Tradeline Supply Review 2023: Pros, Cons, & Fees

Written by Kim PinnelliUpdated: 6th Feb 2023
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Having credit is a necessity when navigating through various parts of life. It affects your ability to get a loan, to purchase a car, home, and other big-ticket items.

Most employers will check credit scores as a part of their hiring process as well. To get a cell phone plan or apartment lease, you will also need credit. So, what do you do if you have a low credit score?

Purchasing a tradeline is one solution that has helped thousands of individuals in this situation.

The term “tradeline” is a name for any credit account that appears on someone’s credit report.

How tradelines work is that it gives someone seeking to improve their credit score an “authorized user” position on a credit card.

This person is not held liable for any charges that occur on the account. But the credit card history of the primary account holder is added to the authorized user’s credit report as well.

By inheriting the payment history of the credit card, it can boost the authorized user’s credit score.

Tradeline Supply is one of the best tradeline companies around. They offer an intuitive online platform that enables people to buy and sell tradelines with ease.

Read our in-depth review of Tradeline Supply if you are considering this credit-building strategy.

What is Tradeline Supply Company? Who Are They?

Tradeline Supply Company was founded in 2017, making it one of the newest players to enter the tradeline industry. On their platform, users can easily search for tradelines that are within their budget.

Being added as an authorized user to another person’s account is what a ‘tradeline’ buys someone.

Acting as the middleman between buyers and sellers is where Tradeline Supply thrives. And let me be clear, they are the best tradeline company.

It is important to note, that Tradeline Supply does not guarantee that your credit score will increase from purchasing a tradeline. By law, NO credit repair firm can guarantee results.

This guidance is outlined in the Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA), which was established to protect consumers.

Access to credit accounts that have a long history, positive payment history, or both is what Tradeline Supply Company provides users access to.

Improve your credit score by purchasing a Tradeline.

If you are ready to increase your credit score, the purchase a Tradeline!

How Does Tradeline Supply Company Work?

Tradeline SupplyCompany works as the middleman for buyers and sellers of tradelines. This is like how eBay and Amazon work for those that use their platform to buy and sell products.

Once someone purchases a tradeline, you will be added to the selected account as an authorized user for a specified period. Your status will remain for the amount of time it takes for your credit history to improve.

Since they cannot guarantee a user will increase their credit score by purchasing a tradeline, they’ve made other guarantees that should give peace of mind:

  • A minimum of two reporting cycles as an authorized user on the purchased tradeline.
  • Two out of the three credit bureaus will receive reporting during these reporting cycles.
  • Every tradeline on their platform is guaranteed to have a credit utilization ratio of 15 percent or less.
  • A good payment history that’s absent of late payments on every tradeline.

How will Tradeline Supply Improve my Credit Score?

Buying a tradeline through Tradeline Supply Company gives you temporary access to someone else’s credit account. Sometimes parents will add their child as an authorized user to their credit card to help them improve their credit history.

But those that do not have a parent or other relative to help them can buy a tradeline as an alternative.

Once you’re added as an authorized user, you are given a boost to your credit history that can be leveraged to help qualify for a loan.

Potential lenders will see the credit history and positive payment history from the tradeline, which can increase your chances of being approved for a loan.

Here are three ways that purchasing a tradeline can help:

1. The Lengthy Credit History of the Account is Yours

The account’s history is temporarily part of your credit report. Those who have little or no credit history benefit the most from this bump.

2. Improved Credit Utilization

Credit utilization is the amount of credit you are using versus how much total available credit is available.

For example, if you have a credit card that has a $1,000 credit limit and you have a balance of $300, then your credit utilization is 30 percent.

Keeping your credit utilization below 30 percent is best practice. Now, if you add a tradeline that has a $10,000 cred limit, that brings your total available credit to $10,700. Your new credit utilization is 2.8 percent.

3. You Get the Benefit of the Account’s (on-time) Payment History

The established positive payment history of the tradeline benefits your credit when the account is posted to your credit file.

How Fast does Tradeline Supply take to Improve My Credit Score?

As we stated earlier, a tradeline company cannot make rash or bold claims about improving your credit history.

Tradeline Supply offers tradelines with positive payment history, and authorized user access to a tradeline for at least two reporting cycles.

As long as you purchase the tradeline by the “purchase by date” specified, they will guarantee that it will appear on your credit file in the next reporting cycle.

Here is the example that’s shared on Tradeline Supply Company’s website:

“If the purchase by date is the 5th and the reporting period is the 16th-23rd, as long as you buy the tradeline on or before the 5th, we guarantee it will post between the 16th-23rd of that date.”

Yes, it is absolutely legal to sell your credit history. Credit cardholders can legally add anyone they choose to their credit card. Accepting payments to add someone to your credit card is legal as well.

Tradeline Supply will verify that you have the right type of tradeline. They will check your credit cards and let you know whether or not you’re authorized to sell credit.

Once you’re provided with the information necessary to add an authorized user, you will have control over the entire process.

The new credit card can be sent to your address. Your name, credit card number, address, Social Security number, and other personal information is not shared with the person who buys your credit history.

Tradeline Supply Review: Should I Sell my Credit through Tradeline Supply?

If you are looking to make a quick buck, then selling a tradeline is a side hustle worth considering. In fact, people have reported making north of $500/month with very little effort. However, like all things there is risk. But also a chance of making some serious money (on the side of your full time job).

Selling your credit through Tradeline Supply is legit and worry free. Whether to sell your credit throughTradeline Supply is ultimately a decision that only you can make.

Tradeline Supply is the only company I would consider selling my credit through to turn a profit. 

How Much Does Tradeline Supply Cost?

Three package deal discounts are available through Tradeline Supply. These include:

  1. Buy 2 tradelines – Receive 10 percent off the second tradeline.
  2. Purchase 3 tradelines – Receive 10 percent off the second tradeline and 20 percent off the third tradeline.
  3. Buy 4 or more tradelines – Receive 10 percent off the second tradeline, 20 percent off the third tradeline, and 30 percent off the fourth tradeline and all additional tradelines.

Below is a graphic that outlines the Tradeline Packages:

Tradeline Supply is the cheapest place to buy reputable tradelines from.

How to Choose a Tradeline?

The cost of buying a tradeline is determined by two factors:

  • Credit Limit – The maximum amount that can be charged on a credit card.
  • Length of Credit History – how long the credit card account has been opened.

Both of these factors can make a positive impact on your credit score. Still, the decision of what tradeline to buy will depend on your credit history and your financial goals.

Those who are considering purchasing a trade are one of two types of consumers:

  • Have little or no credit history – Adding a couple of tradelines that have extended credit histories with on-time payments will benefit these consumers. Stories of people who have increased their credit score with jumps of 100 to 200 or more points occur with these types of consumers.
  • Dilute your payment history – If your credit report has delinquencies and late payments recorded, adding a tradeline with a long credit history and on-time payments will dilute your negative history.

How Much Money Can I Make Selling My Credit through Tradeline Supply?

Tradeline Supply doesn’t outline specifically how much you can make by selling your credit. But there is some general information provided which you can use to determine how much you could potentially make.

Their commission typically ranges from $50 to $350 for each authorized user spot that’s sold.

Authorized users will stay on your credit account for around two months, which means the turnover is frequent.

Tradeline Supply generally allows a seller to sell two authorized user spots every two months for each credit card.

How Long Does It Take to Purchase a Tradeline?

Transactions on Tradeline Supply all occur online through their platform. This allows the purchase process to be nearly instantaneous.

The time it takes for the tradeline to post to your credit file will take longer. After making a tradeline purchase, there are documents required which must be uploaded to their website.

This includes your driver’s license and social security card. There is also some time that passes before the tradeline is identified and reported by the credit card company.

Tradeline Supply Company guarantees that if you buy a tradeline by the “purchase by date” it will be posted to the next reporting cycle. Purchases that are made after that date will not post until the following reporting cycle.

How Much do tradelines Cost?

Tradeline Supply offers some of the cheapest tradelines. On average, they cost as much as half of what competitors charge. Seasoned tradelines can be purchased for as low as $150.

They only sell authorized user accounts to certain banks and credit card companies to help keep their costs down. Some companies don’t post properly to credit reports, which drives up the price.

Tradeline Supply Company Review: Is Tradeline Supply Legit?

Although Tradeline Supply is newer, it has worked hard to avoid bad reviews and questionable business practices that are plagued by the industry.

The Better Business Bureau, a business watchdog that institutes a stride code of business ethics to its members, has accredited Tradeline Supply.

How Long do Tradelines Stay on Your Credit Report?

Tradeline Supply guarantees that a tradeline will stay on your credit report for at least two reporting cycles. That is good for essentially two months.

Pros of Tradeline Supply


Since it works by increasing the credit utilization and credit length of a user, using Tradeline Supply is an effective way to help improve your credit.

They only work with sellers that have credit accounts with companies that have a track record of accurately reporting authorized user information to the credit bureaus.

Additionally, all their sellers have a credit utilization of less than 15 percent and no late payments in their credit history.


Tradeline Supply Company has the least expensive pricing models out there. Many tradelines from other competitors will cost you almost double the cost for a similar account found on their platform.

Customer Support

Positive customer reviews indicate that Tradeline Supply responds promptly to all concerns. This is an essential factor when choosing a company in any industry to do business with.

Easy to Use

Their platform is straightforward to understand. You know precisely what you’re getting with each tradeline. You can sort through tradelines based on the bank, credit limit, date when the card was opened, and more to find the right account for your specific needs.

There is a 24-hour approval period from the time you apply, which does slow down the process.

Cons of Tradeline Supply

Expensive rates for Top Tradelines

Tradeline Supply’s best tradelines are expensive. For those trying to improve their credit history, it could cost quite a bit to purchase a tradeline that aligns with your financial goals.

Credit Reporting times

If you do not purchase a tradeline by the “Purchase by date”, you could be waiting up to six weeks to see it on your credit report. Unfortunately, this delays the positive results they are notorious for.

5 Alternatives to Tradeline Supply Company

1. Repair Your Credit

Credit repair companies can help people by reviewing their credit reports and removing or correcting items that have been reported inaccurately.

They will dispute errors such as incorrect inquires, inaccurate accounts, and duplicate accounts which can take a toll on your credit score. This results in an improvement in their credit score.

Some credit repair companies also offer credit monitoring to keep you alerted on changes to your credit history or score.

Others provide credit counseling to help create a plan to manage your credit. If you want to follow a more “DIY” approach, then review our selection of the best credit repair software.

2. BoostCredit101

BoostCredit101 is a competitor to Tradeline Supply that has garnered attention as a tradeline provider across the internet. They offer free tradeline consultations to those who are not sure if a tradeline is a right fit for their credit needs.

During this consultation, they can also explain how credit in general works and how tradelines work to help improve people’s credit. Consumers have complained though about their lack of care and were very salesy. 

However, their wholesales tradelines are more expensive, and the quality is not as good as Tradeline Supply. So, if you are serious about purchasing a tradeline, then Tradeline Supply is your best bet.

3. CreditPro

Another alternative tradeline company, CreditPro, has been around since 2007. CreditPro is a wholesaler to reseller tradeline providers. So, you will need to find a reseller that works with them to get access to their tradelines.

4. Open a Secured Credit Card

Those who have no credit, limited credit, or bad credit are not likely to qualify for a traditional credit card. If the reason you are pursuing a tradeline is to get a credit card, you might be able to qualify for a secured credit card.

A secure credit card works by holding money, which is called collateral in exchange for a credit card. It allows you to build credit as you make purchases and payments on the card.

5. Credit Builder Loan

Credit builder loans are another financial product used by people with limited or no credit to build their history. A lender holds your payments in a bank account or CD account until you have made all of your payments.

Once this occurs, you are sent the proceeds of the loan in one big lump sum. Credit checks are not required to obtain a credit builder loan.

Another benefit is that it adds to your credit mix since it is considered a loan product that can help increase your credit score.

Three Reasons Why We Love Tradeline Supply

Being one of the newer players in the tradelines industry hasn’t been a handicap for Tradeline Supply. There are many reasons why we love Tradeline Supply, but here are our top three:

1. They are Trustworthy

The tradeline industry gets a bad rap from questionable business practices and poor customer reviews. But Tradeline Supply’s CEO has set out to achieve the goal of treating their customers professionally.

Their Better Business Bureau accreditation shows their dedication to building trust, honest advertising, integrity, honoring promises, transparency, and other business virtues.

2. Favorable Customer Results

Tradeline Supply vets all sellers on their platform to ensure that they meet their high standards.

This includes making sure that they have credit accounts with individual banks that have a good reputation of reporting authorized users, have a history of on-time payments, and keep their credit utilization below 15 percent.

By ensuring that their “product” meets these standards, this, in turn, has enabled them to help their customers improve their credit history and score.

3. Affordable Pricing

The pricing model that Tradeline Supply offers make buying a tradeline affordable. Often, a customer needs to purchase multiple tradelines. Their pricing and discount model allows customers to achieve their financial goals.

Wrapping Up: Tradeline Supply Company Review

It is crucial to work with the right company when you’re looking to build or rebuild your credit. Buying tradelines is a proven strategy that is effective.

As you can see from our review, Tradeline Supply is one of the best tradeline companies to work with. They make it easy to buy tradelines online.

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