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Written by Brian LatchfordUpdated: 13th May 2021
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Are you on the market for a new credit repair company? If so, stick around and check out our White Jacobs & Associates review.

Read on to find out more about what they offer, the price, and if you should partner with them to repair your credit.

What Is White Jacobs & Associates?

White Jacobs & Associates label themselves as an aggressive alternative to traditional credit repair.

Unlike most credit repair companies, White Jacobs & Associates are attorneys that do not settle for only sending dispute letters on your behalf.

Furthermore, they do not tie you up in ongoing monthly fees like most other credit repair companies. They offer a free consultation to get started.

How Does White Jacobs Credit Repair Work?

When you hire White Jacobs & Associates, you are getting a combination of an investigative research team, an -in-house law firm, and a team of expert credit analysts, says White Jacobs & Associates. They offer the following four-step approach.

  1. Round 1 – White Jacobs & Associates start going after all relevant credit maters on your credit report. This process typically takes 30 to 45 days to receive the results back. However, it can happen in as little as 2 weeks. During this process, creditors are prone to reach out to you and try to validate their marks on your credit, so White Jacobs & Associates advise ceasing all communication with these creditors. Once the results from this round are received, their research team will notate the items that have been removed and start with Round 2.
  2. Round 2 – You may see an increase in communication from creditors with more specific details/disputes. However, you will send all correspondence to White Jacobs & Associates.
  3. Round 3 – This is the round that White Jacobs & Associates works with in-house attorneys to build a case against the creditors. The law firm will then handle all communication with the creditors and collection agencies. At the end of this round, the CRM system is updated to reflect any deletions and prepare for round 4.
  4. Round 4 – this round references E-Oscar, which is the software system creditors and collection agencies use to communicate with the bureaus. This is normally when the bureaus, creditors, and collection agencies typically respond.

Sometimes additional rounds are needed for White Jacobs & Associates to send letters on your behalf. If success is being seen at this stage, White Jacobs & Associates will continue working after round 4 on your behalf at no extra charge to you!

What Jacobs & Associates Features and Services

White Jacobs & Associates offers four main services, Credit Repair, Mortgage Approval Support, Debt Settlement, and Dispute code removal. Below is an elaboration of these four services.

Attorney-Backed Credit Repair

This is the service with the 4-step approach outlined above.

Mortgage Approval Support

Do you have less than perfect credit and thus had a hard time getting a mortgage? White Jacobs & Associates can help with getting your buying power back.

White Jacobs & Associates implements the M.A.S.S. process known amongst mortgage lenders as the Mortgage Approval Support Services. Some of the services White Jacobs & Associates provides are:

  • Credit report evaluations
  • No obligation credit consultation
  • Client credit education
  • Attorney based credit restoration (this was outlined above)
  • Assist client in establishing new lines of credit
  • Dispute code removal
  • And for an added fee, debt negotiation, and debt settlement.

Debt Settlement

In its simplest terms, debt settlement means paying a debt off at an agreed-upon lower amount than the original debt. If you are looking to go at this alone, White Jacobs & Associates gives this piece of advice:

  1. A company should never tell you to stop paying your bills when you are current on them.
  2. Most companies will not tell you that you can attempt to settle on your own.
  3. In most cases, the client (you) is left in a worse position.

White Jacobs & Associates can help you figure out if you should settle, and if so, how to do it legally and without expensive lawsuits.

Dispute Code Removal

White Jacobs & Associates can typically remove dispute codes in 24 to 72 hours which is extremely important when you are going through the mortgage/loan process.

White Jacobs & Associates work directly with you and the loan officer and will advise the loan office on when your credit can be refreshed to reflect the changes.

*This service can be ordered as a stand-alone service via White Jacobs & Associates.

Is White Jacobs & Associates Legit?

Working directly with attorneys should erase any doubt on if White Jacobs & Associates is legit. However, taking it a step further, you will find that they receive great reviews from consumers just like you.

Is White Jacobs & Associates Worth It?

If you need any of the four services mentioned above and done so quickly and cost-efficiently, then White Jacobs & Associates is definitely worth it, but they are not our top choice. More on that below!

White Jacobs Credit Repair Alternatives (Who We Like More)

#1. Credit Saint vs White Jacobs & Associates

Credit Saint is one of the oldest credit repair companies. For a monthly fee, starting at $79.99, they implement a 3-step process for their clients.

  1. Credit Saint will create a credit monitoring account for you with CreditSquad.com
  2. They will go over specific details on your credit report and identify what items you may disagree with.
  3. Credit Saint will also analyze your positive credit and see if there are ways to optimize them even more.

Credit Saint offers you a free consultation to help your get started and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Learn More: Credit Saint Review

#2. Sky Blue Credit vs White Jacobs

Sky Blue is one of the few credit repair companies that offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. For $79 a month, as well as a one-time $79 payment, you get access to all their services.

If your spouse needs help as well, Sky Blue offers a discount for couples. Some of the services they offer are:

  • Fast Disputes
  • Credit rebuilding
  • Debt validation
  • Goodwill letters
  • Cease & Desist letters, and more

Learn More: Sky Blue Review

#3. Lexington Law vs White Jacobs

Lexington Law is similar to Credit Saint. They work to repair your credit but implement a three-step process.

However, their monthly fee starts at $89.95, and they advertise they have helped over 500,000 customers since 1991.

  1. Research & Review is where they look at your credit to determine any questionable negative items.
  2. Challenge & Dispute is where they ask the bureaus and your credits to verify the negative items.
  3. Manage & Monitor is where they work with you to help manage your credit wisely while continuing to address any new credit issues that appear.

Learn More: Lexington Law Review

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Bottom Line: White Jacobs & Associates Credit Repair Review

If you feel safer and more comfortable tackling your credit repair issues with a law firm, White Jacobs & Associates is a great company.

They operate quickly and directly with the bureaus, which are vital when going through major life events such as trying to get a mortgage.

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