Tresl Auto Loans Review: Rates, Fees, & Terms

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If you need an auto loan, whether it is refinancing or purchasing, and you go to your local bank, chances are you overpaying.

There is a host of online companies that provide auto loan services at a fraction of the cost. They offer the best auto loan rates, better terms, and top-notch customer service.

Tresl, formerly Innovative Funding Services (IFS), is one of those companies. Read on to find out what Tresl Auto Loans offers, its terms, and so much more in this review.

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Tresl Auto Refinance Review
Tresl Auto Loans
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What Is Tresl?

Since 2007, Tresl has intelligently connected consumers with personalized financial resources for auto purchasing and refinancing. Tresl has partnered with a network of diverse lenders to bring consumers competitive rates and a better consumer experience through cutting-edge financial technology. Tresl is not a direct lender, rather it provides you with multiple offers from different companies based on your credit profile. This partnership results in lower rates and fees. It offers four main services: auto finance, auto lease-purchase, company car purchase, and service protection (e.g., GAP coverage, Road hazard Coverage, etc.).

How Does Tresl Work?

Tresl prides itself on its simplistic and technology-driven process that allows you to take part in their lender network in just four easy steps.

  1. Pre-Qualify: You provide basic information about yourself. Tresl will then pull a soft inquiry on your credit profile. This does not negatively impact your credit score.
  2. Vehicle Info: Provide Tresl with your vehicle information. If applicable, select the tradeline from your credit report that corresponds to the vehicle.
  3. Pre-Qualified Offers: This is where you are shown offers based on the information you provided. Remember, these are pre-qualified offers from their partner network.
  4. Application: Once you decided which pre-qualified option is best for you, select that option and fill out the application. A dedicated financial advisor from Tresl will work with you. They can be reached by phone, text message, and email to refine your selection and guide you throughout the loan process.

Tresl Auto Loans Features, Services, and Benefits

Tresl offers a handful of services. Here are a few features and benefits we think are worth noting.

Auto Refinance

Tresl has refinanced more than 36,000 auto loans. Moreover, Tresl states its consumers save an average of $102.20 per month and realize an average of 5.41% interest reduction when refinancing through them.

Whether you are looking for a lower interest rate or lower monthly payments, Tresl can help. And in typical Tresl fashion, it has outlined a simple three-step process in doing so.

  1. Pre-qualify and Apply with no credit score impact.
  2. Consult with a Tresl auto loan advisor.
  3. Sign your documents. Tresl uses its proprietary platform to manage all the documents for you.

Auto Lease-Purchase

If you love the vehicle you have leased and would now like to purchase it, doing so through your dealership can be somewhat complicated, time-consuming, and may include buyout fees.

Tresl simplifies the process of purchasing your leased vehicle by its standard three-step process.

  1. Pre-qualify and Apply with no credit score impact.
  2. Consult with a Tresl financial advisor.
  3. Sign your document and start making monthly payments.

Tresl has facilitated more than 16,000 lease-purchase transactions following these three steps and states that 75% of applicants are pre-qualified in seconds, with 24 hours being the average time for full auto loan approval.

Company Car Purchase

If your company has a company car, you may have the option of buying it at the end of the lease, often far below market value.

Tresl has facilitated more than 27,000 company vehicle transactions. Again, the three-step process is utilized.

  1. Pre-qualify and Apply with no credit score impact.
  2. Consult with a Tresl finance advisor.
  3. Sign your documents.

Tresl states that 74% of company car purchase applicants are pre-qualified in seconds, and a full loan approval happens within 24 hours.

Service Protection

Tresl offers three different service protection products.

  • Vehicle Service Contract: Tresl’s Vehicle Service Contract covers the cost of unexpected vehicle breakdown repairs that are not covered under warranty.
  • Road Hazard Protection: This covers damage caused by debris, potholes, rocks, and more while driving.
  • GAP Coverage: Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) covers the difference between the loan on the vehicle and the value of it if totaled. Without GAP insurance, if you have a loan and your vehicle is totaled, you still must pay for the loan. Having GAP insurance removes this burden.

Extensive Lender Network

Tresl partners with a diverse network of credit unions, banks, and other lending institutions to provide you with the best possible rates and terms.

They are unbiased and focused on the best outcome for you. Their end goal is to save you time, money, and a headache.

Instant Pre-Qualified Fees

There are no fees nor credit impact to receive instant pre-qualification. Furthermore, you are not under any obligation to accept any of the offers you receive.

Financial Advisors Help with Title Paperwork

Tresl offers what it calls the “white glove approach,” which means their financial advisor will handle the paperwork and make sure everything is signed off. This includes title transfers.

Considers People with Low Credit Scores

Tresl encourages all to apply no matter what their credit score is. Having a credit score of 500 or more and a monthly income of at least $1,500 means you meet the individual requirements of Tresl.

How to Apply for A Tresl Auto Loan

No matter what type of loan you are applying for with Tresl, it follows the same three-step process to apply for a loan.

  1. Pre-qualify and Apply with no credit score impact. You will see rates in just a few minutes of completing this step.
  2. Consult with a Tresl finance advisor. Once you select an offer, a financial advisor will be assigned to you and will walk you through the entire process.
  3. Sign your documents. Tresl uses its proprietary platform to manage all the documents for you. Once signed, Tresl will replace your old loan with the refinanced loan. They will also help with the title transfer.

Tresl Restrictions

Although Tresl is flexible in applying for loans, they have a few restrictions, both on the vehicle and the individual, worth mentioning.

Here are those restrictions:

  • The vehicle must be 10 years old or newer
  • The vehicle cannot have more than 150,000 miles on it
  • You must have had the car for at least 6 months and be current on payments
  • You need a credit score of at least 500
  • You need to have at least $1,500 in verifiable income
  • No open bankruptcy cases.
  • Mortgage and auto loans need to be current.

Tresl Auto Loans Pros and Cons


  • Tresl accepts lower credit scores starting around 500.
  • Minimum monthly income of only $1,5000 needed to qualify.
  • Tresl allows co-borrowers.
  • Tresl provides up to 10 lenders to you within minutes.
  • There is no pre-qualification fee.
  • You are under no obligation to accept any of the offers.
  • Tresl offers flexible terms ranging from 36 months to 72 months.
  • Tresl walks you through the entire process, makes sure all documents are signed, and even helps with title transfers.
  • Loan amounts range from $5,000 to $100,000.
  • Tresl has a simple three-step process for applying.
  • There is no credit impact to get pre-qualified.
  • Tresl offers three supplemental services: Vehicle Service Protection, GAP insurance, and Road Hazard Protection.
  • Tresl operates in all 50 states.


  • There are vehicle restrictions when applying for a loan.
  • Depending on credit, rates can be more than 20%.
  • Tresl does not offer new car loans.
  • Rates are not disclosed since Tresl works with many lenders.

How Does Tresl Auto Loans Compare?

Here is how Tresl compares to other auto loan companies.

#1. Tresl vs. Caribou

Caribou advertises rates starting at 1.49% for its loans. You do not need to provide your SSN to be pre-qualified with Caribou. Caribou offers a smaller loan spread of $5,000 to only $50,000 with terms ranging from 12 months to 60 months.

Like Tresl, there is no obligation to accept any of their offers.

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#2. RefiJet vs. Tresl

Similar to Tresl, RefiJet connects you with a dedicated Financial Service Rep (FSR). However, RefiJet only offers this over the phone.

RefiJet claims it can help reduce your auto loan by $150 per month and allows you to miss your first 2 payments to help you catch up with other bills. RefiJet also offers a larger loan spread of $5,000 to $150,000 and terms from 24 months to 84 months, with 96 months available in some cases.

RefiJet does have a higher monthly income requirement of $2,000 to qualify and has the same vehicle restrictions as Tresl.

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#3. Tresl vs. Auto Approve

Auto Approve provides refinancing and lease buyouts for all vehicles, including boats and RVs, with rates starting around 2.25%, depending on credit, with terms typically ranging from 12 months to 84 months.

Auto Approve offers a 90-day deferred payment option for qualified buyers. You can also buy GAP insurance through Auto Approve like you can through Tresl.

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#4. Autopay vs. Tresl

Autopay offers loans starting at $2,500 with terms of 24 months to 84 months. You will need a credit score of at least 600 and be at least 18 years old. Like Tresl, you can have a co-signer as long as they are at least 18 years old.

Vehicle restrictions are similar in that with Autopay, your vehicle has to be newer than 11 years old and less than 125,000 miles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tresl Auto Legit?

Yes, Tresl is legit and works with different lenders to provide you with the best possible loan based on your credit history.

Is Tresl a Good Refinance Company?

Tresl is not a lender, rather they are a loan aggregator. This means Tresl pre-qualifies you with no impact on your credit score and brings lenders to you with competitive interest rates. Tresl is a free service with no strings attached, making it ideal for anyone on the market for a new auto loan or wanting to refinance their current car loan.

What Is Innovative Funding Services?

Innovative Funding Services is the old name of Tresl. Tresl states that only its name changed and not the services it provides. Tresl is just the new business name.

When Is the Best Time to Refinance with Tresl?

Tresl recommends waiting at least 60 to 90 days, but six months is ideal. Moreover, you should consider refinancing your car loan if your credit score has improved.

Bottom Line: Tresl Review

If you are looking for an easy way to “shop” for the best auto loan refinance rates or a new auto loan, Tresl is a good option. One of the appeals to Tresl is it accepts lower credit scores with only $1,500 in verifiable monthly income needed to qualify.

Although Tresl does not publish rates, our research indicates rates start above 2% and some over 20% depending on their credit score. That said, a good credit score will result in the lowest available rates.

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