Wakefield and Associates: What It Is, And Why It’s On Your Credit Report

Written by Kim PinnelliUpdated: 4th Apr 2022
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Across the United States, Wakefield and Associates is appearing as a “collections account” on consumer credit reports. Unfortunately, this does not bode well for you if you are in this situation. A collections account can wreak havoc on your credit score and remain on your credit report for up to 7-years.

The best thing to do is to remove a collection accountimmediately. The longer you wait, the worse it can be.

Fret not, today we will show you how to remove Wakefield and Associates from your credit report and protect your credit score. Let’s get started.

What is Wakefield & Associates?

Wakefield and Associates, Inc is a large debt collection agency in the United States. Founded in 1986, Wakefield collections has grown from a small business into a large corporation with 5 corporate offices scattered across the U.S.

They collect debt for healthcare providers, property management firms, financial institutions, commercial companies, and education institutions.

It is never a good sign when Wakefield & Associates makes a surprise visit on your credit report.

Hidden Insight: Wakefield and Associates may appear on your credit report as:

  • Wakefield and Associates Inc
  • Wakefield Collections
  • Wakefield RRC
  • Wakefield Associates
  • Wakefield & Assoc
  • Wakefield Payment Solutions
  • Wakefield and Associates Colorado
  • Wakefield and Associates Morgan Colorado
  • Wakefield & Associates Jefferson City MO
  • Wakefield Associates Knoxville TN

Check your credit report today and see if one of these variations makes a surprise unwelcomed appearance.

Is Wakefield and Associates a Legit Company?

In 2019, Wakefield and Associates, Inc posted an annual revenue north of $30 million. They maintain regional offices in:

  • Eatontown, New Jersey
  • Rock Springs, Wyoming
  • Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Fort Morgan, Colorado
  • Jefferson City, Missouri
  • Aurora, Colorado (Company Head Quarters)

Today, this debt collector has over 100+ employees and belongs to numerous professional debt collection organizations. Furthermore, Wakefield & Associates is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

So yes, Wakefield and Associates is a legit company that continues to grow year-over-year.

How to Remove Wakefield & Associates from Credit Report (4 Proven Ways)

If you follow our step-by-step guidance, then you will successfully remove Wakefield & Associates from your credit report. Remember, the quicker you act, the better.

1. Seek Help from a Professional

The #1 way to remove Wakefield Collections from your credit report is by hiring a professional credit repair company.

With years of experience, the best credit repair companies know the ins-and-outs of the debt collection industry. In fact, they remove negative items daily. Dealing with debt collectors and protecting consumer rights is their forte.

Working with a credit repair company, like Credit Saint, is the fastest, safest, and most efficient way to remove a debt collection agency from your credit report. Additionally, they will provide you with action-oriented insight into how you can rebuild and improve your credit score.

2. Debt Validation

Even though hiring a credit repair company is the best way to deal with Wakefield and Associates, it isn’t the only solution.

The next way to remove Wakefield and Associates is by requesting debt validation, which is your right under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). However, it is time-sensitive.

You only have 30-days after initial contact to request debt validation. If 30-days has passed, then this strategy will not work for you, and your best bet is to work with a credit repair firm.

To request debt validation, submit a debt validation letter to Wakefield & Associates via certified mail. If Wakefield Collections can verify your debt, then you do have to pay them money.

But if they can’t validate your debt then by law, they have to contact all three credit bureaus and remove the collections account from your credit report.

3. Negotiate a Settlement

Even if the 30-days have gone by, you can still remove Wakefield and Associates from your credit report. The next strategy is to negotiate a settlement, which is also known as a pay-for-delete agreement.

The keyword here is “agreement.” Simply paying Wakefield and Associates does you no good. You need to make sure they actually remove the negative item from your credit report.

Send a letter via certified mail to Wakefield & Associates stating you are willing to pay 50% – 60% of the total debt, but will only pay if they successfully remove the collection account.

If they agree, then draft up a contract and make sure both parties’ sign. This will protect you and bolster your case if you need to escalate it further to the Consumer Financial Protect Bureau (CFPB) or the legal system.

4. Submit a Goodwill Deletion Letter

The last strategy you can employ to remove Wakefield and Associates from your credit report is to submit a goodwill letter. Unfortunately, this strategy rarely works and is entirely up to the debt collector whether they want to honor your request or not.

In your goodwill deletion letter include details about why you cannot make a payment or why you were late to make the payment. At the end of your letter, politely ask them to remove the collection account from your credit report.

Some consumers include a ‘hardship’ if they recently experienced one. For example, some people will include that they were recently laid off from their job or had an unexpected family emergency.

If you decide to include this, make sure it is 100% real and honest. Wakefield and Associates may ask for supporting documentation.

Remember, the best way to remove Wakefield and Associates is to hire a credit repair company. They will ensure your credit report is accurate and will handle all correspondence with the debt collector.

Wakefield and Associates Inc. Consumer Complaints:

Like most debt collection agencies, Wakefield and Associates have quite a few complaints from consumers. Currently, they have 1,000+ complaints filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and another 300+ filed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Consumers complain about inaccurate reporting, harassing calls, and failure to acknowledge a debt validation request. This is proof positive that the best course of action is to hire a credit repair company. A credit repair company will protect your rights, ensure accurate information is reported and will hold the debt collector accountable for their actions. It is a win-win all around.

Wakefield & Associates Contact Information:

  • Mailing Address: 10800 E Bethany Dr Ste 450, Aurora, CO 80014
  • Website: wakeassoc.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Remove Wakefield & Associates Collection Accounts from Your Credit Report?

Yes, you can remove Wakefield and Associates, Inc from your credit report. Follow the four strategies we outlined above: Hire a Credit Repair Company, Request Debt Validation, negotiate a Settlement, or Submit a Goodwill Deletion Letter.

Whatever strategy you pursue stay persistent and keep trying. If all else fails, then seriously consider hiring a credit repair company. They will remove the negative item quickly, safely, and responsibly.

How Does Wakefield and Associates Work?

Wakefield and Associates provide debt collection services for a myriad of industries. They are one of the largest and most diver debt collectors in the United States.

Wakefield and Associates, Inc offers three forms of debt collection:

  • Early-out
  • First-Party Debt Collections
  • Third-Party Debt Collections

Their most popular form of debt collecting is their third-party service. This means Wakefield and Associates buys your debt for a low price and turns a profit when they successfully get you to pay.

This practice is common in the debt collecting industry but is also the reason why Wakefield and Associates will spam your phone, send you letters, and act in an intimidating way.

Who Does Wakefield and Associates Collect Debt for?

Wakefield & Associates collections debt for:

  • Healthcare Providers
  • Property Management Firms
  • Financial Services
  • Commercial Services
  • Education Institutions

As you can see, their collecting efforts spans across numerous industries.

Should I Pay Wakefield and Associates?

If Wakefield and Associates have supporting documentation that the debt is yours, then you will need to pay them. However, paying them does not mean they will remove the collection account from your credit report.

Without action on your end, the collection account could remain on your credit report for 7-years. The most important thing you can do is remove Wakefield and Associates from your credit report.

To do this, you can either hire a credit repair company or negotiate a pay-for-delete. Whatever it is, just make sure the negative item is successfully removed. Verify the removal with all three credit bureaus.

Will Wakefield & Associates File a Lawsuit or Sue Me?

While it is not common, Wakefield & Associates can file a civil lawsuit or sue you. However, this is depending on the statute of limitations. If the statute of limitations expired, then they cannot legally sue your or file a lawsuit.

But if the statute of limitations has not expired, then they can sue you. Each state is different, so it is vital to do some research and know your states debt statute of limitations.

If you are facing legal action, then immediately seek counsel from a lawyer. They will help you build a case and defend yourself against Wakefield Collections.

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Dealing with Wakefield & Associates Debt Collections

The best way to deal with Wakefield and Associates is to make sure all correspondence is done through certified mail. Calling Wakefield and Associates over the phone does you no good.

Even though they may agree to something verbally, they may no longer agree when you present them a contract. So, if you are negotiating with them, it better be through the mail, and both parties better sign the document.

Additionally, do not provide any personal or banking information to Wakefield and Associates. If you are going to pay them, just mail them a check. Debt collectors can quickly turn around and sell your information for pennies on the dollar to another agency.

Bottom Line: Wakefield and Associates Collection Account

If you follow our guidance, then you will remove Wakefield and Associates from your credit report.

It is important to note that a low credit score will hurt your chancing of opening a checking account, applying for a credit card, or receiving a loan.

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