros will fight tooth and nail for you. As much as you do, they want to see your credit score improve.
  • Powered by AI – Technology streamlines the credit repair process, leaving you with little work to do.
  • 90 – Day Money Back Guarantee – That’s right. The Credit Pros will refund you if you are not satisfied with the results.

The Credit Pros Downsides: 

  • Slightly Expensive – Though the price may seem steep, credit repair is an upfront investment that has the potential to save you thousands later in your life with a lower interest rate on your loan or mortgage.
  • Does Not Provide Services to ever State. The Credit Pros does not service Maine & Kansas

Who Are the Credit Pros Best For? 

The Credit Pros is best for those in need of a credit monitoring service and are looking to restore their credit. Bringing their customers next generation technology, The Credit Pros can provide you with the credit repair that you need to live a healthy financial life.

Above all, The Credit Pros are known for solving the most complex credit issues and improving credit scores.

How Do I Sign Up for The Credit Pros? 

Signing up for The Credit Pros has never been easier. As they tout, “it only takes 90 seconds to sign up,” which you can do either online on their secure website, or over the phone at (800) 411 – 3050.

Is The Credit Pros Legit

Yes, The Credit Pros is legit. As an insured and bonded credit repair agency with great results, The Credit Pros are redefining what it means to be a credit repair service.

With their proprietary AI-infused technology, The Credit Pros currently serve thousands of customers, while simultaneously achieving an A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

Alternatives to The Credit Pros:

  • Credit Saint – Slowly but surely becoming one of the most popular and top performing credit repair companies in the industry.
  • Sky Blue Credit Repair – The cheapest credit repair company. They bring valuable experience and tailored advice to help you make the most of your credit score.

The Credit Pros Review: Is It the Right Choice? 

So, if you are looking for more than just a credit repair company, then look no further. Apart from their standout credit repair services, The Credit Pros also provide robust credit monitoring, select lines of credit, and a medical prescription plan that can save you up to 80% on medical expenses.

So, they are a great partner if you are looking to improve your credit score.

Above all, The Credit Pros views treats each customer with dignity and respect, which is often hard to find in this industry.

They understand the nuances of carrying poor credit, which is why they are deeply committed to each customer.

The Credit Pros bring forth an unwavering commitment to helping you – their loyal customer – live a better financial life.

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